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TWO Weakest Link - Favourite Gimmick Match Round 2

Cactus Jack

Vote Out Your LEAST Favourite Gimmick Match  

22 members have voted

  1. 1. Vote Out Your LEAST Favourite Gimmick Match

    • Hell In A Cell
    • Elimination Chamber
    • Ultimate X
    • Cage
    • Hardcore
    • Tables
    • Ladder
    • TLC
    • Submission

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Ultimate X is going. But you know what the funny thing is? If WWE had came up with the idea of that match, it would probably finish second behind Hell In A Cell overall. It's the kind of high spot vehicle that would have WWE marks falling off their seats in excitement. But because the majority of people are not wrestling fans, but WWE fans, it sucks and everyone involved with it sucks and everyone who doesn't work for WWE sucks.


I voted for tables, because I can't even remember one good tables match.

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Tables - Reason being. UX is far better. It should not go yet. I voted tables to make it 9-9. Keep UX in... :D


Also, I think I'm right in saying you can't use a ladder to get the belt, but move across the "X" to get the belt?


Quoted from the earlier thread. Your right ladders cannot be used. In UX2 Daniels and Shane both tried to get the belt using a chair in the centre of the ring. No use. Also be jumping from the top rope and trying to get the belt didn’t work (done intestinally I presume?).



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