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WWE Tagged Classic: King of the Ring 1993 & 1994 Double DVD


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King of the Ring 1993


* An 8 man single elimination tournament to crown the 1993 King of the Ring featuring:


Bret The Hitman Hart, Razor Ramon, Mr. Perfect, Mr. Hughes, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Bam Bam Bigelow, Tatanka and Lex Luger


* Hulk Hogan vs. Yokozuna


* Shawn Michaels vs. Crush


* The Smoking Gunns & The Steiner Brothers vs. Money Inc. & The Headshrinkers


King of the Ring 1994


* An 8 man single elimination tournament to crown the 1993 King of the Ring featuring:


I.R.S., Mabel, Razor Ramon, Bam Bam Bigelow, Jeff Jarrett, 123 Kid, Owen Hart and Tatanka


* Rowdy Roddy Piper vs. Jerry The King Lawler


* WWE Champ Bret The Hitman Hart vs. Intercontinental Champ Diesel


* The Headshrinkers vs. Crush & Yokozuna


Buy It:

Wrestling 101 Shop - WWE DVDs (For UK & USA)



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So all the matches are definately uncut?


Mine arrived yesterday and I watched the first two matches of '93: Hart/Ramon and Hughes/Perfect. Nothing was cut, full entrances, no clipping - order with confidence! :xyx

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That pretty much goes for all the WWF material pre 1998, anything that has the attitude logo is cut, anything that doesn't is just the same as the orginal, only the logo is changed on the front cover.
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Are the matches any good?


Watched all of '93 yesterday and it was a very good show. I was surprised to find myself marking-out for Crush's power moves! Reeeeally cool finish to the Hogan/Yoko match too (bear in mind I'd never seen this or seen the results)

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I got this the other day. King Of The Ring 1993 is the main reason I got the DVd as I had fond memories of it. Heres my opinion -



KOTR Tourny -


Bret Hart v Razor 3/5

Good opening match from 2 greats this period in the WWF.


Mr.Perfect v Mr.Hughes 1.5/5

Perfect couldnt do much with this guy and quite frankly we all knew that Hughes was never going over. He had the whole angle of stealing Undertakers Urn going on. Quick and painless match.


Bam Bam v Duggan 2.5/5

I really like Bigelow and always have done. For a big guy he takes some good risks and although Duggan is one of the most untalented people to step in the WWF ring, he sells for Bigelow. Nothing special.


Luger v Tatanka 3/5

The two guys go to a 15 minute time limit draw and I remember liking this match as a kid when I first saw it and It was equally as good this time round. Enjoybale match.


Mr.Perfect v Bret Hart 5/5

A CLASSIC! If nothing else buy the DVd for this match!


Bret Hart v Bam Bam 3/5

Decent enough but everyone knew Hart wouldnt be beat even though he does get pinned for a 123 but due to interference its restarted. Decent final.


WWF Title Match

Hogan v Yokozuna 3/5

Hogan hits a promo just after the classic Hart v Perfect match and it sort of seemd 10 years out of date. After such a great match it seemd odd having Hogan there talking about "All the little Hulksters". But as soon as the music hits all that is forgot and the legend is doing his stuff. The match is ok and a typical Hogan v Big Man match. I liked Yokozunas run and the ending to this macth is good. I wont spoil it if you havent seen it but it has Kids crying. Decnet enough


Steiners/Smoking guns v Money Inc/Headshrinkers - 2/5

A Bit pointless and rushed. Some of them, i.e Rick steiner, never get in the ring and some get about 10 seconds. Should have just had a tage title match


HBK v Crush 2.5/5

Crush is quite Atheltic for a big guy and Ive always admired him for that and he puts in a good macth here but Doink comes down and really the end spoils what could have been a good match.


Ah...and then the coronation. Well, its great. All I can say is.....Burger King! Burger King! (if you havent seen it that might not make sense)



Overall. A great PPV for me. My favourite when I was younger and even know it would get in my top 10 WWF PPV's!

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King Of The Ring 1994 - ART DONOVANS COMMENTARY IS THE SUPERB! He is an ex footballer and has no idea about anything so comes out with some classics1


KOTR Tourny

IRS v Mabel 1.5/5

Nothing much to report. I think everyone was expecting Mabel to go over. I like IRS in tag team wrestling but he just doesnt quite have PPV standard on his own


Razor Ramon v Bam Bam 2.5/5

Scott Hall is a great wrestler on his day and to a lesser degree so is Bam Bam. They dont really have the time to do anything here but get in a couple of good spots and really an average macth considering the ring time.


Owen Hart v Tatanka 3/5

One man who never let us down. Owen Hart. One of my favourites. Tatanka can be good on his day and this was a good effort for a first round match.


JJ v 123 Kid 3/5

Another one of my favourites Jeff Jarrett. Good high spots in this one and the after - bell antics serve thier purpose well


Razor v IRS 1.5/5

Even Razor didnt manage to carry this one. Poor semi final really and they tried to build up some heat between the two but everyone knew IRS wouldnt be going over.


Owen v 123 Kid 3/5

Good match but could have been great had they not used the injury angle. Still some great spots.


Owen v Razor 3/5

One thing I did notice about this otherwsie good match was the number of mistakes. Quite a lot. Still good spots, nice to see the two locking up. Good final


WWF Title

Bret v Desiel 2.5/5

With Hbk in one corner and the turining Anvil in the other. Nothing spectacular in the ring really. Bret knows how to work a match so that stops it from being a stinker.


Tag Titles

Headshrinkers v Yokozuna and Crush 2/5

I enjoyed watching Yokozuna's various tag teams but they only get about 5 minutes in the ring here. This period, when the headshrinkers got the gold a few weeks before, was the start of the decline of the Tag Team divison and value of the titles.


Roddy Piper v Jerry Lawler 0.5/5

Crap. Why did this main event! How many times...piper should have went out in style at Wrestlemania 8 with his great match v Bret Hart. This is so rubbish and not even worth watching if you buy the DVD. Sorry thing is Piper would still be headlining WCW events years later!




Overall 3/5

A good PPV well worth seeing but let down by a stinker as a main event

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