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Talk Wrestling Online Newsletter - Issue #55 (Column: RoH in Review)


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Talk Wrestling Online Newsletter - Issue #55 - 28th March 2004



Hey all,


Its Sunday so that means we're back again for another edition of the TWO Newsletter! Thanks for all the kind comments about last week's newsletter, it is appreciated by all the workers.


This week, we have newsletter veteran HSM bringing you the weekly US Scene news, I'll be covering the UKScene column for Goldy as she is on hiatus meaning part 2 of the Trail of Triple H in 2002 will be put back to next week! Don't fear as we have an excellent column from Stephen Ashfield to fill up the "Main Event" slot. Chris will also be here to serve you a slice of EWR WWE Corner and also the TWO Newsletter e-mail Centre debuts this week! All the other features will appear too, as well some new bits.


Turn off Last of the Summer Wine as the TWO Newsletter is here...



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Hope all goes well with the RAW UK tour of defiance coming up soon, as well as obviously evening out the shows which is the top priority.


> SCSteveAustin


How great is it seeing two genuine world class WRESTLERS holding the two main championships in the WWE. Benoit and Guerrero being World Champions is great to see and both men thoroughly deserve it after all they've been through. While those two are champions, you are guaranteed top class main events on PPV. Hopefully it's a sign of the direction the company is going in. Well done to Mitchell on the great job he did with the newsletter and good luck to Pab as he takes the reigns.


> The Crippler


Just emailing to say I enjoyed the first edition of the new look newsletter. I'm really looking forwards to the email section and hope it takes off!

'This week in history' is a great section, looking at that I can't believe how fast time flies! Anyways good luck Pabster though I'm sure you don't need it. :)


> Goldy


I thought SmackDown! Was really class this week, love the new roster, and can't wait to see how stars such as RVD and the Dudleyz shape up on Smackdown! Keep up the good work guys!


> ChrisfromBirtley



The Week in History



20 years ago this week - Japan-based UWF is formed at the time with such stars as Akira Maeda, Yoshiaki Fujiwara, Nobuhiko Takada, and Rusher Kimura.


10 years ago this week - Here is a RAW card from this date, ten years ago:


Lex Lugar defeated Rick Martel by Submission

Owen Hart defeated Mike Freeman by Submission

Doink the Clown pinned Eric Cody

The 1-2-3 Kid pinned The Black Phantom

Crush pinned Ray Hudson


1 year ago this week - WWE WrestleMania 19 was held at Safeco Field in Seattle, Washington where the attendance was 54,097. Brock Lesnar pinned Kurt Angle to win the WWE Title in the main event.



Forum Focus Special



This week Cactus Jack asked TWO members what they thought of the "character" Vince McMahon and they replied with…


"Easily one of the best characters on WWE TV. When he appears at the right times and doesn't dominate the shows." - c0ma making a point about Vince which everyone wishes every McMahon applied to.


"I don't even dislike him as a person." - SCSA talking about his close friend.


"Most people have had a boss that they dislike over the years, and Vince knows that, that's why he is on our screens because he gets heat without trying. That's one of the reasons the Austin/McMahon feud was so successful." - AlanJP talking about evil bosses.


"YOU'RE...FIRED. Always good to hear that..." - HHH Evolution reliving many McMahon moments!


"I get such a kick out of his over the top strut and facial expressions" - Tazzy's has great experience as a judge on the catwalk.



Forum Threads of the Week





With the launch of The Wrestling Channel on March 15th, it's been a hot topic throughout message boards up and down the UK. It's no surprise that TWC mania has hit the TWO Forums. Everyone has wanted to get their opinion across about the channel and it's made for a really great read. Cactus Jack created a thread entitled "TWC - One Week On…" and that is the winner so well done to Cactus Jack!


TWC - ONE WEEK ON... - http://www.talkwrestlingonline.com/forum/showthread.php?t=11112 - Cactus Jack




This is a new feature to the TWO Newsletter. The non wrestling thread of the week at the TWO Forums is The Battle of the Fast Food Franchises: Semi Finals. Russ is carrying out this competition to find TWO's favourite fast food place and McDonalds, Burger King, Subway and KFC are all fighting it out for a place in the final. Well done to Russ!


