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Simpsons On Strike


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Simpsons actors 'strike over pay'


The actors who provide the voices for The Simpsons have stopped work in a pay dispute involving the renewal of their three-year contracts, it is reported.

Hollywood trade paper Variety said the six actors had not shown up for two script readings in the past few weeks.


Variety said the row involved actors including Dan Castellaneta, who voices Homer, Julie Kavner, who plays Marge, and Bart actress Nancy Cartwright.


It said actors' representatives were negotiating new deals "to no avail".


Others reportedly involved are Hank Azaria - the voice of Moe - Harry Shearer, who plays Mr Burns, and Yeardley Smith, who voices Lisa.


Variety said the actors' failure to show up had held up production on the hit animation's 16th series.


A previous dispute among staff on the show took place in 1998, when the actors were making $30,000 (£16,000) per episode.


Producers Twentieth Century Fox TV had hired casting directors to replace staff before a new deal was worked out and production resumed.


The Simpsons is moving into its 16th series on US TV

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Hope this is the turning point and Fox will finally give the go ahead and not produce a 17th series it is getting repeative and boring now, god for saken Futurama was 100 times better than what the simpons are today


I loved the show from the start I cant remeber the first series airing here right from the start

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I think this is totally stupid...you know what the next thing will be...




Do you really think that the company will give into the demands of cartoon voiceovers, that won't be too hard to replace...


The Simpsons will be axed, and then 20th Centurty (or whoever) will move on to bigger and better things, like concentrating on Futurama, the poor cousin of The Simpsons IMO


What do u think?



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The people who do the voices are just getting plain greedy. If I were Matt Groening, I would just look for new voices. Surely he could find someone who is willing to work for $30,000 per episode who can sound like Homer.


At the end of the day, these people dont even have to act. They have no impact on the script and are just being greedy. I would let them all go. Obviously they will be offered a little more, but it seems to me as though they wont be happy untill they are millionaires.


The Simpsons could and will be able to continue being as funny as ever, even without these people as the voices. Take away the people who write the script. Then you have a problem. The voices though are quite replaceable I feel.

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The Simpsons could and will be able to continue being as funny as ever' date=' even without these people as the voices.[/quote']


The simpsons isn't funney even with those peoples voices!


Take away the people who write the script. Then you have a problem. The voices though are quite replaceable I feel.


I think you meant "Take the people who write the script, there you have a problem".


The thing is that with the exception of Dan Castellaneta all of the other performers actually need alot of post production to make their voices match to the usual of the show. Plus there is always the problem that no one has the exact same vocals, so you could never find someone to relicate Barts voice perfectly.


Plus the actors know that Matt Groening probably would fire them and get in new actors, how ever they know he has nothing to do with it and so try Fox for even more money!

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The whole thing about how greedy the actors are is just a ploy by Fox management who want to get the public on their side.


When you consider that the actors receive a tiny percentage of what their talents bring the company in terms of revenue, I have no problems with them asking for a payrise.


This is like if a company sold Coca Cola their drinks for 0.0001p and Coke put them in the bottles and charged cutomsrs 85p. But due to the producers managing to spread the word around that the actors are evil, greedy people, I honestly don't think they'll get paid more.

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I did think the Simpsons stars were being very greedy, until I read Russ' post. He has a very good point. But you do also have to take into consideration, it's not about the money. It's about making people laugh. Those simpsons actors wouldn't have to work for another day of their lives and they'd still be able to live like kings. I can't see the point in asking for more money myself. They'll never spend it all.


At least the simpsons actors aren't being like the Friends actors. Now THAT'S greedy.

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They are making a Simpsons movie sometime next year' date=' and they'll prolly just say how the Friends are ER cast were on a 100 grand a show, so its not impossible for them to get a pay rise.[/quote']


Look at Kelsey Grammer from Fraiser, he makes $1,000,000!! per show, although he does help with the directing, he's been doing that since season 4 and there on 9 now!


I think the Simpson actors really are being greedy, because they do appear in other shows, theres also adverts, radio voices and guest appearances, so when you add everything up there probably earning more in a year than some people in a lifetime.

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On to Futurama, on Billy West's(Fry, Professor, Zoidberg) forum said that Cartoon Network(They show repeats in USA or something) want new episodes, but the Fox guy, who still pulls all the strings, says no.


I think they should say no to the actors, don't make any Simpsons for 2 years, and maybe with a Festivus miracicle Mr. Fox man decides to make at least 6 seasons of Futurama

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