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Dana White on 28/4 WOL


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From http://www.liveaudiowrestling.com/WO


'DANA WHITE is on the line, and Friday night is Tito Ortiz/Chuck Liddell on PPV. Dave wonders how the future is coming as far as TV deals for UFC. Dana said they’re real close to a deal, as these things take a long time, but he’s “very, very confident” they will be on television by the fall, there’s no doubt in his mind. Dana said they haven’t signed a deal yet. Dave wondered if Dana had a concept in his head about what they’re going to do with the TV show. Dana said the TV people do not have the same things planned as UFC did. Dana said the show is not going to be weekly fights as he envisioned, but rather will go more along the lines of Reality TV built around the fighters and how everything works, building to a PPV fight.


Dave wonders what Dana and company have been hearing about Tito and Chuck’s training for Friday. Dana said Chuck looks great, and Tito says his training is right on. Dana says ticket sales for the card are outstanding, the fastest selling fight they’ve ever had. Dana said the building is not completely sold out yet but he plans on it being sold out this week.


Dave wonders about the status of a Vitor Belfort/Randy Couture rematch. Dana said Vitor still has had no word on his missing sister yet, is very emotionally messed up right now, and asked to have the rematch held off until August or September, so Dana says that’s when it would be.


Dave wonders about the vacancies in the 155 and 185 pound weight classes? Dana said for the 155-pound title, the winner of Edwards/Franca will fight Josh Thompson for the title. Dana also said at the 185 Barnoi will fight Tanner and Lee Murray coming in to fight someone, and the winner of those two fights will take on Matt Lindland.


Dana said the recent stuff with Lee Murray and Ortiz wasn’t planned to go as far as it did. Dave wondered what happened with Tank Abbott, as Shamrock is fighting Kimo on the nest show rather than Tank. Dana said there a lot of speculation about Tank in K1 that’s not true. Dana said Tank just wasn’t in the mood, said he does want to fight and Dana says if Ken beats Kimo they’ll probably do the mach down the road.


Dave wonders about heavyweight title contenders down the road. Dana mentions Frank Mir and Cabbage Correira are in the running, Cabbage being the first up. Dave wondered if there are any media appearances planned this week to hype Friday’s show. Dana says they’re on Jimmy Kimmell Live, Tito said he’s doing Leno Tuesday night, and they’re doing Best Damn Sports Show Wednesday and tons of radio. Dana said he’s been spending a lot of time in LA lately working on the TV deal, and there’s a huge buzz in LA for the Ortiz/Liddell fight.


Dave said as far as changes or ideas, anything we’ll see Friday? Dana said we’ll see the same format, as he’s happy with it. Dana said he’s been putting together vignettes and features and is happy with it all. Dana said hopefully the show is as top notch as UFC 40 was.


Dave said the last show had a great Belfort/Couture main event on paper, and wondered if there was something else they could do about the threat of such an anticlimactic main event happening again? Dana said those things happen when the fights are real. Dave wondered if any of the prelim matches will be shown if they run short again, as that was one thing he thought they could have done last time after the main crashed and burned. Dana said it’s live television and they didn’t expect that and they were bickering the commission after the result of the main as to whether it was a no contest or not as the show was rolling so production decided to close the show. Dana said they could’ve shown some prelim matches, but they probably could’ve only shown one. Dana said it was definitely a production mistake but UFC’s contract with PPV companies allowed them to go off the air as early as 2 hours and 20 minutes in.


Dana says Ken Shamrock will be there Friday, Kimo is in Brazil, and Baroni is in Japan. Dana said Baroni is training with Enson Inoue, who’ll be fighting in Superbrawl on the 16th, then Baroni will be back for the 6/19 fight. Dana said Braoni went out and hired an attorney and he appealed and he won over the stoppage decision in the Tanner match on the last show. Dana told Baroni not to waste his money on an attorney, but he did it and he got in overturned. Dana said both Baroni and Tanner are fired up for the rematch, as Tanner wants to prove it wasn’t a fluke. Dave said it was a unique fight because you knew it could’ve gone ether way, Tanner was hammering him, Baroni was in a real bad spot, time was running out, and you don’t know if he would’ve lasted or not. Dana said Baroni is always in an exciting fight no matter what.


Dave wonders if there’s anything going on with Pride. Dana said he’s waiting for Pride to reciprocate, as he’s sent Liddell twice and Ricco Rodriguez once to Japan and not one person has come here. Dana said once they reciprocate then they can talk about the future.


Is Pride going to come to the states? Dana said he welcomes them. Dana said the pervious show Pride had planned in the US wasn’t going to happen, as September is a tough month to come. Dave asks if the UFC will go overseas. Dana said he is working on possibly an October show in Japan with just UFC guys.


Dave wonders coming off the last show what were Dana’s thoughts after the show was over with a 50-second main event. Dana said it sucks, and those things happen, and there’s nothing you can do when it’s live TV and real righting. Dana said they had great fights for UFC 45 and then you get he stoppages and there’s nothing you can do.


They talk about Cabbage against Mike Kyle. Dana said he saw Kyle, who he said is huge, shoot on a guy in the first round and pound him in 30 seconds. We’ll also see Robbie Lawler/Nick Diaz , Tim Sylvia/Orlovsky, Edwards/Franca - winner faces Thompson - , and the return of Genki Sudo vs. Mike Brown. Dave wonders what the chances are of getting that fight on TV, which is set for a dark match. Dana said the most exciting prelim fights will be the ones that get aired.


Dave said Ortiz is used to 5 rounds, and Friday’s fight is 3 rounds, and Dave wonders if that will help him or hurt him? Dana said they originally wanted to make it a 5 round fight, but Ortiz didn’t want to do it. Dana said it was strange because Chuck has a history for gassing and would be at a disadvantage if they went 5. Dave said if it goes longer you would think it favors Ortiz. Bryan wonders if Dana has thought of making all main events mandatory 5 rounds. Dana said fans want to see 5-round mains some times and others they could care less, and thinks they want to see Ortiz/Liddell go 5.


Dave asks about BJ Penn’s upset over Matt Hughes and wonders about if he will fight at 170 or 155. Dana said BJ is still trying to figure out what he wants to do, wants to see if he’ll fight Hughes again if Hughes wins over Verissimo Friday. Dave said Charuto did a number on Carlos Newton and surprised a lot of people. Dana said when he first saw him in Hawaii against Gil Castillo, he knew he was in for sure. Then he came in and beat Newton. Dave wonders if there are any guys Dana is high on that we haven’t seen yet. Dana said it isn’t his job to watch all the tapes and study the fighter, he doesn’t have the time, though he does check them out when he can. Joe Silva does that, he said.


Dave wonders if Arlovsky’s got a shot at Silvia. Dana said absolutely, as he’s hung with Pedro Rizzo, and will prove to be a tough test for Sylvia. Dave said it’s looking like a really good PPV. And, don’t forget, you can go to wresltingclassics.com to get the Brisco books and don’t forget the classics PPV.'

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