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Looking to trade a few wrestling figures for tapes/dvd's

Guest Mick420

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Guest Mick420


I have a big tape collection, and references available. Right now though, I want to get rid of a few figures in my drawer. If your interested, just make me an offer, and I will trade any or all of them for basically any wrestling tape or dvd that I don't have. If you will trade master tapes, obviously, I wouldn't want as many, but I will take dubs. Just make an offer for the lot or any singles...

E:mail me your tradelist or site link if your interested.

Thanks !



1999 WCW Toy Biz figures :

Hulk Hogan (black and white NWO)

Kevin Nash (red and black NWO)



WCW talking stuffed "wrestling buddy" (big size):



Early 1990's WWF Hasbro figures :

Dusty Rhodes (this offer has to be pretty good, these go for $10 -15 on ebay)


Early 80's WWF figures (oversized) :

Mean Gene Okerlund

Freddie Blassie

Bobby Hennan


Late 90's WWF Jaks :

D.O.A. Chainz


Mid 80's AWA figures :

Road Warrior Hawk (face paint is worn)


Let me know.

Thanks !


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