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Wrestling schools??


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Not sure where abouts you are in the country but....


The IWF have opened the Largest wrestling gym in the North


St. Josephs Hall GATESHEAD

(Next to Gateshead Metro/Bus interchange)


training times:


Sunday (ring training)






Facilities inclue.

*16' pro wrestling ring

*full matted area

*interactive video feedback/learning area

*promo studio

*aromatherapy / massage sessions.


Skills taught:

amateur, freestyle, ring wrestling, submission and many more.


Prices: £7:50 for both sessions, or £5 for Tuesday only.

*one years insurance cover £12 (free session when paid)

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http://www.nubreed.co.uk - Based in Newcastle Upon Tyne....

http://www.gpwrestling.com - Based in Wigan

http://www.fwatraining.co.uk - Based in Portsmouth

http://www.bcwuk.co.uk - Scotland


Some one else will need to fill in the web addy's

FSW - Manchester (Biggest fully fledged Gym in the north)

RBW - London and Nottingham

FCW - Birmingham

Hammerlock - Scotland, Wales, Irelland, essex and midlands



There are more bit the ones listed are ones I know to be excellent standard...

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that was a bit unnecisary' date=' if I was IWF I'd be pretty irritated by that since you only wrote "(Biggest fully fledged Gym in the north)" as a way to have a sly dig at IWF since they say that their gym is the biggest in the north. Also not listing them as trainers and then effectively saying that there are others but you listed the good ones. Don't see why you seem to have a problem with IWF.[/quote']


That was not my intention at all, all I know is that FSW have a fully equiped gym with a 20 foot american wrestling ring.


But then again size accounts for nothing at all, its the quality of the training thats important. its good to see the IWF with a hall very similar to ours. it makes a difference having a decent base to train in.


I sincerly wish them all the best with it. I only hope they don't have to go through the miles of red tape we had to!!!



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Now now Kade


I think it's mostly about geography and how old you are to be honest, if you live in the dudley area, then FCW is probably the best place to go, but if you live nearer the smethwick way of God's beautiful (and not so black anymore) yam-yam country, then K-Star's Gym in Perry Barr is closer.


Kade has been to both gyms and given his opinion... erm ... quite clearly, but the decision is most definitely your own and FCW would not have legions of wrestlers if there wasn't something in their training school.


If you are unsure about it, email or telephone them and address your concerns to them, even ask if you can see them train before you commit.


If you live closer to K-Star then take a look at http://www.kstarinsider.co.nr which will point you in the right direction.


Whatever you decide I wish you luck and i hope at some point you will wow the fans:)



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UCW has two training schools one in TROWBRIDGE and one in SWINDON both our male and female coaches have over 5yrs in ring expierence .We have over 50 wrestlers on our books some young and inexpierenced others older and wiser all are welcome and beginers are taken very good care of parents are always welcome to see what their chid(over 12) is doing we have never had a problem at our gyms with this and dads often want to try out as well
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