BATTLE OF THE FAST FOOD FRANCHISES: SEMI FINALS - http://www.talkwrestlingonline.com/forum/showthread.php?t=11180 - Russ



TWO Member of the Week



This is yet another new feature to this week's edition of the TWO Newsletter. We will ask this question every week, who was the TWO Member of the Week? We'll give you the answer too. After another week of impressive posts and new threads, AlanJP becomes the TWO Member of the Week!


Well done to Alan, and here is a link to all of his posts - http://www.talkwrestlingonline.com/forum/member.php?u=209



New at Wrestling 101



Wrestling 101 has some cracking columns this week.


> UFC 35-38 DVD Overview -

http://www.wrestling101.com/101/article/UFCVD/313/ - Adam Sibley reviews UFC 35-38 on DVD.


> UFC 47 Profile: Chuck Liddell -

http://www.wrestling101.com/101/article/JoeR/312/ - Joe Reilly profiles UFC superstar Chuck Liddell.


> Future Shock #11 -

http://www.wrestling101.com/101/article/SF/315/ - Scott Future is back with yet another interesting read.


> UKScene #115 -

http://www.wrestling101.com/101/article/AdamS/314/ - Adam Sibley reports on the UK Wrestling Scene for the 115th time! Impressive as ever.


> Welcome to the Jungle -

http://www.wrestling101.com/101/article/ttc/317/ - Steve Ashfield takes a look at the Rock's new movie, Welcome to the Jungle!


> T3C: And that's the solution is it? -

http://www.wrestling101.com/101/article/ttc/316/ - Sir Stephen Ashfield brings you another round of T3C. He talks about the draft lottery.



TWO Backlash Chat



WWE Backlash Quiz and Chat - Sunday 18th April 2004


The Quiz will take place from 8-9pm in the Quiz Room, for more info see the Quiz Page:


http://www.talkwrestlingonline.com/wrestling-quiz.php (includes current leaderboard)


This is just the 4th QUIZ of the new season - so it's still a great time to take part..


Anyone can take part in the quiz, you do not need to register, just turn up in the Quiz Room at 8pm (UK Time).


WWE Backlash PPV Chat - The PPV Chat will follow on after the quiz from 9pm to 1am (UK Time).



US News - By HSM



WWE News:


Despite quitting on RAW last week, WWE plans to keep Paul Heyman on TV as a manager. It is not known when he will return to TV or whom he will manage at this point. WWE has discussed forming a group of ECW wrestlers that would eventually break off and form their own brand, led by Heyman. However, those are not definite plans yet. At this point, Heyman may manage a few former ECW talents to plant the seeds for the future angle.


This week's RAW received its highest rating since April 2002, checking in with a 4.5 rating and 7 share. The show did hours of 4.4 and 4.6 with three quarter hours checking in at 4.7, one of those being the overrun that featured the Raw/Smackdown brawl and the Eddie/Triple H main event.


WWE's high 4.5 rating for RAW could result in the post-WrestleMania draft lottery becoming an annual event. The feeling is that the brand split has been established now to where putting the rosters together for one night really does impact the ratings and create a "special" atmosphere. Most believe that had the rosters never been split, RAW would not be able to draw a 4.5 rating


Most of the wrestlers backstage were very upset with how WWE handled the draft lottery. RAW wrestlers were not told about the decision to hold a draft until they got to RAW on March 15th, while Smackdown wrestlers didn't become aware of it until Vince McMahon made the announcement on TV. They then were not told their status and where they would end up until they got to RAW on March 22nd. The Smackdown wrestlers were especially upset, due to their tough travel schedule. After working WrestleMania, they worked a house show the next night, followed by the Smackdown taping on Tuesday, and then left for an overseas tour. They then had to rush back to be at RAW on Monday then had to work the Smackdown taping on Tuesday. WWE told workers that they kept things hush because they did not want moves being leaked to the Internet. Despite that, most feel that WWE should have handled the situation differently when playing with the lives and schedules of their wrestlers.


