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Sign-ups for FWL 10

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Hopefully it should start accepting entries in late April sometime, I dont have a specific date.


If you have set "Yes" to receive emails from admins in your user control panel on the forum, you should receive an email when it does.

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just to let you know you can make your picks now' date='if you didn't already know[/quote']


No you cant!


I'm testing certain things out at the moment. You'll be told when you can :)


Those that have already entered - they wont count.

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Its like talking to a brick wall...


When Kam posts that FWL 10 is accepting entry's you can pick your wrestlers, an easier way would be to get the TWO newsletter, I'm pretty sure it will be announced in that, unless Kam plans to keep it a secret this time that is.

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I've tried to sign up however it doesn't seem to be recognising my picks. It's only coming up with "Not selected".


It should only do that if your picking 5 wrestlers over the $3000 total - check their values again, or post them here and I'll check.

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