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  1. And lost everything else :p. Including to the Browns. THE BROWNS! The Steelers win with the last play of the game last night made me jump up, scream, and run around my room simultaneously. Turns out it was all a bit weird though, the referees didn't stop the clock on the final kick off to the Steelers and we should have had an extra 18 seconds to run that drive.
  2. If anyone wants to know my idea of a nightmare day of cricket then please see today. This is the kind of pitch that makes a match meaningless.
  3. I've been following all the developments this week and frankly it looks like TNA will be dead come September. Magnus has just signed with GFW and I wouldn't be surprised if TNA and GFW merge under the less tainted GFW name by the end of the summer.
  4. Arkham Knight is one of the best games I've ever played. I very rarely put the effort in to 100% anything but I did here and now I wish I still had more to do.
  5. Money obviously makes people do stupid things and Jones is becoming a walking embodiment of that. I don't even know what to think any more, the guy is obviously getting to the stage where he needs help. It's almost as if that one day stint in rehab didn't help in the slightest.
  6. Kinda crazy that Woods and McIlroy are playing together in the same week as the new Nike ad comes out with them doing the exact same thing. I'm hoping there's a close finish, I just wonder how Spieth's temperament is going to be considering how he played the final two holes last night.
  7. More from those wacky Rotundas.
  8. Gah, couldn't find it because it had "New" as the first word in the title. I'm sure it's on there to increase visibility but there's no excuse for UFC shows not to be on an HD channel in this day.
  9. A court has granted Bellator's request for an injunction to stop Quinton Jackson fighting at UFC 186 so his fight with Fabio Maldonado is off and his UFC contract may be completely invalid if this goes further. The show itself is looking horrendous, headlined by Demetrious Johnson (bad start) against Kyoji Horiguchi (yikes) the only real major name on the show is Michael Bisping who is fighting CB Dolloway.
  10. Just a word about the next Fight Night, it's the first time the UFC have set foot in Poland and headlining is the re-match of one of the most memorable Heavyweight fights of the last decade with Gabriel Gonzaga taking on Mirko Cro Cop. Last time out the heavy underdog Gonzaga knocked out Cro Cop with one of Cro Cop's trademark head kicks and destroyed a potential superfight of Couture v Cro Cop in the process. Co-main is Jimi Manuwa against Jan Blanchowicz, also on the main card is Scotland's Joanne Calderwood so it looks like they're treating Poland as a British show. There are 9 other fights and of those 18 fighters 13 of them don't have Wikipedia pages. There are some great names though such as Taylor Lapilus, Mickael Lebout and Damian Stasiak. Only problem is I can't see this show schedule on BT or ESPN at any point.
  11. Her looks have barely ever been mentioned, she's just pushed as being the best (big stage) female combat sports participant in history. Which she is. She used to be a one-trick pony with her judo/armbar but she's much more than that now, she's just on such a different level that she can still use those techniques to win fights because... she can.
  12. Iaquinta is an absolute imbecile. He should have seen enough fights that end in bad decisions to realise that the crowd were booing the decision, not him. The only guess I have is that he was so convinced he won that he couldn't understand that, perhaps becuase the beating he got in his first round was knocked out of his memory.
  13. I think that's been decided as completely coincidental rather than a reason for retirement, she took three hard bumps off the apron the next day which she wouldn't be doing if she was pregnant. I think it says a lot that probably the most pushed diva of the last five years is given a two line retirement note on the website instead of making it on television or even being in a loser leaves town match. Whether or not she chose to retire because she grew tired of it or the WWE wanted rid of her I think it's fair to say the whole Punk/WWE war is the reasoning behind a lifelong wrestling fan leaving in the prime of her career.
  14. Chris2K


    I'm a bit worried at how much they're changing around the NXT format, we had the Arnold Classic one two weeks ago now next week's show is just highlights from the Axxess show. I'm starting to wonder if a certain chairman is starting to get his hands on the brand too much.
  15. This was one of my favourite WrestleManias ever after one of the worst build-ups I can remember. Outstanding from top to bottom including the best non-wrestling segment in a long, long time with Ronda.
  16. Dolph Ziggler and Tyler Breeze - separated at birth.
  17. Chris2K


    As much as I love Alexa and her "Glitter, Glitz, Sparkle, Bliss" music, that match with Carmella was atrocious. I'm not even blaming Carmella, it really seems like Alexa has gone backwards in terms of in-ring performance and from the looks of it it's a lack of confidence.
  18. No office job apparently now, he's completely out. And I think this is about as much of a voluntary departure as all those guys who volunteered to be attacked by him.
  19. Apparently DeMott has been kept on in an office job, hopefully not in HR or as a injury evaluator. And ladies and gentlemen, your NEW WWE NXT Head Trainer... http://cdn.bleacherreport.net/images_root/slides/photos/001/698/993/ALBERT_display_image.jpg
  20. Several former WWE developmental talents have come out saying that DeMott's training methods involve unprovoked physical attacks, particularly on injured talent who aren't cleared to train because they're "p*ssies", several examples of either racial or degrading comments towards Latino and Middle Eastern wrestlers, ignoring protests of female workers when a member of staff was taking pictures of their asses and posting them to Twitter, degrading wrestlers who fall behind by doing such things as forcing them to do squat thrusts on the top turnbuckle naked, and recommending the termination of anyone who stood up for themselves (the biggest example being former Tough Enough competitor and Lucha Underground's Ivelisse Velez). It all came to light with the supposed leaking of several letters written to the WWE's HR department which listed these complaints, an investigation was "performed" by the WWE who dismissed all the claims and took no action. Former wrestlers listed as witnesses in the complaints have stated they were never even questioned about anything showing what a farce the investigation was. An anonymous, but verified, female wrestler has also verified several of the claims and has added the information about the guy taking pictures and such. Amazingly the claims have also been verified and described as disgusting by BOB HOLLY, whilst Chris Jericho and Tommy Dreamer have taken the more "it's the wrestling business, deal with it" approach. DeMott has now resigned from his position as head trainer and has apparently left the company entirely but stands by his claim that all the allegations are false. It should be noted everyone who has made complaints has only mentioned DeMott (and the strength and conditioning coach that took the pictures of women's asses) as the problem and has praised the remainder of the training staff for their professionalism. Here's one of those photos by the way: http://i.imgur.com/vPV3Ph3.jpg This kind of harassment was brought up to Jane Geddes, the former head of talent relations, who took it to the top brass. Coincidentally she was removed from her position a couple of weeks later.
  21. I can't really get behind Manor because I'm not a big fan of Justin King's involvement in motor sport, everything he does is just throwing money around to get his son Jordan another step up the ladder. He's managed to get him a GP2 seat this year because of sponsoring a team and I'd be amazed if he's not in Manor's second car next year, maybe even the second half of this season.
  22. It's not dead yet, but it's certainly growing lighter for the same reason that Zack Ryder went from internet sensation to nobody. The more someone gets treated like a nobody the more people will see them as a nobody, even if they're very popular to begin with.
  23. The superkick is used on the indies so much that commentators have started joking about how many superkicks they're going to see in the same match or show. I guess the instant nature of it and the loud noise that can go along with it makes it a fairly safe high spot. I have no problem with the Spear being used by a lot of people as it's such a simple move that can look devastating. The key is getting it over as more devastating for certain people, i.e. Goldberg, Rhyno and Reigns, than others.
  24. Sorry, thought I'd taken that out :(.
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