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SCW Training Centre Opens 3rd of April


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Tradition Now Comes in Tartan


In Association with NWA-UK Hammerlock, Scottish Championship Wrestling are proud to announce the opening of their very own training centre. This centre will be known as Area 52 and will be home to the Young Lions Academy. The Training Centre itself will be based in Linwood. This is an announcement, which has been about three years in the making and will undoubtedly assist Scottish Championship Wrestling to progress further in the UK and Worldwide wrestling scene.


Trainer Details:


Trainers: Training will be led by Conscience, whose wrestling CV is as impressive as just about anybody wrestling in the UK today. 2003 OVW/WWE Tryout Camp Attendee, former and first ever SCW Scottish Heavyweight Champion, former and first ever SCW King of Scotland, a major part of the NWA-UK Hammerlock roster and he has also wrestled for NWA Wildside, Southern Championship Wrestling in Florida and appeared in the XWF TV Tapings. Fully IBF insured in Ring Wrestling and Sombo Wrestling, Conscience will be assisted by SCW roster members Adam Shame and Eric 'The Fist' Canyon.


Guest Trainers: As of this moment, the guest trainers will include Drew 'The Highlander From Hell' McDonald (20 year veteran and current SCW Scottish Heavyweight Champion), Majik (Current NWA-UK Junior Heavyweight Champion), "The Vigilante" Johnny Moss (Former NWA-UK Heavyweight Champion) and Paul Vault. SCW also hopes to have other roster members as guest trainers, plus other workers from the UK and American Independant scene.




The Centre itself is based just off of Bridge Street in Linwood. Linwood is a short bus trip from Paisley and easily commutable from Paisley Gilmour Street Station. First Direct is your best bet for a bus, which costs 95p from Paisley High Street. The bus goes down Bridge Street and you only need to walk around 2 minutes from the end of that street to the Centre. Lippen also run a bus service, though we're currently unsure if it goes along Bridge Street. The Industrial Estate is called Mossedge and is right across from Clippens School. We should have a map on the site before the end of the week.


Opening and Session Info:


The Centre will open to the public on the 3rd of April, though this session will only be open to current SCW trainees. Anyone looking to start training is free to come along on the 3rd, view the Centre and have a chat about Training. The first Basics/Beginners session will be on the 4th of April and every Sunday from then on.


No new trainees will be allowed straight into the Advanced Sessions, progression to these sessions will depend upon each trainees development through the Basic sessions. Beginners will be allowed to attend the midweek sessions, though the exercises they go through will still be of a more basic nature.


Trainees aged 12 upwards will be allowed to take part in training, though we are unlikely to allow any under 15 onto the Advanced sessions.


Training Times:


Training will run EVERY WEEK, not monthly or annually, and will be at the following times. On the weeks SCW are running a show, information will be given with regards to any change in arrangements.


Saturday - Advanced Sessions from 12 - 5PM

Sunday - Basics/Beginner Sessions from 12 - 5PM

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday - Mixed Sessions from 6 - 9PM



For new trainees, there will be a £10 registration fee. This fee will not be asked for immediately, but will be expected to have been paid after the first couple of sessions.


Exact pricing is as follows:


Saturday and Sunday sessions: £10 each

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday: £5 each

If you pay for Saturday and Sunday, you can get any midweek session for free. You can also pay for one weekend and two midweek, then get the third midweek session for free. This means you will pay a maximum of £20 a week.

For more information:



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