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Hacking into SD 5


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Aaah, my number one most hated word. Hacking.


Using cheat cartridges like Action Replay or Gameshark is not hacking. It's just using the devices to uncover things that the developers left on the disk that didn't appear in the actual game. Yes, they left in character models of Tazz and Lawler in SD!5 which with the aid of a cheat device can allow you to play as these guys in a pretty crappy way (You don't get a picture on the character select screen, you don't get an entrance or exist and no one calls you by your name in Season mode).


However, what cannot be done is use data that isn't even on the disk. No character models were made of Hogan or Warrior, so they can't be used. The closest thing to the real thing is that their pictures are in the game under the character select screen. However, selecting them causes the game to crash before the entrances, because the game tries to load data (the Hogan/Warrior character models) that isn't on the disk.

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