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  1. Not bad, it's Sunday which means no work and I'm vista g TWO again after a long time!
  2. Currently enjoying Breaking Bad Season 4 courtesy of Netflixs, as well as waiting in anticipation for Thick of It Series 4 to hit BBC 2 soon
  3. Ultimately, very few stars are bigger than a promotion, so generally when a star leaves a company it has very little effect on that organition. With regards to some of the current (potential) departures from TNA, I'd say the only one to be considered a loss would be Bully Ray, who has definitely got to be considered for a World Title run should he stay with TNA. With regards to Morgan leaving, I do think TNA could have used him better, but having said that, he's had runs in the Wwe & TNA, maybe he's just not the big star he or people seem to think he should be.
  4. I'd agree with that wholeheartedly, Roode has money written all over him, I could see him being a top heel in the company quite easily, just needs booking correctly, which I'm doubtful will happen.
  5. Dan

    WWE 12

    Double A in a WWE Video Game. Result!
  6. Pretty much my wallet and phone, sometimes my house keys and car keys too. When I'm going to work, in my bag I usually carry my glasses, some spare contact lenses, a pen, some paracetamol and my iPod (occasionally a book).
  7. On the subject, does anyone have any idea how many "office" staff TNA employee, I'm curious about the size of the company?
  8. I can't really argue with the one, unless there is some underlying office politics involved, which is usually the case.
  9. Well, that's business isn't it. I'm sure TNA wouldn't have released him if they really didn't have too, but they must have needed to, having said that, its really un wise / difficult to speculate on matters like this, because we're not in the "know" and neither is WO or F4. Sometimes you have to make difficult cuts for the sustainability of the company in the long term.
  10. As much as many people see Big Brother as trash TV and very "un cool" I'll be watching it, for no other reason than its a bit of fun and its easy to watch, much like wrestling :)
  11. Crimson has some potential but I don't think he's a "game changer", TNA runs the risk of pushing him too fast, then having nothing left for him, or taking too long, and the initial "buzz" dies out. For me, I think its too early to be putting him in a programme with the likes of Angle, I'd wait a while longer.
  12. For a company like TNA, where is probably a day to day battle to keep in the black, I think its important for them to cut staff which they don't necessarily need, both on screen and off, that way, they can ensure they can stay in the black and avoid becoming the next WCW.
  13. Gutted, the wrestling world has lost of one the all time greats.
  14. In the defence of Hogan, its probably just a matter of him not really thinking too much about what he said, as you say, Hogan comes from an era when I'm sure promos were just what was the first thing to enter your head. Just a case of not being very well thought out by Hogan.
  15. From Hogan's twitter; Typical Hogan, an apology and a dig at someone.
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