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  1. It's hard to say. The kid may have thought that if he were nice to MJF, that MJF would be nice to him. Most of the time, the heels will behave that way (at least for kids). But MJF is MJF. Truthfully, I can also say that if it had been me and my son in this situation, my reaction would be based entirely on my son's reaction. If he laughed it off, I'd be able to enjoy it too. But if he took it to heart, I'd have words with MJF about taking it too far on young kids because in that moment, it just became personal. And he'd likely just continue to be MJF to me, which would just rile me up further because I'd KNOW IT and feel he wasn't taking me seriously. Not that I'd try to fight him, I know I'd have 0 shot at that. But ANYWAY, my point is I can totally see from the dad's perspective. Seeing someone be that rude to your kid and hurt their feelings hits you deep, even if you know it's meant to be entertainment. I think Cody's reaction was the best one he could give. They want to support MJF being his character, but they don't want to alienate fans. Spreading the word like he did via that public announcement (Twitter counts!) that MJF will be MJF should hopefully help set the precedent for everyone to maybe not bring the little ones to MJF. But he also offered the apology to the family, and that was classy of him.
  2. It's Vince McMahon's fault that WrestleMania is in as chaotic a state as it's in. Obviously he's not responsible for Covid-19, but he is responsible for how he decided to handle it. From what I've read, literally everyone in WWE didn't want to move forward with WrestleMania in this circumstance, it's entirely Vince pushing it forward. As a result, people like Roman or Lashley are getting screwed over because they're either in quarantine or don't feel safe exposing themselves to the risk. I mean, Roman Reigns was set to face Goldberg in a mega main event where you gotta believe Roman was set to win the title. Instead, he's backed out of it due to his immunosystem deficiency due to Leaukemia - And yet Vince is still moving forward, despite a main event being changed. I just dunno. It's a tough situation all around, but I feel like people would've appreciated it more if we could've just settled down and delayed Mania until we can gather for it again. Alternatively, if we could just do Mania, use the Raw/NXT/Smackdown after to tie things up and take a break til this is all over, that'd be a good way too but I doubt that'll happen. AEW reportedly wishes they could've at least gotten to Blood and Guts, they would've done that and then took a break. But unfortunately, just couldn't quite make it. Dang virus.
  3. AEW deals are not on the same level as WWE, primarily because WWE deliberately began signing people to much higher contracts in 5 year exclusive deals to make sure they don't go to AEW. AEW's got good financial backing, they do take good care of their talent. A big difference is that AEW wrestlers are actually employed by AEW and not considered "independent contractors" like they are in WWE or other places. That gives them full set of benefits instead of having to take care of that themselves, as well as AEW paying their share of wrestler's taxes like your job does for you. Retirement as well, all that jazz. WWE does take decent care of it's talent, especially when they need surgery/physical therapy or rehab, but they still try to get away with not providing the rest of the stuff. Fyter Fest and Fight For The Fallen are just charity shows and while both of them have some good matches, they're not essential viewing either. Dustin/Cody Rhodes vs The Young Bucks is brilliant though.
  4. There's plenty of things to learn about, like most any massive RPG game. But WoW in the retail modern version (AKA Battle For Azeroth) has added a lot of features over the years to make it as friendly to newly beginning players as possible - both to speed up your leveling process, and to make it more of a smooth and enjoyable experience.
  5. Randy's never really done much to begin with, beyond a Superplex or a really flashy RKO. Beyond that, he's a very methodical and paced wrestler. He's good in no DQ situations because he can get wicked with it, and he's good in things where he can be in and out. But he's had extremely few memorable 1 on 1 matches and the few he's had, are arguably more because of who the opponent was. Not saying Randy's a bad wrestler, he's not. He's super well timed, athletic, accurate, safe, and fairly well versed in grappling around and brawling. But his style is just very safe and boring, except for his few flash spots.
  6. Alex Marvez comes from a different sport, I can't remember which one. I agree with you, it felt a lot like he didn't have much knowledge of what he was commentating for. I think he was trying real hard, and I'd imagine by now he knows much better, but I think it was a situation of AEW just pulling in anyone they could. Nah it's cool, I love talking about wrestling <3 You'll come to love all of Jurassic Express, Luchasaurus is great, Jungle Boy is actually quite incredible, and so is little Marko Stunt. Good grief, you wouldn't expect him to be so awesome, but he is.
