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  1. Binged them all in two days. I *love* Daredevil, my favourite character in any universe. Love the tone of this, love the little nods towards the 616 universe history, love the whole thing. Even the costume is explained with a modicum of sense.. And the casting? Oh my LORD the casting is perfect. Foggy IS Foggy from the comics! It's made me go back and dig out some of the classic DD comics to read again. Now, onto Powers... :P
  2. Fast and Furious 7. Oh. My. Sweet. JEEBUS! I have never seen a dumber, stupider, more over the top, knowingly ridiculous film that revels in it's own glorious dumbness. It's majestic. I loved it. Don't expect the laws of physics to be obeyed, or to even exist in this movie. Just sit back, and watch. And the ending. Right in the feels.
  3. When they come to do an Alpha Flight movie, John Silver has to be Puck
  4. It wasn't even Thor! It was from the Thunder fan club, and it was covered over with a design cobbled together from 2 Thunder shirts and the Halestorm logo :D
  5. http://i.imgur.com/8DJKoww.jpg after years of umming and ahhhing, finally got round to sorting out the tattoo on my arm. Left is what it was, right is it just after it was finished this afternoon. I am super happy with how it came out :)
  6. Empire Records - it's Rex Manning Day! #DamnTheManSaveTheEmpire
  7. Wigan Y U no like winning lol? Heid is in charge of a team. Should be fun :D
  8. It's an April Fool. It's a baaaad bad photo shop and he's since posted more shots with Batista and with his daughter with full quiff in place.
  9. Maybe now when CM Punk makes his UFC debut, the mutants can chant "AJ LEE! AJ LEE!" at him. Well, they can get AJ out anyway before he gets knocked out...
  10. I actually watched on TV, not a laptop. And Fucked Up Cavern Of Bitterness was the name of my band in high school
  11. Inno


    I think those things were just "one offs" that merit breaking the usual taping cycle. Taking it on the road is another good thing for the brand as well. Look what happened when TNA recorded all their shows in the one place, parts of the crowd that attend regularly start to develop "a gimmick"
  12. More random stuff: PWG From Out Of Nowhere; excellent as usual but the Best Friends vs. Beaver Boys tag match is hilarious. From the *cough*rag as socko, to the grenade in the trunks and John Silver being powerbombed to the moon and back, amazing match. Get it seen, kids!
  13. Random thought. If they're pushing this idea of Rollins as a Shawn Michaels style cocky champion, then as well as J&J, give him a big tough Diesel style "bodyguard" - say Baron Corbin from NXT? Would get Corbin on the main roster to work house shows and learn, and hitting End Of Days on Rollins opponents on TV would be a nice introduction while he picks up.
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