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***Official SmackDown Thread - 1st April 2004***


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A few stage guys put some black things in the ring which we find out now when Kurt Angle comes out and talks about the sacrifice he made to become G.M. He is looking for someone to step up and is having the Kurt Angle Great American Award trophy. Winner will become #1 Contender. There are four matches for it tonight and thefirst one is now.


(1) Big Show pinned Rikishi. Big Show dominates then tries to headbutt Rikishi, but hurts himself instead. Rikishi stink face on Show, then Show pushes him and gives him the chokeslam for the pin. Nick Patrick tried giving him Rikishi's tag team belt for some reason.


Cameras to the back and a white limo with longhorns on it pulls up with J.B.L. on the side, and Bradshaw gets out. His driver talks Spanish so Bradshaw tells him to learn English and become successful like himself. He tells him his lack of English is why he rides in the back.


Walking Tall promo airs.


(2) Rey Mysterio & Spike Dudley vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr. & Sr. Spike hits Dudley Dog on Chavo after running up the corner on Chavo Sr. Bradshaw comes out and gives his Clothesline from Hell on Spike and a powerbomb on Rey. He doesn't talk, he just gloats and walks away.


(3) Rob Van Dam wrestles Charlie Haas to a DCO. RVD comes out to a big pop. This is a nominee match for the Great American Award. Charlie Haas comes out with neon green trunks with Haas on the back. End comes with haas is on the outside and holds a chair as rvd tries a planch but hits the chair and its a double countout. Kurt comes out and says this is SD, there are winners and losers and says the winner is who was ahead of points and according to him it is Haas. Match was pretty even.


Booker and Kurt in the back. Kurt says Booker is in the Great American Tournament and can be #1 contender if he wins. He will face Hardcore Holly.


Booker does another interview with Josh Matthews dissing Columbus which was just to get heal heat and I doubt it will air.


The Legacy of Hope thing from Raw was shown again.


(4) Booker T beat Hardcore Holly after a Book End and a handful of tights.


(5) Dudley Boyz beat Akio & Sakoda after a 3-D.


Hardcore Holly runs back out and says, "Booker, come face me like a man." Booker runs out and they redo the finish of their match for some reason with Booker still winning with a handful of tights.


Spike in the back and his "brothers" come in, then Theodore Long comes in and says he can help them in their new begining get the dollar bill and gives Bubba and D-Von his "playa" cards but tells Spike he just ran out. Funny.


The Raw recap is shown.


Eddie pulls up outside in a orange lowrider and talks to the limo driver who is cleaning the limo off from rain. Limo driver says it's Senor Bradshaw's limo. Eddie walks off.


Renee Dupree comes out to do color with Cole and Tazz.


John Cena comes out to a big pop with Buckeye Gear on. A #40 jersey (Cassady). He gives a funny rap about giving out FU's and pumpin up his shoes and disses the other qualifiers for the Great American award. He throws in Ohio State for a good pop and tells Cole and Dupree to "choke on deez nutz" and tosses a nutz bar to them.


(6) John Cena beat Nunzio and Johnny the Bull in a qualifier match. Cena wins after FU on Da Bull


Angle in the back talking about Great American Award and tells some guy to tell Eddie to meet him in the ring for a hug announcement.


Another Walking Tall promo airs.


Angle walks out with trophy. He says he is proud of the locker room. He says Triple H wouldn't last three minutes there. He gives the fans the power to vote online until Monday at midnight to pick the #1 contender and winner of the tournament.


Eddie comes out in lowrider and tells Angle if he has a problem with him, to do something about it. Kurt: "I'm the G.M., I'm not going to fight you."


Kurt introduces Bradshaw, Kurt makes him the 5th nominee for the award. New intro music with a stock market bell and heel music.


Limo comes out and Bradshaw gets out the sunroof and stands on the limo talking for ever about his schtik and says he will be on Fox News this Sat. at 11:30 a.m. He says he wants the belt, and it's just business.


