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Americas X Cup - Mexico v Canada

Guest Fully

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Guest Fully

I just watched this, from NWATNA 88 (march 10th), and I throughlly enjoyed it. Thought I might just comment on it. All the wrestlers were given plenty of time and it was a great show. Dont worry theres no spoliers.


Team Mexico - Hector Garza, Mr.Aguila(Essa Rios), Juventud Guerrera, Absiymo Negro

Team Canada - Petey Williams, Teddy Hart(yes, from the family), Jack Evans, Johnny Devine


Format was - 4 singles matches (1point a vicotry), 2 tag matches (2pts a victory) and an 8-man elimination tag (2pts per elimincation)


looking at the Wrestlers -

Teddy Hart - Another member of the Hart family and the star of the night in my opinion. Although has a lot of Bret in him, he is nothing like his famous brothers. He is of Jeff Hardy build, but twice as agile. He does a brillaint finihser from the top rope with is sort of a corkscrew-shhotingstar-elbowdrop that has to be seen to be believed. The futrue looks bright for this Kid.


Petey Williams - To be honest, Id never heard of him but after these performances, hes left me wanting more. Great on the mat great in the air, this man has bags of potential. I cant say he reminds me of anyone because he doesnt really. He was great.


Johnny Devine - Has a great in-ring attitude and has a good range of moves but looks to by-the-book from what I saw. Still doesnt stop me wanting to see him again, and he put on 3 good performances.


Jack Evans - Think Jeff Hardy. You've got Jack Evans. His ring-style resembelnce is uncanny. He wears the same ring attire as hardy does sometimes, carries himself in the same way and dores that thing with his arms Jeff does when hes getting beat on. Evans is very agile, probablymore so than Hardy but does lack what appears to be composure and experince. Could have potential but has a lot to learn



Mr.Aguila(Essa Rios) - Seems to have put on some weight since leaving WWF and appears more heavy on his feet than he used to. Still, has a great deal of agility, but overshadowed by some of the others. Still was good in all three matches, although, loosing a bit pundage wouldnt go a miss. Also his style doesnt seem to have developed much since his WWF run.


Hector Garza - Imagine the late Dino Bravo with dark hair and mexican. thats Hector Garza, although Garza is very athletic. Looking at him you wouldn't think he'd be able to pull of the moonsualts etc that he does. He was good in these series of matches but does the old trick of lifting them up durng a pin count to beat on them more, and after 3 times this got dull. I wouldn't mind seeing more of Garza though as in the ring he has very good abilities and a good range of moves.


Juventud Guerrera- You've probably all seen Juvi, and he was no different than usual tonight. WWE may not have signed him due to him working too 'slack', which i know they dislike, and I can see their point looking at Juvi in WCW, but Juvi worked well tonight, captaining the team. A WWE crusierweight run could produce some very good matches and I am sure this is what he's doing in AAA week in week out. Very energtic, very charasmatic.


Absiymoo Negro - Out of all the wrestlers here, Negro is a) the most stereotypical mexican wrestler in terms of wrestler style and B) the largest built. Yet he never delivered much offence. He did all the fancy arm drags and pinning combinations you'd expect from a mexican star but he was the only wrestler of the evening I dont have a real desrie to see again


Overall - Crowd were hot throughout the night, and were behind Mexico. A great series of 7 matches, with each macth given plenty of time. A great show which I will be watching again sometime im sure


p.s Please dont refer to anything past NWATNA 88(march 10th)

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