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  1. Ya, I marked out for that kick to Cena Sr. hardcore. It was just looked liked he got kicked pretty damn hard and I wouldn't be suprised if he had a massive headache after that.
  2. I would have been like, "Dammit Women! I can't talk now, King Booker is on!" But maybe thats why I don't have a girlfriend. I didn't catch RAW myself but sounds awful. King Booker sounds like the best part of the show (what a suprise) The man can take any gimmick and make it awesome.
  3. yoyo

    I'm Back

    Hey~! I'm back from my 6 week Military Academy adventure and hope to start making regular posts on TWO again. :good222:
  4. The topic of this thread has to be kidding me. :roll
  5. I'll just make my own arrangements. Probably fly down the Saturday before and catch the HOF Ceremony. Jesus, I can't wait! We should all meet up there or something.
  6. *drools* That match sounds awesome in that one sentence. Push Hardy to the main event scene on SD! asap!
  7. I actually didn't even think about Eddie when they said it. I don't think they meant to mimmick Eddie like that but you could be right.
  8. I thought HBK landing on his feet when he recieved the FU was pretty insane....
  9. I never really thought about roadkill in other countries. I would be amazed to see alot of those animals running around if I went there. The only time I get to see them is at zoos. Does Australlia have zoos with North American animals?
  10. Kangaroo roadkill. Wow, thats a new one to me. I see alot of deer roadkill, does Australlia have deer?
  11. So no catching Kangaroos or putting shrimp on the barby? :lol I'm sorry. That was very stereotypical of me. But isn't it usually hot there?
  12. Chriscare must name a 100 presents he wants before he dies! Happy B-Day bud.
  13. King Bookah still has it. It's a shame that they didn't let him get the clean fall on Lashley or Cena. Then it would have been a great RAW. Glad to see Kennedy back as well. But I didn't find his promo that interesting at all. he just rambled on about Vince. Boring..... And I had to chuckle at Cena's "It might be the drunk guy in the bleachers" comment. Thats the Cena I used to know and love.
  14. I believe it was scripted because after Kurt came back from his neck injury, him and Brock acted like buddies and everything. Kurt even said Brock had visited him in the hospital while he was their for the surgery. Then Brock turned on Kurt while being the special guest referee in the steel cage match between Kurt and Vince. This led up to their match at SummerSlam.
  15. I have seen every single WM so there. I voted 14 because it's weak compared to the rest. Then 18 because the undercard blew. Then 21 because all the main events blew.
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