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  1. Can't wait to hear the pop that Punk gets upon his return for his probable feud with Lesnar. Could very well happen at Payback. I'm with you guys on the KOTR stuff, by the way. That was one of my favorite parts of WWE when it was around.
  2. I don't completely hate the choice, although Axel is no Lesnar or Punk, but I did think earlier today, wouldn't a guy like Alex Riley have been a better pick?
  3. I know they both get plenty of hate from the IWC, but I would love to see John Cena and Randy Orton team up to create the new Two-Man Power Trip (as freshly-turned heels). It will never happen, but it would be absolutely awesome. I still mark out for their match against the entire Raw roster several years back, especially the AA into RKO combination.
  4. I attack Jack Swagger with a chair. Guess all it takes for Swagger to get TV time is a feud with me, lol.
  5. Went with Mickie James, although it was difficult to do. She has made it far, though.
  6. Mitsuharu Misawa. Just not as familiar with him.
  7. Out of those five, I voted for Layla as I believe the others have had a bigger impact on wrestling to this point.
  8. Went with Kofi Kingston. Just not a big fan of his.
  9. Went with Keiji Mutoh again because of lack of familiarity.
  10. Really enjoyed this week's show. If TNA keeps it up, it could find some success over the summer and hopefully carry that momentum into the fall.
  11. Keiji Mutoh because he's the one I'm least familiar with.
  12. Never really been a fan of John Morrison, so I voted for him.
  13. Given the choices, I also went with Joey Styles.
  14. Brock vs. Orton Brock vs. Punk Brock vs. Sheamus Those are my top three, but I'd also be interested in seeing him face Bryan, Taker (although I'm not sure I'd trust him to work with Taker), and even Ryback, as someone else said.
  15. Isis The Amazon. Feel like the others have done more for the business.
  16. Went with Hogan, unfortunately. Wish it was someone else going up against him.
  17. Homicide's still here? I would've thought he would be gone after I voted for him a few rounds ago, lol.
  18. Really impressed with Ryback so far and I hope they continue to build this undefeated streak for a long time. He needs to beat some jobbers for a few more weeks before moving onto some bigger names and even beating some guys in 2-on-1 handicap matches.
  19. Went with Homicide because I like him a bit less than Hernandez, but it was nearly a toss-up between the two.
  20. I like that idea. Too bad it's a little too late for it, unless they want to try to redeem themselves by doing that scenario anyway. Who's with me when I say that there's little to no chance of that happening?
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