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  1. In a perfect world, I'd be a racing driver preferably racing in America but back in the real world, it's got to be a football manager - start off at the very bottom and work my way through the ranks.
  2. I'll second Tio recommendation on Rez HD, I loved the original on the Dreamcast and the 'remastered' version on XLA is just superb especially on HD! Also, I was over the moon when I discovered Duke Nukem 3D, I played that game on the old N64 and absolutely loved it. Only setback was in the XLA version, you couldn't save the 'babes' whilst on the N64 you could! Minor setback aside, it's the same classic game! Also, check out 'Exit' (think that's the title) it's a strategy game where you have to rescue and lead the trapped victims out of buildings, at first it's easy but later on it's very challenging as some victims can't jump, run fast, etc and will hinder your progress in the game. EDIT: I also saw the Duke Nukem Forever screenshot on IGN. All we can is hope that 3D Realms manage to get around to finishing the game and soon. It would be great to see Duke in proper 3D.
  3. On the N64, I loved WrestleMania 2000 & No Mercy whom was created by AKI (who also did WCW/nWo Revenge on the console) - you could easily get months out of the games! Another games I've enjoyed was WWF Attitude, it's hard to believe Acclaim is no longer around! Throw in the first SmackDown! game on the PSOne and this year's edition too.
  4. WCW house show in Birmingham in 2000. WWA 'event' in Birmingham in 2001. WWE RAW TV Taping in Birmingham in 2005. RAW house show in Nottingham in 2006. Also went to 2 All-Star Wrestling events in 2000 and 2001 and that was it.
  5. Manchester United & in the NFL, it's the Atlanta Falcons.
  6. Had a look at the official site over at FOX Searchlight's website and heard quite a bit about this film and man, I'm sold - I'm defientely going to check it out, perhaps at the cinemas or on DVD for sure. Also, the lovely Marisa Tomei appears which is even awesome! It should be THE comeback film by Mickey Rourke and Darren Aronofsky (was told his last film was a big flop) and should be in for a good shout at the Oscars which should be a good one with several contenders in the running.
  7. I don't blame Honda for pulling out - the current economic situation is awful and recovery could take a long time and spending silly money on a struggling F1 program is no longer worth it so it's time to bid their farewells and head off. If I was David Richards, I'd take a serious look at the situation and take advantage of the fact that Honda is looking to sell for a nominal fee - with his Prodrive group, he's been looking to enter F1 for a long time and almost did it with McLaren's support until FIA put a stop to the whole 'B' Team thing. I assume Honda's pull-out won't affect their other Motorsports interests such as being the sole engine supplier to the IndyCar Series? Unless FIA do something about the silly money being spent by teams - the pull-outs won't stop and don't be surprised if the likes of BMW & Renault also follow suit. Introduce a cap on the budget or whatever or F1 will go down the same route as CART/Champ Cars - extinct. And, unless Rubens Barrichello is willing to accept a ride in the mid-lower grid teams, his career in F1 may be over if there is no buyer for the Honda F1 team. A sad way to finish a long and successful career for Rubens.
  8. That's a good one, the ref easily saved some time by doing that! You often see the refs having a bit of bother trying to produce cards over here - they could be going "Hang on, you're going in the book as soon I can get the flaming card out!" Whereabouts you've got the German ref pulling cards out with elegance and style! Throw in 'Straight to the point' as well and he's just invented a new method of delivering cards. Brilliant! :lol Let's see the likes of Howard Webb & Stuart Attwell do that!
  9. This is awesome, I had no idea about Short Circuit being considered for a re-make until I found about it here today. Some may say the original was cheesy but man, I have fond memories of growing up and the film was always on the TV every once or so and still was great to watch everytime! And, the original's special effects wasn't anything amazing but with the advances being made in special effects/CGI - the re-make could look amazing but I have only one wish - don't use CGI for Johnny 5, have the studio build proper robots just like the original! Then you've got potentially a good film.
  10. A couple with Steve McClaren topping them all. Apparently if Brian Barwick had agreed to delay 'Big Phil's request that the annoucement to be delayed until after the World Cup - we'd be welcoming a World Cup winner and a manager who brought out the best of Portugal to the FA's headquarters. But no, for some reason Mr. Barwick refuses and the reason probably will not be revealed until he decides to do a 'tell-all' book and giving his reasons on why he declined Felipe's request and messing everything up by going for Steve. It's approriate that Steve's parting gift to everyone was the sight of him holding a umbrella and looking totally lost on the sidelines at Wembley as he saw England failing to qualify for a major tournament for the first time since the '94 World Cup. John Barnes was a good shout - the most worrying thing is, it could happen all over again in charge of Jamaica! He's better off being one of the 'talking heads' on TV. Peter Reid's another one, he had the 'magic touch' at Sunderland but somewhere things went horribly south and now he's trying to find that 'magic' with Thailand! Other possible worst appointments: Alain Perrin at Portsmouth, Graeme Souness often ended up wrecking teams he managed at - especially at Blackburn and Newcastle and who can forget the fella Souness signed and was a massive flop - was it Ali Dia, who claimed to be a relative of George Weah?
