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Battle Of The Fast Food Franchises: Semi Finals


Who deserves to go to the final? Pick a Franchise from each match!  

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  1. 1. Who deserves to go to the final? Pick a Franchise from each match!

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The results of the last round were


McDonalds beat Spud U Like, and fat people rejoyced.

Burger King took Harry Ramsden's to school.

In perhaps the shock of the round, Subway beat Pizza Hut.

KFC sent Wimpy back to the Ninties with a convincing win.


Well, the draw has taken place for the Semi Finals of the BOFFF. And ladies and gents, I've gotta say, it's a tasty draw (excuse the pun).


As decided by Mr Pabster of Liverpool-


KFC Vs Subway

McDonalds Vs Burger King


Yes, the two giants collide! The immovable force faces the unstoppable object! Icon Vs Icon! Cow Killer Vs Cow Killer! McDonalds and Burger King battle it out in the semi finals to see who is the best burger maker, once and for all.


In the other semi, plucky rookie Subway faces the dark horse KFC. Will the brave underdog Subway continue it's current good form and see off the Cournal and his entourage?


Here's the tale of the tapes again.




-Extremely Unhealthy

-Grizzled Veteran


Clientele- Fat people, Neds, people on lunch breaks with barely no time to spare.


Keys To Victory- Big Mac, McFlurry, Milkshakes, 99p Menu


Weaknesses- Crappy chips, spotty staff, small beef patties




Burger King

-American (Now British Owned)

-Extremely Unhealthy

-Have Stores Everywhere (12 in Glasgow alone)


Clientele- Fat people, neds, people on lunch breaks with barely no time to spare.


Keys To Victory- King Fries, Flame Grilled Beef Patties


Weaknesses- Always seen as second best compared to McDonalds






-Promising Newcomer

-Unique Sandwich Eating Experience


Clientele- Goldy, Pabster, Russ, Joey Tribiani.


Keys To Victory- Incredible prices, fantastic sandwiches, unlimited drink refills


Weaknesses- Not very well known outside of the US




Kentucky Fried Chicken


-Everyone Loves Getting Their Hands Greasy When Eating

-They Have The Cournal's Backing


Clientele- Soul food eaters.


Keys To Victory- Wings


Weaknesses- Thighs


So there you have it. Two of these franchises will leave the semi finals with a place in the grandaddy of them all, the final. The other two will forever be mocked and ignored. Like Colin!


Anyway, vote........................................................................................NOW!

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McDonalds vs. Burger King -


I voted for McDonalds. I used to love Burger King but over time i've gone off it. Used to love King Fries but now they taste like bleach. Burgers are the only good point now. Whilst McDonalds is tastier all round, it's cheap and has a good menu.


Subway vs. KFC -


Subway...all the WAY! :)

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Gotta go for McDonalds in the first contest, last week I had a Burger King, whilst their Burgers are tasty and the chips are fantastic, the portions are all too tiny. The missus and I can easily fill ourselves up at Maccy's with a tenner, a tenner dont go too far at BK though, and so the winner is McDonalds.


In the second contest I have to go with KFC, due to the fact that I've unfortunately never tried a Subway, something which I'm attempting to rectify. Couple of points, in our KFC and Burger King you get unlimited drink refills, so that point doesn't count for Subway here. Also isn't Subway Australian? The reason behind my thinking is that during the Simpsons episode where Bart insults Australia, they show a few clips of Australian things that Americans were obsessed by in the late 80's, one of those is Subway I believe. Anyway, I'm swaying somewhat from the subject here and I have to give a vote by default to KFC.

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