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  1. Cheer up, it's nearly the weekend.
  2. Openly begged? What the f*ck are you on? As far as TWOstars goes, it's became **** since people like you have joined, and since Big Daddy D started shitting on people's work and calling it "feedback". Your lucky OMAR edited out the stuff about you. Time to get banned. Ciao!
  3. How the hell did you manage that? I can't even get into double figures..
  4. Newcastle 1 - 1 Middlesbrough Oh god, where do I start? Given's kicking is terrible. Infact, he's terrible at everything bar shot stopping. I don't know what the hell he was doing when Boro scored. Also, the referee had a shocker. He gave hardly any decisions our way, and Owen's first goal definately should have stood. Nicky Butt was rubbish today, and fair enough, he's been great for us all season but today he was just dire. I don't know what the hell has happened to Cacapa. His confidence has just gone. I don't think he played a pass longer than five metres today. Hopefully he'll get back to his early season form soon, we need him to. Another thing that annoyed me was Keegan leaving Milner on the bench. Why play a centre midfielder on the right, when you have one of the best young right wingers in the Premiership on the bench? Granted, we got a point, but that was a game I fully expected to win. Disappointing to say the least.
  5. Jeff Hardy's is probably my favourite. It's instantly recognisable from the first few seconds, and it's a decent tune in itself.
  6. Good stuff, Gringo! I've put up a short promo.
  7. ... Back from the ad break. We cut into another promo for "TWOstars Presents: Best Of Boyo". We're reminded that it is available in all good DVD retailers, and even some rubbish ones, too. After the short video, we're backstage with the Iagan-free Christy Hemme. Several wolf whistles later, the crowd settle down, allowing the fiery red head to speak. Hemme: Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time will be facing "Hardcore" Harry Hart tonight, for a place in the second round of the Television Title Tournament, please welcome "The Emo Supremo" Elder. The camera pans to the left, where we see Elder standing with his arms crossed. The Emo has a small cut on his forehead, and is notably sporting a new do. His hair is back to it's natural colour of blonde, and has been trimmed to just above shoulder length. The crowd cheer for the former Xtreme Television Champion! http://img524.imageshack.us/img524/9882/jeff1wu9.png Hemme: Thank you for joining me. Over the last few months, we've seen yourself and Joseph Helms under-go a spectacular falling out. It all started late last year on XTV, when Helms rejected a handshake after you'd beaten him. From then on, it's just gotten worse. Last Sunday at Battle Royale, not only did Helms and Iagan beat you, but Helms also eliminated you from the Rumble match. Do you have any idea where this will culminate? Elder: Believe me, Christy, this is nowhere near over. It's no secret that Helms and I were once friends. But what perhaps is a secret, is that myself and Jaycey were friends. Sure, we weren't that close, but I considered him a friend nonetheless. And once again, I am betrayed. Stabbed in the back. Helms manages to convert another promising superstar into a useless, good for nothing lackey. But if "Death From Above" thinks he can turn me into a mindless, zombified minion like the rest of them, then he's got another thing coming. You see, the Suicide Blonde has a lot more life in him yet. This is only the beginning. It starts tonight, when I beat Harry Hart and progress to the next round of the Television. Title. Tournament. Elder shoots a determined glance at the camera, garnering a small pop from the crowd. He leaves the frame, as we return to the ringside commentary duo of Styles and Heyman. Styles: Strong words from the Emo. As our brodcast colleague Christy Hemme mentioned, Elder was eliminated from the Battle Royal by Joseph Helms. Elder's dreams of main eventing WrestleNova were dashed, but meanwhile another man's dreams came true. Last eliminating Barry Gower, it was The Judge who won the Battle Royal, and he now goes on to WrestleNova. Cuts to a Battle Royal recap.
  8. Yeah, I thought it was disappointing. Sorry WAYNE, but it wasn't very good.
  9. What the hell are you on about?
  10. Birmingham 1 - 1 Derby Blackburn 0 - 0 Everton Fulham 0 - 1 Aston Villa Liverpool 4 - 1 Sunderland Newcastle 2 - 0 Middlesbrough Portsmouth 0 - 3 Chelsea Reading 2 - 0 Bolton Tottenham 0 - 1 Man Utd Wigan 1 - 0 West Ham Norwich 1 - 0 Preston
  11. What's so funny about saying Arsenal are arguably the best team in England? The league doesn't mean everything, y'know. The fact that Tottenham are outside of the top ten proves this.
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