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  1. so that was braun written out of the storylines last night. he has been injured and could be out for up too 8 weeks.
  2. disappointed in the orton vs wyatt match. got bored of the maggots etc. for someone who is meant to be one the the best ever to have two crap matches within a couple of weeks up to mania vs styles then wyatt says a lot about orton. happy to see the hardyz back but was hoping to see enzo and cass win. matt was still making references to the broken gimmick which will probably be used in court by tna. i thought goldberg vs lesnar was quite good considering it was never going to be a technical match. they used goldbergs strengths by just going all out war. reigns and taker did well bringing out the emotion with great storytelling. i was in tears at the end.
  3. hi i see theres no thread reminder for everyones predictions for 4down so just reminding you all just in case
  4. a lot of ryback merchandise has went on sale at wweshop. he might of bit of more than he can chew.
  5. the ref threw up the x during the match. balor is meant to of hurt his foot.
  6. viktor has been working as a social outcast member on the tour.
  7. Things that have screwed me over in FWL. CM Punk having a huff and leaving. Daniel Bryan getting injured & whiterabbit is worried about Adam Rose (and he hasnt even got him in his team WTF).
  8. thats the worst pick choice i have made for any of these.
  9. because of brets health he was getting a certain benefit/insurance or something like that. he was told if he were to take any bumps it would be taken off him. they had to work around it.
  10. i didnt know they were cousins but lee was takers best man at his wedding.
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