Triple H's trade to Smackdown and following trade back to RAW had a big impact backstage in WWE last week. Most Smackdown wrestlers were very relieved when Triple H was sent back to RAW, fearing that he would upset the more relaxed, friendly Smackdown locker room with his political power. The decision to keep Triple H on RAW did, however, further solidify RAW's status as the #1 WWE show in the eyes of the workers. The feeling was that a major young star like Randy Orton would be moved to Smackdown, but instead only two mid-carders in Rob Van Dam and Booker T were switched while RAW kept Triple H and also gained Edge. Make no doubts about it, Triple H (even without the title) is considered WWE's #1 name by far and is really the only full time active main event wrestler left from the boom era of a few years ago


Many Smackdown wrestlers were upset that Bubba Ray Dudley was moved to the Smackdown brand. Bubba Ray is not very popular backstage due to his habit of calling all the shots in his matches and more or less only focusing on getting his spots in. D-Von Dudley, however, is well liked backstage.


Some in WWE's Canada office are apparently upset with the decision to change Chris Benoit's hometown to Atlanta, GA. The feeling is that this will hurt his reaction at Backlash, which will take place in his previously listed hometown of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.


With WrestleMania XX being the highest grossing WWE PPV ever, it is expected that the payouts to wrestlers will be very high -- up to 30% higher than last year. No McMahon family members were involved in matches this year which means that they won't take up any of the payouts for themselves. WWE brought in between $40 and $45 million from the PPV, which means their share will be around $20 million after paying the cable and satellite companies.


Most, including tag team partner Bradshaw, were not too sad to see Ron Simmons get fired from WWE. The general feeling was that his firing was overdue. Bradshaw wasn't upset about the decision to fire Faarooq since WWE is gearing up to give him a huge singles push.


Many WWE wrestlers feel that bringing back the older version of WWE Titles, such as the 80's Intercontinental Title held by Randy Savage and the Ultimate Warrior, would add historical significance to the titles themselves.



UK News - By Pabster



Hello everyone, welcome to this weeks UK scene news and results. It's Pabster this week as Goldy is on hiatus. Let's start off things with the results from UK shows in the past week.


Premier - 21/03/04 - Midhurst


PWF Middleweight Title

Mal Sanders def. Brian Maxine via DQ.

Semi-finals of the Knockout Tournament

The UK Kid def. Andy Simmons by 2 falls to 1

Lee Darren def. Phil Lea via "Knockout"

Knockout Tournament Final

The UK Kid def. Lee Darren by 2 falls to 1


UWA - 21/03/04 - Ipswich

The Zebra Kid def. Ricky Knight

Paul Tyrell def. Jonny Storm

The Flatliner def. Steve Morocco

"Flying" Phil Powers def. Jake "The Snake" Roberts

Erin Angel and the New Breed def. The UK Pitbulls and Jade


Premier - 22/03/04 - Worthing

The UK Kid & James Tighe defeated The UK Pitbulls via DQ

Jonny Storm def. Jorge Castano by 2 falls to 1

Kris Kay def. Raj Ghosh by 2 falls to 1

Steve Grey & Barry Cooper drew their contest


3CW - Stockton

Star Flash def. "Brooklyn Brawler" Julio Torres

Stevie Knight def. Kid Romeo

Lance Thunder def. Ice XVII

Team Valentine (Chris Valentine, Johnny Love, Justin Marrs, Jayson Mayson, Jeremy Vengeance) def. Team GBH (GBH, Malice Mascarado, Dave Styles, EdEn, Stevie Aaron)

Dog Collar Match: Adam Brown def. Chris Cannon

Lance Thunder won the Rivertown Rumble


FWA - 27/03/03 - Enfield

Jonny Storm def. Mark Belton

The Family def. Aviv Maayan and Jack Xavier

Nikita def. Darren Burridge

Steve Corino def. Mark Sloan

Alex Shane def. Ross Jordan

Burchill over Tex Benedict

CM Punk def. James Tighe


UCW - 27/03/04 - Swindon

Chaos (Gino & Virus) def. Money Mark & Stereo Mike

American All-Star def. Ashton Brown

The Saint def. Anthrax

UCW Women's Title

Lamia def. Justine

Hubert def. Hell's Guardian in a Table Match

The Kult (Exodus & Flame) def. Deaf-o-Mania and Mailman & Country Boy

UCW Light-Heavyweight Title

David Sharp def. Van Wikked Checkmate and Instinct

UCW Heavyweight Title

Gangster def. Rampage


From wZw :


Wrestle Zone Wrestling in association with the FWA present ex WWF superstar D'Lo Brown to the North East in wZw's return to The Whitley Bay Residents Club, behind the ice rink on Saturday 10th April. Our last show at the club proved so popular it was a sell out grappling fans seen some major action putting wZw on the wrestling map.


