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The WWE has its Euro Shop based online and somewhere in England (London i think)


And there are many online places to buy wrestling gear, but your thoughts on this please.


If Someone opened up a shop seeling books, videos and wrestling t shirts etc, would it take off ?


I have always wanted my own shop and have been thinking about this for some time but need to know if there would be a demand for it.


I live in birmingham so the shop would start there and im thinking about contacting a lot of the uk promotions to try and get some of there videos to sell.


Some thoughts on this subject please :-)

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I am also looking into setting up the GWO (Global Wrestling Organistion)


it sounds good as a fed like wwe which is a strong poss with me talking to some spanish, japanesse, austrailian and irish wrestlers.


But my traditional idea was to have it as an over all group of wrestling fans but we will wait and see, the shop idea seems more down to earth at this time.

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WWE EuroShop sucks. Really.


Like Draven said, if you have enough quality merchandise I cant imagine you loosing money and e-commerce could help you create a small fortune.


If this fed your looking for needs a booker gimme a PM/email.

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I've no doubts that you know your stuff and know where to get hold of Wrestling vids and DVD's from worldwide federations. With the right marketing you could open a little cult shop without any problems.


The main sticking point (maybe) would be that people would want to buy WWE gear over anything else and WWE sell their own things, do they not? It would be very hard to sell (for example) the replica belts at a cheaper price than WWE online.


A good idea may be to seek to opening a WWE franchise shop. That way you get a state of the art suite, advertising done for you, the goods sent to you and a good paycheck! It may be unlikely but it's worth a go. You'd be the only official WWE store in the UK, so you could get a shop in London or Birmingham easliy.


I'm sure the WWE has franchise stores across the USA, not many admittedly, so you can only try.


Good luck,



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if you are setting up a wrestling i doubt a lot of casual fans would buy anything other than wwe and can you expect that many people coming to your shop when you can do it all over the internet i would do more research if i was you but if you do do it best of luck
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