Eddie says he will make it personal and goes after him and grabs his hat and takes it back to the ring and wipes his ass with it. Eddie goes around the ring and tells fans to put stuff in it such as beer, fries, popcorn, pop. A few people spit in it. Then he takes it in the ring and stomps on it. Bradshaw says it was A $10,000 hat.... Eddie throws the hat in the crowd right in front of my row. Taping ends somewhere around here....


After Eddie goes to back, Bradshaw gets in ring and tells Eddie to come out but the Undertaker does and the crowd goes crazy. Taker comes out to biggest pop of night and not even gonna be on T.V. Bradshaw talks for five minutes and tries to punch Taker, but he counters and chokeslams, followed by a Tombstone to end the evening.

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Funny isn't it how just putting a hat on someone is expected to make us buy a character overhaul.... I'm talking about Bradshaw and Taker here.


Agh... I really tried to enjoy Smackdown this week. But I have to be honest... I didn't.


What the hell is with Charlie Haas' dogdy tights... I hope he changes them. Enjoyed the whole RVD v Haas match and finish, but just didn't find the whole 'great American' tournament type thing entertaining at all.


And I can't believe they changed Chavo's music. As soon as you think 'ah good, they might actually keep something from WCW, they go and change it... no doubt just so it WASNT something from WCW.


Also, Bradshaw doesn't do a bad job as a heel, don't get me wrong, but I just don't find him or the prospect of him feuding for the world title exciting in the slightest. I'm just hoping it's over quickly.


Smackdown is missing something, not sure what it is, and don't get me wrong Raw isn't much better, but SD just seems really mediocre at the moment. And it isn't Undertaker... I can't believe we've still got the prospect of him returning to TV to dread on top of all this.

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Where the hell was The Undertaker? Glad he'd made an appearance after all but why was it not shown on TV? It's been 2 weeks now. What are we as fans supposed to believe? He tombstones Heyman and goes to have 2 weeks off? Or goes "back to his grave?" Surely the WWE must book him to do something on the next Smackdown! which involves a TV appearance. He was even mentioned on RAW during the Kane segment of the draft lottery.


My favourite wrestler of Smackdown! and doesn't make an appearance on TV for 2 weeks :roll (wasn't at the Wrestlemania Revenge tour either :()


Anyhow, a half enjoyable show, but the parts involving Bradshaw simply bored me to death. Why push him as a main eventer? I said the exact same thing about Hardcore Holly. Both of these guys bore me to death. We hear the same old Bradshaw story every week. Yes, he's doing well as a heel, by why in a main event push? Why not keep him mid-card?

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One thing about Bradshaw's character confuses me.


The fans are meant to boo him when he tells a Mexican to stop speaking Spanish. But when La Resistance talk in French or wave a French flag, they're meant to be booed?


I just find it funny how on the Friday I hear "Baaah Gawd, how can these men wave that flag and talk in French here in the Yoo Ess Aaaaay?!", then the next night we're meant to hate someone for discriminating against other cultures.


And his name really should be John Bradshaw-Layfield instead of John "Bradshaw" Layfield. Double-barrell surnames suggest someone who's a bit pretentious and uppity, a nickname in inverted commas that has nothing to do with his real name just screams "Let's break kayfabe!". Nothing makes me cringe like hearing Vince and Stephanie call The Undertaker "Mark", or Test getting cheers from his fiance of "Come on Andrew!".


Oh, and don't be surprised to see the Great American poll rigged on WWE.com. I have a horrible, horrible feeling they're going to pull a stunt on us like Bradshaw has gotten all his stock market buddies to go online and vote for him, so he gets the title shot.

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I have a horrible' date=' horrible feeling they're going to pull a stunt on us like Bradshaw has gotten all his stock market buddies to go online and vote for him, so he gets the title shot.[/quote']


Oh please don't let this happen :eek :eek :eek


A Bradshaw title shot would just about send me to sleep... :help

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