D'Lo will be tagging up with wZw current heavy weight champion "Domino." Domino recently went over to the USA to work and train in the WWE feeder school Ohio Valley Wrestling. Their opponents for this main event bout will be wZw's General Trent Steel and a tag partner of his choice. This could be anyone from the wrestling world. He will announce his partner on the evening of the show.

Matches Announced

Domino © & D'Lo Brown Vs General Trent Steel & Partner of his choice.. The Wrecking Crew Vs J & XL Nattrass Boys

No DQ Scramble Match

Iceman Vs Shady Nattrass

Strong Style Match (A first for wZw)

Tag Team Tournament Matches

Dangerous Damon Leigh & Joey Hayes (GPW) Vs The Commonwealth Connection (wZw)

The Highlander Vs Tony Warrior "The Spitfire"

Full Pack & Stevie Lynn Vs Carbon, Live Wire and Juvenile

Best out of 5 Tables - Crazy Table Match


This is a small venue and will sell out (300 seated), so please book your tickets early. Tickets will be available on the night, but we can't guarantee it....

Whitley Bay Residents Club, Off Hill Heads Road, Behind the Ice Rink and next to Whitley Bay Football Club.

Saturday 10th April 2004 (Doors Open at 6.15pm, Show time 7.00pm)

£10 Front Row (40 tickets Only)

Adults £8.00

Kids/OAP £4.00

Family of 4 ticket is only £22.00

Tickets are available at the venue from Tuesday 23rd March, you can also purchase them online at wzwuk.com or at the Ray Gray Community Centre, Walker on Sunday's between 11am and 5.30pm. For ticket details you can call 07986 431206 (12 - 5pm only).


The Breakout Tour proved a massive success, filling 3 of the 4 venues to capacity. The 4 shows are to be released on DVD and VHS video in the coming weeks.

The first show at the sell out 1000 seater Loreburn Hall in Dumfries is the first DVD to be released. Its released on a double disk edition and as an added extra the Jake "The Snake" Roberts now infamous retirement speech and shoot on Alex Shane, after the back stage altercation is going to be featured as an extra.


Matches on the DVD are as follows...


1.. Alex Shane Vs General Trent Steel

2..Paul Birchill & Enigma Vs Nattrass Boys

3..Carbon Vs Stevie Lynn (Tables Match)

4..Aviv Maayan Vs "Spitfire" Tony Warrior (Best out of 5 Falls)

Inter-Promotional Title Match

5..James Tighe Vs Mark Sloan

6..Full Pack Vs Commonwealth Connection (Hardcore Rules match)

7..Jake Roberts Vs Iceman


The DVD will comprise of 2 DVD's, full colour cover and double DVD case, price includes postage and packaging and if pre purchased you will get £1.00 off the retail price. The price for the DVD is only £8.00.


Download the Video Trailer...

Each DVD/Video will have its own video trailer, available online for download. To download the trailer for this release please see the wZw website.

VHS videos will be released mid April and will be the same price as the DVD's.

For more information please check out the WzW website: http://www.wzwuk.com


From WAW :


WAW confirmed today that they will be returning to the Town Hall in Hunstanton on Friday, May 21st, and to the Waveney Sports & Leisure Centre in Lowestoft on Saturday, May 29th. For ticket information, telephone 07979302203.


WAW announced today that the recent Valentine's Day Massacre II show raised £860 for the Tyler Abigail appeal. On behalf of everyone in WAW, we would like to thank everyone who helped out with the show.

It was confirmed this week that the legendary Jake "The Snake" Roberts will be competing at the World Association of Wrestling show at the Hunstanton Town Hall on Friday, May 21st. For ticket information, telephone the WAW ticket line on 07979302203.


That's it for this week, thanks for reading. Hopefully Goldy should be back for next week's edition. Make sure you check out Adam Sibley's latest UKScene column at http://www.wrestling101.com/101/article/AdamS/314/ and Scott Future's new column at http://www.wrestling101.com/101/article/SF/315/





EWR WWE Corner by Chris2K



Howdy again, and welcome to the second week of EWR WWE, by me, Christopher 2000. This week I'll be analysing this week's Raw, as the draft lottery took place, and several other important happenings occurred. And without further ado, let's get going. Scott Keith's star ratings are from http://www.411mania.com/wrestling. In brackets are parts of the show left out due to booking constraints.


