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Man On The Moon


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Usually i hate Jim Carey. Most of his movies stink (the mask, ace ventura, truman show) but watching Man On The Moon last night changed my opinion. This was one of the best movies i have evr seen in my life. His portrayel of comic Andy Kauffman was amazing.


I also loved some of the apearances in the movie by Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler.

And for those who watched it or have seen it before, judging by the way the movie ends is that to mean Kauffman didnt actually die. As at the end we are lead to believe he was on stage one year after his supposed death. This bit confused me.

Any way what did u guys think?

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I'm off mixed opinion on this one, sure I naturally hate Jim Carrey with a passion, but his performance did have something going for it. Jim managed to do a great Kaufman but if you've seen much of Kaufman you'll realise as good as Carrey was he isn't within a million miles of the 'real' Andy Kaufman, if in fact anyone really knew the 'real' Andy Kaufman. Man on the Moon disappointed me in many ways, it was given the Hollywood treatment for film consequently the Kaufman timeline was screwed around with. For example he played Carnegie Hall a long, long time before he was diagnosed with cancer, but I suppose it was an easy/dramatic way to round off the film. The film also tended to focus on his career rather than his life and they were both very different things. I recommend 'The Life and Mind of Andy Kaufman: Lost in the Funhouse' By Bill Zehme, whatever you do don't go buying Bob Zmuda's self-obsessed book about Andy.


I know how the film ended, it was purposely meant to confuse. Many folk believe Andy is still alive waiting to let us all in on his ultimate joke. I wish that were true, sadly Kaufman is dead. There are many Tony Clifton impersonators out there, I myself have done him on many occassions, Andy's Tony was the 'evil' Tony, Bob Zmuda's Tony was the 'idiot' Tony, most people do the 'idiot' one. Tony also recently toured with REM and still does the circuits today, all of this adds to many people thinking Kaufman did not die.


The film is then fine to watch but like any true story given the Hollywood treatment you must remember it was based on fact, but just like Andy you didn't know quite what to make of it.


Tank You Veddy Much.

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