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  1. As of right now, I'm severing ties with TWO as means with a podcast. This is literally all I have to say on the matter.
  2. Frog killer is right. We all pegged that Seth would be treated the worst out of the three, because Roman's the stereotypical dude that Vince craves in the top spot, Dean has the IT factor and well at that time, Seth was... fine. He'd fly around the ring and do his thing, but not have any defining characteristics of being anything more than a mid-carder for life once the Shield ended. And then the heel turn happened, and as much as we all think The Shield should have gone on a bit further, it ended perfectly. At least for Seth, where 2 new main event players was born, even if one of them isn't quite ready to be strapped on the rocket and shot at the moon.
  3. Probably mutual sponsorship. Arnie goes in to hall of fame to help promote Genisys and for WWE to get the rub from having Arnie appear. Same goes for Mania, get hype for Terminator by having HHH appear with them, and more eyes on WWE because it's friggin' Terminators and it's cool as hell. Maybe save for that wacky headgear Haitch had on. That... Not too keen on.
  4. Bastard. 'Specially since I was the one with the highest single win. God bless ya Seth, buddy.
  5. No. In kayfabe it got destroyed by JBL on the Smackdown before Wrestlemania 21.
  6. Here's the show from Friday. http://www.twopodcast.co.uk/2015/03/episode-76-bigger-than-jesus/ Remember we are doing a live show tonight for Wrestemania, starting at 10pm BST (English time), so come join us here. :)
  7. Both. MonkeyPig is my spirit animal.
  8. Doubtful. Rousey's pretty much untouchable as it stands. Long live Queen Rousey.
  9. That'd be me, because Chris blew my spot as chief hater of Katie Hopkins. Grr.
  10. Remember when we did live shows? Nah, me neither. (ABORT! ABORT!) For the first time in like 2 years, we're going live! FOR WRESTLEMANIA! This Sunday, 10pm BST (That's British Summer Time, right?) we're doing the live thing with Wrestling Jeopardy, Match by Match previews and DRUNK ALTERNATE COMMENTARY! This will be great. Click here to read this post again, but phrased differently!
  11. I'll maturate to that, so who really wins?
  12. Currently designing an elaborate death trap for myself. Hurrah.
  13. Hope you enjoyed it! Also, we have another episode (this time promptly uploaded) Have at 'em! (Should use this thread more...)
  14. Yeah what. "What the hell are you guys singing?" You don't know "Jungle Love"? That shit is the mad notes. Written by God Herself and handed down to the world's greatest band--the motherfucking Time! "The guys in that Prince movie?" "Purple Rain." "Man, that shit was so gay--fucking eighties style." Bitch, don't you NEVER say an unkind word about the Time! Me and Silent Bob modeled our whole fucking lives after Morris Day and Jerome! I'm a smooth pimp who loves the pussy, and Tubby here's my black manservant! ...Sorry. Had a moment there.
  15. http://i3.kym-cdn.com/entries/icons/original/000/009/855/35xyux.jpg
  16. Are you leaving? Don't leave us Pappa Dave! I would have thought you'd have stayed on TWO after TWO died.
  17. I'd expect he is doing seminars at the PC, but WWE has him scouting more often than not.
  18. I think Finlay's still an agent. He's a good shout, especially if they can team him up with Sara Del Ray sine Sara's training the next crop of divas and Finlay is usually their agent. Perfect,
  19. Bubba Ray's a bit of a jackass though. Case in point, when one of his trainees (Betsy Ruth/Rosie Lottalove) injured Daffney and pretty much contributed to the end of her career, he blamed it on Daffney rather than blaming it on the worker who was green as goose shit and botched the move. [video=youtube;qw8eBSTZ_AU] So if he were to take a role in training, hopefully he won't be as much of an asshole. But then again it is Bubba Ray, who is notorious for being a bit of a jackass.
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