(Heyman gets Dupree)


<Segment 1: Chris Jericho vs. Rene Dupree>

Booked As: Match, 1 vs. 1, Singles, Jericho wins, Cleanly, Steve Austin attacks Dupree


Crowd: 81%

Match: 80%

Overall: 80%

Stars: ***

Real Stars: *1/2


Twice as good as the real match, but that's possibly down to the real-life shortness of the match. Still, the match quality shows that Dupree isn't such a bad worker as people think. Austin's intervention possibly boosted the crowd.


(Bischoff gets Benjamin)

(Kane vs. Rico)

(Heyman gets Jindrak)

(Bischoff gets Nidia)


<Segment 2: Heyman gets HHH>

Booked As: Angle, Authority Angle, Authority Announces Steal


Rating: 91%


Trust HHH to get a good rating for his trade, and amazingly, Heyman actually gained overness from the segment, showing that HHH must've been the key man.


<Segment 3: Christian vs. Spike Dudley>

Booked As: Match, 1 vs. 1, Singles, Christian wins, Cleanly.


Crowd: 69%

Match: 71%

Overall: 70%

Stars: **1/2

Real Stars: *1/2


A full star higher, but Spike's effort was rewarded. Unfortunately, I don't think the presence of EVIL TRISH~! was a contributor to the crowd rating, hence its low score.


<Segment 4: Vince makes Main Event>

Booked As: Angle, Authority Angle, Authority Books 1 vs. 1 Tonight, Eddie Guerrero vs. Triple H


Rating: 87%


If the WWE bookers saw this, I'm sure they'd put the high rating down to HHH being involved, but I'd like to believe that Eddie's involvement was important too. However, with Vince 98 over and with 100 charisma, he probably was the main man behind it.


(Bischoff gets Rhyno)


<Segment 5: World Tag Team Title Match: Rob Van Dam and Booker T © vs. Batista and Ric Flair>

Booked As: Match, 2 vs. 2, Tag, World Tag Titles, Batista and Flair win, Cleanly


Crowd: 82%

Match: 76%

Overall: 80%

Stars: ***

Real Stars: *3/4


Another match that outscores its reality, but at least the Tag Titles gained in image. A 76% match rating must be one of Batista's highest ever.


(Heyman gets RVD)


<Segment 6: World Title Match: Chris Benoit © vs. Rhyno>

Booked As: Match, 1 vs. 1, Singles, World Title, Benoit wins, Cleanly.


Crowd: 81%

Match: 77%

Overall: 79%

Stars: ***

Real Stars: *1/2


A surprisingly bad match, but then again, Scott Keith's rating was influenced by the amount of times this match has happened. No image gain for the title, but a solid match nevertheless.


<Segment 7: Bischoff makes Backlash Main Event>

Booked As: Angle, Authority Angle, Authority Books 1 vs. 1 Next Big Event, Chris Benoit and Shawn Michaels


Rating: 87%


The same as the previous announcement, but surprising seeing as all three men had less charisma than at least one of the previous three. Anyway, the match at Backlash should be good, unless HHH sticks his big nose in.


(Bischoff gets Tajiri)

(Heyman gets Long)


<Segment 8: Bischoff gets Edge>

Booked As: Angle, Authority Angle, Authority Announces Steal


Rating: 80%


Edge's return announcement doesn't get as big a rating as you'd expect, but at least it's a solid 80%.


(Heyman gets Spike)

(Bischoff gets Heyman)


<Segment 9: Heyman quits>

Booked As: Angle, Authority Angle, Authority Steps Down


Rating: 86%


EWR couldn't quite get the emotion right for the quitting angle, but Heyman's appearance still managed to create a good segment.


<Segment 10: Edge returns and attacks Bischoff>

Booked As: Angle, 1 vs. 1, Returning Singles Attack


Rating: 80%


Again, Edge's return was rather muted, but it may be down to EWR not knowing that he's been out for 13 months and not 13 days.


<Segment 11: WWE Title Match: Eddie Guerrero © vs. Triple H>

Booked As: Match, 1 vs. 1, Singles, WWE Title, Eddie wins by DQ through interference from Orton, Cena saves


Crowd: 74%

Match: 75%

Overall: 74%

Stars: **3/4

Real Stars: ***1/2


For the second time in a row, HHH and Eddie's real rating easily outclasses their EWR rating. The EWR match possibly lost marks due to the interferences and non-finish.




