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TWO Weakest Link - Favourite Gimmick Match Round 3

Cactus Jack

Vote Out Your LEAST Favourite Gimmick Match  

20 members have voted

  1. 1. Vote Out Your LEAST Favourite Gimmick Match

    • Hell In A Cell
    • Elimination Chamber
    • Ultimate X
    • Cage
    • Hardcore
    • Ladder
    • TLC
    • Submission

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Is it just me then that likes submission matches. Guess it must be, oh well. Once refereed a submission match that really annoyed me as the match lasted over 30mins with only 1 submission used for the finish. Slightly takes the edge off it all. Very tempted to get stuck in and make then tap myself. Anyway slightly off track there but back to the point, Submission matches when done with appropriate wrestlers and with a nice long time to play with and a big arsenal of moves can be great to watch. Oh well by the looks of it submission won't last long, after all who wants pure wrestling when you can have such spectacles as kennel matches. Nothing wrong with a gimmick match sure, but lets be honest wacthing 6 man hell in a cell and having to witness taker push (and i do mean push not a chokeslam like it was supposed to be!) rikishi off the cage into the back of a truck filled with padding and sawdust didn't really do it for me.

still just my opinion

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Mr Assignment, go and get an ice pack for the nail, because you've hit it right on it's head.


For me, a one on one straight wrestling contest between two good workers will always take preference over anything involving ladders, tables or other randon paraphanelia. Let's face it, if you can't put together an enjoyable normal wrestling match, what chance do you have of making a heavily gimmicked match work?


The idea of a wrestler working over a body part of his opponent for 20-30 minutes with a good understanding of the psychology and build behind a wrestling match, before trying to make them tap out, is a far more attractive prospect than watching people fall off ladders.


If I had my way, submission matches would win this tournament. If you've got the two best technical wrestlers facing each other one on one and you find it boring, go and watch Jackass or Home And Away because you're obviously only interested in seeing people take crazy bumps and get involved in wacky storylines. If I watch a wrestling show, I expect to see wrestling. And nothing sums up what good wrestling is all about like a submission match.

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Finally someone with a brain. I find it more and more frustrating to find people who watch wrestling but then complain about things like matches getting too much time and where is my bevoled stone cold with his pointless 10 minute vignette. Come on people i think the name of the website gives it away this is wrestling101 not http://www.violenteastenders.com.
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