  11. For me, Jose gets my vote - the Premier League sorely needs him back. He may not be everyone's cup of tea for various reasons but in the time he was here, it's been very memorable and entertaining! Even he's making scenes wherever he goes in Italy, picking fights with rival managers, referees and the media! And yup, I agree with JC. Jose as the next Manchester United manager is meant to be. Imagine Roman's reaction if Jose returns and beats Chelsea to the title and imagine the possiblities of mind games between Jose & 'Big Phil' akin to what Jose is doing with Claudio Raineri in Italy! But, what about Man City? - the papers are going around saying that the owners are willing to offer 'The Special One' incredible £15 million a year to take over from Sparky and the prospect of seemingly unlimited resources and the ability to pick n' choose whatever Jose wishes with no bother at all has to be too huge to turn down. Outside of Jose, if Sparky does get the boot (absolute disgrace if that happens), I'd love for him to take over and show City's owners one thing or two. Martin O'Neill's another one I'd like to see take over. I'd also like for the club to try out a promising British manager, take your pick and see what happens.
  12. That's good to hear, it's certainly better than nothing! Thanks for the update! Apparently that suggestion was used for real in a creative meeting and Vince (thankfully) immediately shot it down. I think I read about it over at Gerweck. Emphasis on the word 'apparently' as the rumours can be wild.
  13. With WWE's profits & the war chest they have in reserve, they could probably afford to take over the likes of Fulham, Bolton and teams in the bottom half of the table. Figures Chuck Palumbo was let go, his contract was coming up soon. A shame with Paul London but anyway - the first of many coming up I'm sure.
  14. I wouldn't be surprised if Avram Grant pops up before the end of the season again - even at Pompey, my money's on Tony Adams being shown the door as soon Portsmouth falls into the 'relegation battlezone'. And, what about Gary Megson at Bolton? The fans are starting to rebel and it took Kevin Nolan and several players to calm things down, what price if Bolton falls in the zone again? What about Big Sam making a 'shock' return? Regarding Fulham, will Mr. Fayed be happy having another season of being in the wrong side of the table and achieving absolutely nothing despite splashing out on AJ Johnson? If Roy is given the boot, Big Sam'll end up on the shortlist and could very well go on and repeat the success he had at Bolton. As for Newcastle, it all depends on what happens after the Chelsea game - the one Joe Kinnear calls 'D-Day'. If Mike Ashley stays on I can see Joe being given the job until the end of the season then after that, who knows? If Mike sells up, the new owners will have a hard time finding a big-name manager willing to come in and sort up the huge mess - I'd willing to bet many wouldn't touch that job with a bargepole! I'm concerned about Mark Hughes at Man City, all he needs is time and the opportunity to splash out on players and he's all set to challenge for a Champions League place next season but what about the Abu Dhabi group? Do they have the patience or simply splash out on a big-name manager to come in next season?
  15. I was on the fence regarding getting this year's installement but the above quote has me almost convinced to get it after all. If it allows me to create, say, the famous 'Canadian Destroyer' and the Perfectplex then I'll get it for sure.
  16. It's very difficult to give positions to games but I'll try in no particular order - the games I've REALLY loved through the years. So with that being said, off we go! 5) Shenmue - Dreamcast - Amazing, the stuff you could do in the game world was incredible and a story which kept me hooked through start & finish. Back then it was revolutionary and sadly it hasn't catched on due to the fact that the DC wasn't really around for long before SEGA threw in the towel. The Dreamcast was one of my favourite consoles, so many good memories. 4) World Grand Prix - N64 - Outside of football, video games & wrestling, motorsports is my passion, been since I was a kid and when I first got my hands on WGP I was blown away, a F1 game which could easily be re-played again over and over, so simple yet so addictive. No F1 game since then has matched WGP. Wishes every IndyCar Series & NASCAR games was like this! 3) Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic (the series) - X-Box - Used to be a huge Star Wars fan (until I discovered Battlestar Galactica) and totally loved the create-a-Jedi and explore various worlds and interacting with people & the weird and wonderful characters. I wish Obidisan/BioWare would release a new game for the current consoles! 2) AKI's wrestling games on the N64 - the best has to be WWF No Mercy. Simple controls and addicting gameplay makes this a winner from the early WCW games to the WWF games until Yukes took over. 1) Goldeneye 007 - N64 - Before playing that game, I was a fair-weather fan, just playing the Mario series on the NES/SNES and that was it until Goldeneye came along. Since then I've been hooked to video games. Even when you complete the story, there was plently to keep coming back. Special mentions must go out to the GTA series, Mario games and Sonic Adventure on the Dreamcast, WWF Attitude and UEFA Soccer on the PSOne & Dreamcast which was produced by the defunct Rage company. That game had countless glitches & problems but man, it was a blast to play!
