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  1. Final Fantasy X or Metal Gear Solid 1, 2 and 3
  2. Would love to go Leeds but going V anyway which is equally as good. Oasis and Killers headlining, yes please, any day, plus i'm a life long Oasis fan anyway so yeh :D
  3. Silent Hill demo, could've been 4, shit scary stuff. Then obviously anytime getting spotted on Metal Gear Solid 1, OMG!
  4. The diary room thing was hilarious, what was going through the guys mind! Just like that they take away the tokens, I bet he was feeling like a right tit. I'm thinking he's probably out this week, unless the quite new woman is up, she's extremely boring.
  5. My god, why was I never aware of this woman? I knew the face but never knew the name. She's stunning! A quick google image search reveals many nice pictures :D
  6. Bruno, my god how cringe worthy a lot of it is. It was absolutely hilarious though, even if some of the bits are rather disturbing!
  7. Just started Metal Gear Solid again, it really is amazing.
  8. For absolutely ages its been The Smiths - This Charming Man. All started in Tenerife on holiday and since then i've started to appreciate The Smiths a lot more :). And i've recently had a new found love for Foreigner - I wanna know what love is. It's actually a very good song.
  9. Awesome now :). Just finished work and have got tomorrow off in time oweing and am out on the lash in town tonight. Gonna be a good time :D
  10. 21 - Was very good actually which I didn't expect. Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner :D
  11. I like pretty much every genre of music, some to a lesser extent. I prefer Rock over everything but I can appreciate all types of music from things like RnB, Soul, Pop, Dance and Rap. I'm very open to music.
  12. Happy Birthday, have a good 'un.
  13. Pretty good, bit bored though. Going down my dads tomorrow till thursday and driving down so should be a good chance to blast out some tunes for 4 hours and actually do something since getting back from holiday.
  14. Much better, nearing full recovery today. However i've been so bored these past couple of days, i've literally done nothing other than play PS3 and watch TV, not been good. Going down gym today with a mate to get back in some kind of routine and i've decided to go down my dads monday to thursday next week as i'm gonna be sat on my arse doing nothing :)
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