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  1. It really depends on what your definition of `greatest` happens to be? Greatest entertainer? or drew most money ? I always personally like to imagine the greatest heels as the ones who cause either near riots or real ones. Yes Hogan nearly caused one in one of the greatest turns ever but did he ever touch that pinnacle of hate again? even his greatest admirer would possibly have to agree no. For the ability of long time super heeldom that drew at the gate and made them the most hated men in the buisiness i personally would mention Abdullah the Butcher,the Shiek,Tiger Jeet Singh and Fred Blassie.
  2. The Mantaur The Ding Dongs T.L Hopper tons more of course
  3. When you think of the words major Feud and Ric Flair,the most probable names would be Dusty Rhodes,Ricky Steamboat,Terry Funk,Sting and even possibly Hogan. If i was going to include a Triple H feud it would be against Shawn Michaels,followed by Steve Austin and Mick Foley
  4. Greatest feuds in Wrestling,Ric Flair V Triple H ? yeah right Oh yeah sure,its worthy to be up there with Carlos Colon v Abdullah the Butcher,Jerry Lawler v Eddie Gilbert,the Freebirds v the Von Erichs,the Sandman v Raven etc Real feuds can transcend federations and captivate an audience far longer than a single PPV-loser leaves town,loser is shaved bald etc final endings to long running feuds. Most modern feuds come about simply because `they havent been done yet`,rather than making the most of a scenario and like Hogan/Savage as pointed out earlier being stretched over a time to build it properly.
  5. A more appropriate question is `Why havent WWE wrestlers more passion?` One answer may be the politics of WWE,wrestlers feel they will never make it,there character is held back or underwritten Another possibility is the sheer amount of work a wrestler must do working for the WWE-constantly travelling,bandaging up an injury and having to work night on night trying to be 100%. Certainly a combination of the two factors are not dissimilar to the everyday working man-im overworked and my managers do not appreciate me,which inevitably leads to resentment and poor performance.
  6. The Atomic Drop if im correct is suppose to impact on the Coxix bone? the way Rude and Valentine used to sell it with facial expressions and such you`d think they`d been stunned a little further south I always notice that those who sold Hogan`s atomic drop used to bail out over the top rope,greatest of which was Slick One match which stands out as comical almost in its overselling is Harley Race V Junkyard Dog from Wrestlemania III
  7. The biggest problem with the company is the Mcmahon family,plain and simple Whilst Vince is the genius who made the WWF the biggest wrestling association in America and an innovator on many levels,many of his success stories are just based on luck and timing.The biggest Mcmahon problem is they have the `they know best `mentality even if it isnt what the fans or the wrestlers believe is right.
  8. Paul London i believe is an amazing athlete,one of the most talented U.S wrestlers and still improving.I would wholly blame WWE creative or the lack of a cruiserweight title for not turning him into the next Misterio/Michaels etc,surely has the talent to flourish anywhere he wants. Chuck Palumbo made great strides after his time in AJPW,he didnt look such a stiff and would have made an ok mid card heel,certainly better than many who are still on the active roster at Stamford.However just as they start working well building his character they uneccesarily have him job left right and centre without reason,ruining any buildup,credibility and most importnatly viewer interest,and its all downhill from there for the guy.
  9. Certainly the most comical selling was the antics of `Screaming `Norman Smiley in his WCW Hardcore match days Three legends who i always thought sold superbly would be Ric Flair,Rick Rude and Greg Valentine Flair for obvious reasons Valentine was superb at taking punishment,he always looked a legitemate hard hitting wrestler Nobody took a backdrop or an Atomic drop like Rick Rude,I feel anyone who has seen his matches could only agree?
  10. Great Wrestler and even if he jobs every night to Funaki for a month hed still be a legend However,even Ric Flair in his prime reguarly lost non-title matches or was pinned in tag team matches,this helped play him up against his next contender.Flair`s belivability and selling point was that he was vunerable to be beaten,who seriously would pay to see Triple H face Super Crazy or a mid carder and guess any upset?
  11. I never saw him win,even against Iron Mike Sharpe! But he was always over with the fans and wrestled a decent match R.I.P
  12. Loved-Brutus Beefcake,Ultimate Warrior,British Bulldogs,Don Muraco Hated-the Islanders,the Bolsheviks,Dino Bravo,Greg Valentine(great wrestler tho)
  13. Cant see it ever happening in WWE,the only cruiser to ever make it big under Vince is Rey Misterio Yeah it would be brilliant for say ECW to be the home of the fast smaller stars but it isnt gonna happen,they`d rather feed those guys to the usual 350+ pound Frankenstein monster They might bring the title back but its going to be as an afterthought,Vince has never tapped into the success they had with cruisers on Nitro or Luchadore house shows in the states. This is the guy who turned Ultimo Dragon into a jobber and wont let the cruisers use half there moves because it shows up the main event talent for the tired old acts they really are (no names mentioned)
  14. WWF used to play the superiority game over former rival stars -Ron Garvin,Harley Race,Kerry Von Erich,Dory Funk jr i guess could be considered But i certainly apart from Undertaker`s destruction of WCW in 2001 since Flair won the WWF title in 1992 they appear to have been far more fair with wrestlers who were big names in other feds
  15. Ha ha id like to see Omar Days and MVP,your argument so far kinda reminds me of the dissension in the TNA tag ranks these days what about a tag team of Stan Hansen and JBL,one of them is one of wrestling`s greatest brawlers,the other is a washed up has been
  16. Freebirds V Von Erichs The Shiek V Bobo Brazil Ric Flair V Rick Steamboat Sting v Big Van Vader Abdullah the Butcher v Carlos Colon Rock n Roll Express v Midnight Express Hart Foundation V British Bulldogs Sabu v Taz
  17. JBL being a wrestling god is about as likely as seeing Mark Henry fly round the ring like Jushin Liger I would rather by a Four disc `Best of `Hacksaw Duggan platinum edition and watch it continually for a month than sit through JBL he stinks up wrestling worse than Bastion Boogers nappies
  18. Well done DC for thinking outside the Box-Bruno Sammartino the guy basically made the WWF,he wasnt a fantastic wrestler yet for nearly eight years drew gate and when he finally did drop the belt they couldnt wait to put it back on him again nearly 11 Years as a champion ,a tremendous draw even without the belt
  19. Possibly read the *wrestling list of sleaze* topic and tell me you still want to get involved especially with the shady promoters on that list
  20. The guy reeks of classic,such a good wrestler,but could happily wrestle at any level whether tag team,secondary championships or the main one and always made the other guy look great or compliment him further. RIcky Steamboat+Jay Youngblood v the Briscoes,now there is a good feud
  21. Salmonella Samson `Im gonna beat you like an egg!`
  22. Best thread ever,thank you for the smiles and shocks Stephanies `Appendage` seems popular
  23. Personally I think its good news,a more streamlined Big Show as he was in WCW would be good As a Heel potentially a feud with Batista or Triple -H,as a face possibly against Khali in a battle of the Giants ? Hes was rubbish,fat and immobile but still a lot better than seeing Mark Henry and Big Daddy V, and more credible
  24. Ted Dibiase to have won the world title at Wrestlemania IV(which was the original plan before Randy Savage threw a hissy fit) Dibiase couldve retained til at least summerslam and faced either Savage in a stipulation re-match or Hogan
  25. washed up knocked kneed Fat man makes his return to the ring no stamina and cant wrestle good way to kill Jericho`s comeback
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