  7. Punk's done acting, training for his UFC fights, but otherwise kept a fairly low profile. AKA, just living his life, minding his own damn business. He's had a couple 1 off wrestling appearances for his old friends, but he's done those under a mask and they never led to anything more, just little favors. Otherwise, he does 1 or 2 convention appearances a year, and that's basically it.
  8. Matt literally just debuted last week. No, he'll be singles, Jeff is still in WWE and just returned to Smackdown a week or 2 ago. Fite.TV and Bleacher Report have them, yea :D
  9. Revolution was the most recent PPV, that was pretty good. Though honestly, I'd suggest starting with Double Or Nothing, then All Out, then Full Gear, then Revolution. That's the only 4 real PPV's they've done so far. There's also Fyter Fest and Fight For The Fallen that took place between Double Or Nothing and All Out, but those were charity events that had little to no impact on storylines. But they do help you get to know the characters a bit more. But for realsies, start with Double Or Nothing. Cody vs Dustin Rhodes is incredible, Young Bucks vs Lucha Bros is out of this world. Kenny Omega vs Jericho is great. All around it's a really solid show too. You may not be familiar with the rest of the people or even most of them, but that's ok. I was the same way. I know who Cody, Jericho, Dustin Rhodes are, obviously. I knew who Young Bucks and Kenny Omega were by reputation, as well as a couple others. But it only takes about 2 or 3 shows and you'll start to get real familiar with them. You'll also see their growth in terms of commentary and production. Double Or Nothing is literally their first ever live show, and although there's some miscue'd spots and the commentary team could've been better (Mainly Alex Marvez, but thankfully that's the only major PPV he does commentary for I believe, he's a backstage interviewer now) but overall it still looks GREAT. Make sure to watch the Buy In as well. They have a Casino Battle Royal thing. It's basically a mini royal rumble with different entrant rules - They enter in groups of 4 (these groups aren't allies, just all entering at the same time), then 1 final entrant (like a #30 entrant) after these 4 groups have entered. The winner goes on to face the winner of Jericho/Omega for the first ever AEW World Heavyweight Championship match at All Out. The battle royal is real good fun.
  10. I just recently read that WWE reportedly still is butthurt about CM Punk and have absolutely no desire to sign him as a wrestler at this point. CM Punk, on the other hand, seems pretty apathetic about it. I think if they offered him a boatload of money and a good measure of creative freedom, he'd probably be down for that. But since they likely wouldn't do that, he's content to just do what he's doing.
  11. I love Booker T too, one of my favorites. But he's at the point where he's best served as a personality and a trainer at his school. Not that he can't still perform some, but probably would be better served giving that to his students now. *shrug*
  12. It should, but that only let's you go up to level 20. So if it does work (It also scales with any heirlooms you may have), you'd hit 20 real quick. So that might help provide some incentive for you. I've played WoW since 2006, mostly, aside from a couple breaks. I'm off and on with it right now, but I've enjoyed WoW Classic A LOT. I play Alliance on Mankrik there. On Retail, I play Eonar server, Horde side.
  13. I am a full-on introvert in person, so this staying at home business mostly is awesome for me. But it does make it harder to keep myself in the proper schedule-routine.
  14. Corporations have to follow their craftily guided laws about price raising. And deal with competition with each other, monopolies are generally illegal unless you're the TV/Internet/Phone provider industry, apparently. And that's what this guy was trying to do, not only severely price gauge a product by about 1000%, but create a monopoly on the availability of the product in order to be able to sell it at that price. So double whammy. Even with the charitable donation (which multiple articles refer to as "forced to donate to charity" and I wonder about the legality of that myself), I dunno if he'll get off the hook. But he might. 'Merica.
  15. I work for the federal government, the courts system specifically. While our federal courts are still trying to poke along even if only at a snail's pace by doing 1 or 2 small hearings a day, we're all mostly working from home. For some of us, that means we can't even really do anything at home because we don't have access to the systems we need access to. But that's a known factor and our health is being prioritized over efficiency at the moment. We're being told to just do what we can. My job is pretty awesome. I have Thursdays and Fridays completely off to care for my son during this crisis period while the schools are closed, and it won't cost any of my own leave I accrue over time. It'll be administrative leave, which in case anyone doesn't know, that means paid time off approved by the head of the division for special occasions. Like random office closures or whatnot. And that's not just for me, it's for everyone in my office. My boss made a point to tell everyone that she wants us to be safe, be healthy, and that she'll accommodate our needs. I'm very fortunate to be taken care of. I wish everyone was :(
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