Best Match: Flair/Batista vs. Booker/RVD

Best Angle: Heyman/HHH

Worst Match: Christian vs. Spike

Worst Angle: Edge's return


Final Thought:


So maybe the highest rated Raw in 2 years is as good as the rating says, as the show gets 5% higher than WrestleMania XX. A surprising best match, but Jericho/Dupree and Benoit/Rhyno were close. Edge's return didn't seem to stimulate the crowd very much, and somehow HHH's segments seemed to be the best. Ah well, life goes on.


That's it for me, have a nice week everyone, and I'll see you next time! :)



TWO Newsletter Main Event -

"RoH in Review" by Stephen Ashfield



You can build a company up and see it destroyed in one second of madness, that's what nearly happened to the WWF during the Vince McMahon steroids trial. Imagine if he'd been found guilty, wrestling history would have been changed forever. Then there were the problems XPW had with its owner who was also into hard-core porn and then came ROH.


The company has quickly become one of the most successful independents in the States, probably second to NWA:TNA. But on March 3rd, something happened that put the whole companies reputation and future at stake.


http://www.perverted-justice.com is a website that "targets wannabe paedophiles in regional chatrooms." They also work with a Philadelphia TV Station, NBC 10 to set up group media busts, that's an agreement where a media outlet rents a house/apartment and gives the website information about suspected paedophiles. The website then sends someone into the chatroom posing as an underage youngster to set up a meeting at a house where they find themselves trapped and publicly exposed. On March 3rd, that's exactly what happened to Rob Feinstein, the owner of ROH and RF Video.


If you want to read the chatroom exchanges that led to the meeting, go to http://www.perverted-justice.com/index.php?archive=RFWrestling It's a fascinating read as Feinstein lies about his age and eventually sets up a meeting with the supposed youngster.


With Feinstein exposed, the big question is what happens to ROH? Well, within days Feinstein announced his resignation as a partner of ROH Inc and as President of RF Video Inc. But would that be enough to save ROH?


Of course people began to doubt whether Feinstein had actually quit the business. Would he perhaps be hiding in the background still receiving cash, still making some decisions for the company he'd helped create?


Early signs weren't too good for the company. Roddy Piper and Abyss pulled out of ROH events, as did Bobby Heenan, though he did say he believed Feinstein was innocent until proved guilty.


So what happens now? Well, there definitely seems to be a war brewing between ROH and NWA: TNA with the latter company beginning to ask some of its top stars such as AJ Styles for example, (the ROH Pure Champion) not to wrestle for ROH. Is this because of Feinstein? I don't think so, with a television deal in the pipeline, NWA: TNA are keen on keeping all their big names to themselves. That's not really fair but with big money at stake, perhaps you can't blame them.


What is vitally important for ROH is to ensure that the fans can believe that Feinstein isn't going to be coming back. At one stage their website stated that Feinstein would be stepping aside until he can clear his name, no one wants to read that. Take a look at the transcripts; this isn't a guy who ROH should be associated with anymore.


So what happens financially? It appears that ROH actually have a silent partner who pumps a lot of cash into the business. An insider at the company stated that he or she threatened to pull their financial backing out if Feinstein didn't leave the company. If that is the case, then Feinstein is gone and the company can survive and for the sake of a wrestling industry that needs as many strong independent companies as possible, that can only be good news.





US News - By HSM

UK News - By Pabster

EWR WWE Corner - By Chris2k

TWO Newsletter Main Event - By Stephen



That's it for this week, I hope you enjoyed this week's edition of the Newsletter. Thanks to HSM, Stephen and Chris2K for their input. Congratulations to Cactus Jack and Russ on winning the Best Thread Badge's for this week, and also Alan JP on bagging the TWO Member of the Week award. Thanks to all of our readers for reading once again. Keep visiting Wrestling101 and TWO and we'll see you here next week. Take it easy folks!


Any feedback would be gladly appreciated. Send it, along with any questions or queries, to Pabster@talkwrestlingonline.com or to any of our contributors. We want your input to help make the newsletter the best we can.


The TWO Newsletter - "Always one hour ahead"




Some of the news stories included in the TWO newsletter are taken from various sources around the internet and is not necessarily exclusive TWO news.


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