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  1. agreed i played the demo with swansea city i was 7 points clear at top and got to christmas and the demo finishes. i was gutted still love the game. player interaction is brilliant i especially love telling young players to follow in the steps of some of my older stars. The match engine also looks good. All in all class game. Pity im on holiday the weekend it comes out
  2. I am a big football manager fanatic and football manager 2006 was a king amongst games. The realism of it and sheer brilliance of si to create one of the greatest games ever has me licking my lips in anticipation of the new football manager game. Currently there is no BETA demo out for it but i have been on the look out and will try to inform you when it will be ready. Currently the launch date it set at the 20th October (a month tommorrow) and i believ the time is right to have a thread on this. So who will be buying it (£24.99 from play.com) and what do people anticipate from it?
  3. Dont want to steal big slows idea but can someone make me a jose morinho avatar with moan moan moan of it please like big slows thankyou in advance
  4. Arsenal: Thierry Henry Aston Villa: Gareth Barry Blackburn: Morten Gamst Pedersen Bolton: Kevin Nolan Charlton: Luke Young Chelsea: John Terry Everton: Tim Cahill Fulham: Papa Bouba Diop Liverpool: Steven Gerrard Man Utd: Wayne Rooney Man City: Joey Barton Middlesbrough: Jonny Woodgate Newcastle: Scott Parker Portsmouth: Harry Redknapp Lomana Lua-Lua Reading: Steve Sidwell Sheffield Utd: Rob Hulse Tottenham: Robbie Keane Watford: Marlon King West Ham: Javier Mascherano Wigan: Henri Camara Most of my best players are strikers. Not beacuse they just score goals but because they seem the teams best player
  5. In the first week of the Premiership a few descions form referees have changed a game and most of the time these descions are wrong. Personally i have had no problem with these beofre but after ben thatchers " Challenge " on Pedro Mendes i really believe that something should be done to stop this poor standard of refereeing i belive that with the introduction of a fifth official to wath the game on a monitor and 4 linesmen to patroll each side of the hlaf way line this could be stopped
  6. GCSE Results The GCSE results were published today and seen as i was soo happy with mine i thought i'd share them: Maths: A Statistics: A Religiuos Studies: B ICT: DD Science: AA English Language: B English Literature: B French:A History: A
  7. Again as an arsenal fan i feel dismayed by ashley cole's actions and yes do believe he is just after the money but some players can be considered loyal but still move clubs e.g. Robbie Fowler when he moved form liverpool to leeds. and patrick viera when he moved form arsenal to juve
  8. Arsenal: I love thier brnad of attacking football and thier ability to pass and move also one of the only teams in the premiership not to play route 1
  9. Did you miss foleys hardcore match at wrestlemania and flairs harcore match on ecw because from what i saw they were both great matches. besides this match wouldnt be about the quality of the match it would be about two legends squaring off. I would enjoy it
  10. How do you have a manger at ringside for a match i cant suss it any help greatfully recieved
  11. As much as i would love that job same as anime i dont watch much wrestling outside wwe and my dislike of tna would lead me to be a biased official
  12. This has been a keen topic of interest for me recently and really has become apparent due to the world cup. Basically football now has become so popular and important that the classic big games that fans look forward to have become boring and defensive. Many times in the premiership many people look forward to the heavily hyped games e.g. Man U Arsenal, Man U liverpool or arsenal chelsea and more often than not are expected to be blown away by flashy skills and lots of goals. In the 90's these games very rarely dissapointed with the big teams going all out to score goals and many of the fans no doubt pleased with the football they have seen. However, now as we look back to beetween now and two years ago the standard of attacking football in these games in my opinion has dropped dramatically and this really has become apparent in the way the world cup was played. We cannot blame the players themselves as this was the world cup and this is where the best players in the world play and showcase their talents. The gorup stages i have to admit i was impressed with. There were some great games and some great goals e.g. Germany 4-2 Costa Rica or Argentina 6-0 Serbia & Montenegro. However as we get past this to the knockout stages the pressure of big games takes over and teams seem to go into defensive shells. We didnt have a chance to see the attacking flair of Brazil and Argentina as even teams the likes of them resorted to defending in order to protect there world cup interests. I know defending is a massive part of the game and that no matter how many goals you score if you cant defend it all comes to nought but the pressure of big games is causing football to be a boring game to watch and altough i love the game and will still continue to watch it no matter how boring the games get the pressure of the big games is preventing the beautiful game form being exactly that
  13. The Jungle Book: I loved that film baloo the bear was such an awesome character
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