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  1. My beard game is strong these day. Hair on top of the head... not so much.
  2. Not too shabby. It's been I-don't-know-how-long since I logged in to TWO. I was prompted by Fletch messaging me on Facebook about TWOStars so I thought I'd have a look-see. I started the third year of my Psychology BSC today so I'm full of optimism about the coming year; that'll pass once I start having to do revision and coursework again, I'm sure.
  3. It might be an age thing. Nowadays it's not so important to me that things are perfect or that my favourites aren't getting pushed. The only thing I skip past are diva matches as without the titillation that you got from B&P or gravy bowl matches back in the day, there isn't much entertainment left. Another reason I enjoy it so much now is that it entertains me no end that Mrs A.C. points out poor selling, dodgy spots or "ooh, he didn't land right then, is he okay?" already. It's a bit like Educating Rita but with wrasslin'.
  4. The internet is a huge part of my life. We don't have TV at home - we've got a minimal Virgin subscription but I don't know where the V-Box is at the moment. When he rings for PC help my Dad's stopped asking if I'm near my computer. Even if we're watching a film the MacBook will be on and at hand just in case I need to look up a bit-part actor. :P I don't worry that I spend too much time online but I do worry about how I'd cope without it.
  5. Yeahyeahyeah, I've not been on for a while - real life got in the way AGAIN. Anyways... As the topic title says, I blummin' love the WWE at the moment. Me and Mrs A.C. have been watching since, I think, August or September - every Raw, Smackdown and PPV - and it's been some good stuff. She think Cena's the greatest thing since the sliced bread, obviously. I reckon he's great in his role, his character's surprisingly genre-savvy and he seems like a good chap to boot. CM Punk... I'm so proud of CM Punk. I know did nothing to aid his rise to the top but to go from watching his hour-long matches with Samoa Joe and listening to his pre-WWE shoot interviews to seeing him in a main event spot and being one of the best mic-men in WWE makes me happy. To a lesser extent, Daniel Bryan is in a similar spot, though without the massive push. The difference in the roster between two years ago and now is like night and day. I seem to remember a new superstar initiative or something - that fellah with the towel? - and it tanked badly. Look at the roster now and it's a cracking mix of the old hands and the new guard sharing the spotlight. Not sure if I'm going to spark much discussion but this post is more by way of a "I'm going to try to post in the wrestling section" kind of a thing. :xyx
  6. I've never seen someone stepping out of a car in such a cool way. Good film.
  7. Cheap plug: http://markplaysmario.wordpress.com/ I play Mario. :)
  8. Her bum looks wrong somehow. And that's not a phrase I ever thought I'd use. Anyways: http://img253.imageshack.us/img253/1307/screenshot20101025at141.png
  9. Watched The Fall on the weekend. Absolutely beautiful film - every single frame is a work of art - seriously, you could hit pause at practically any point and hang the image on your wall. The story's very simple but very well told.
  10. Watching SD at the moment - does anyone know what they cut out of the opening 6-man tag? Show chokeslams Miz and the camera angle changes on impact and it's pretty clear that it was a different slam after the cut.
  11. Back at work from a week off and I'm knackered... Had the week off to move house and it was murder. Going to try to get next week off now but in a company with three staff and a boss it seems unlikely. :(
  12. Moving into our new house over the next few days. I've got to wait in on Monday for our new sofa and chair to be delivered so I've persuaded Mrs C that I need the big TV and my Dreamcast in the new house for that. So on Monday I hope that DFS get lost and I get to spend all day sitting on the floor in my new home, running around Dobuita. :)
  13. TWO was the first place I called "home" on the internet. :) I cut my teeth here, learned a lot about how the net works. I've met some cracking people - all of whom I need to make time to see again. I've seen some weird stuff like "The Gang" and a faked death. I was a mod in the chatroom for a while, I think. For a while eFedding took up waaaaay more of my time than my employers would like to think. And even though I've come and gone a couple of times; even though I don't post as much as I used to; even though each attempt I make to get back into wrestling fails; I always come back.
  14. Just last week I made up this hahaha-larious joke. Me: I'm going to start calling our cat Shia LeBeouf from now on. My Wife: Why: Me (Quick as a flash): 'Cause he's a **** that ruins everything. The wife wasn't having that one. The moral of this story is: I think I'm funny because I amuse myself. (the censored swear is the worst swear - the one you don't use in front of ladies)
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