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Best Group Ever


Best Group Ever?  

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  1. 1. Best Group Ever?

    • nWo
    • The Four Hoursemen
    • Evolution
    • D-X
    • Ministry
    • Corporation
    • Hart Foundation

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THE RADICALZ!! you must be joking russ i cant remember who was in it and i watched every week!! the only person i remembered was (perry) saturn and i should have put down original nWo because almost every wrestler in the wcw was in a version of nWo there was white, red, latino and has been used over and over wwf was great when they had tyson in d-x
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It has to be DX. No other group had so many guys with so much charisma. They were certainly the best on the mic.


Oh, how I larf. Those Horsemen jobbers had about as charisma as a wet mop, or so I hear :roll


On a serious note, I'd probably say either Tully, Arn, Ole and Ric, or Riki Choshu's Army that strolled into All Japan from New Japan. The heat for that entire year-long angle was well...you need to see it really.

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Guest Fully

its hard to choos.

D-X - made me laugh more than any other faction and has 2 of my favourite's of all time in them (HHH, HBK)

Evolution - I for some reason love evolution, with its contrasting members and there is just something about them

NWO - Got out of hand with all the break off factions and alike. Was excited when Hogan/naash/hall set it up but after a while, WCW's bad management, let it slip out of hand.

Ministry - Nah. It was formed to put the undertaker over and bring the Brood in. Coporate ministry was better

Hart Foundation - I suppose you are reffering to when Bret and co. turned Heel? Decent group, but didnt have that x-factor that evolution have

Four horseman - Classic wreslters, Classic matches.


I went for D-x puerly because I a) saw them more than the others I think b)admire each member and c)they made me laugh

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