  17. F1 wanted drama and boy they've got it by the boatload! The last couple of laps was torture, just hoping that Lewis would hold on and see off Sebastien Vettel and didn't notice it was Timo Glock who Lewis overtook just before the final 2 laps - I thought it was Jarno Trulli! Loved the moment the Ferrari garage went from joy to despair instantly, for a moment there I had no idea how Lewis managed to win the world championship. Turns out it was really Timo Glock who had problems there. Remarkable scenes and approriate way for ITV to sign off their F1 coverage which has been going on for 11 years now. Who wants 'Fleetwood Mac' back as the theme tune for next season? Would be awesome!
  18. Liverpool, Chelsea, Man Utd (like dpddave said, the trip to the Far East could end up sapping the players' energy and they'll end up tired and struggle to the finish line) and Arsenal just seeing off Aston Villa. Believe it or not, I can imagine Hull keeping up their form and perhaps nab a place in the tournament formerly known as the UEFA Cup. Then cue the media's predictions that it'll cause Hull to go down the next season just like Ipswich and almost took Bolton down. EDIT: Doh! Didn't see the title it was Top 4 only, sorry about that.
  19. Agreed, and there're a big debate over whether the Olympic Stadium should have a 'legacy' of some sorts. If I was a part of the 2012 committee, I'd tell them to take a look at Stade de France - the seats can easily be reconfigured to accommodate athletics, football & rugby! Everyone wins! It's a perfect opportunity for West Ham to move into and make some money by selling Upton Park off for one of these fancy 'regeneration projects'. Given their financial situation they should make a move or the likes of Leyton Orient or QPR (thanks Mr. Perfect) or even the Wasps rugby team'll end up nabbing the stadium. Newcastle fans - mark November 22 as 'D-Day' according to Joe Kinnear, everyone'll find out 'for sure' whether Mike Ashley'll sell up or remain in power and have the likes of Derek Llambias run the club on his behalf according to BBC Sport.
  20. Thanks! It's amazing it's been almost four years - time flies and sometimes it feels like it's 2004 just yesterday! Nice to be back. :xyx
  21. Yup, barring any unforseen circumstances - the loan move is confirmed and Becks will get his chance to be match-fit so he can end up with more than 108 caps and perhaps by the time he's done, more than 125 caps? Good news for Spurs fans - forget about the 2012 Olympic Stadium, Daniel Levy confirms plans for a new 60,000 stadium with shops & museum. So that leaves West Ham & Leyton Orient in the running.
  22. Subtitled films! I've always loved 'Battle Royale' from Japan, pretty hard hitting and easily the best 'foriegn film' I've ever seen. Be warned, if you don't like violence, keep well away! If it doesn't bother you, check it out and prepare to be amazed, it blows away most Hollywood films. Sadly with Tartan Films going bust, it'll mean less films from Japan which usually range from good to brilliant despite smaller budgets & resources to work with when compared to the Hollywood films. It's incredible to read about Takeshi Kitano's achievements despite the budgets & the :info7: he got from fellow movie-makers, etc. The last film I watched was 'Cloverfield' which was interesting - I checked it out because of the JJ Abrams connection as I love LOST and without going into a long-winded review, I enjoyed the film, especially the 'Property of the US Government' title-cards which was a nice touch!
  23. Thanks HellRAYzer! After a bit of poking around on my computer, the program should be buried in the 'Program Files'. If it's not there then check out this link to the latest version alongside links to resources & tips: http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/downloads/updates/moviemaker2.mspx
  24. If that's all you need then like Omegore said, you can't go wrong with Movie Maker. I think it should already be installed in your computer, finding it can be like trying to find Gary Neville scoring a goal but it's worth it. I once used it to splice together several clips of NASCAR cars flipping all over the place and it turned out OK-ish. At first, it can be disorienting but take your time and have a look around and you'll be editing clips together no problems.
  25. That is great news, all I've got is "Director Chair" an MS-DOS game which was given to me by an friend on a floppy disk, the game is rather limited but the news and I will for sure get it! :) Russ - it's "Steven Spielberg's Director's Chair" released in 1996 and was published by Knowledge Adventure, that is what I'm looking for ages and had little success.
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