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  1. 54, was the attendance figure, and each went home very happy indeed! Pity there was not more especially with it being a charity fund raiser and with the talent involved. I really enjoyed it as i got to sit and watch from the audience and watch one hell of a show! Riptide was my pick of the night closely followed by Jezebel, but to be honest it was hard to pick with such a strong lineup.
  2. Unfortunatley babysitters are not permitting me to get down for this one, (damn them all to hell!!!) have a good one and will aim to be down for the next one!
  3. unfortunatley not this weekend! nope the next show at St Josephs is on the 1st saturday in June, wish it was tommorow!
  4. cheers ralphy for you pick! but i think you should look at the rest of the IWF roster over me! Far more talented individuals do reside there
  5. Saturday night saw the IWF hold their first show at their New home! St Joseph's Hall in Gateshead, were all of the weekly training sessions are held was actually filled to capacity on out first show! We even had to turn away fifteen people ( They all received free tickets to our next show there ) . There is normally 4 weeks for planning and advertising before a show and on this one due to unforeseen circumstances and getting the hall a new entertainment license and such like brought us down to only two weeks. With the posters going out later than normal we were not really expecting a huge turnout, so we were very happily surprised, apart from problems with the DJ booth and the referees tops going AWOL, the show went great. We shall have the creases ironed out before the next show! Here for those who did not attend is a detailed report of what happened. JUNIOR TAG MATCH DAVE & MAX HEAT Vs THE WOODY BOYS (RD WOOD & BOOGIE NIGHTS) WINNER = WOODY BOYS The show kicked off with a Junior Tag Match featuring the teams of Dave and Max Heat vs. The Woody Boys. Very interesting match. The Woody Boys won this one and won the fans over as they have done on each show they have appeared. Watching these two teams you get to see who has influenced them in their styles of grappling. The Woodys are like scrambling the Dudleys, Too Cool and 3 Count together and watching what happens. Dave Heat is like a younger Christian while Max Heat clearly idolizes Chris Jericho. This could be a bad thing but they bring enough of themselves into their matches to not let their influences take over. After a hard fought bout Dave Heat took a 3D followed by a pin from Boogie Nights for the victory. IWF NUMBER 1 CONTENDERS MATCH JED "BAD BOY MASTERS vs. JIMMY BLADE vs. WEAPON X WINNER = JED MASTERS This match was fantastic the three men brought a lot to the plate and really knew how to keep the audience involved in this one, with the crowed cheering for local boy Masters, Weapon X who is normally a fan favorite had his work cut out with Blade wanting revenge for their last two encounters. This match went for about 9 minutes and was relentless, all three men gave it their all constantly battering each other with a battery of power moves. At then end of the match, the finish went as follows Jed Masters was gored by Weapon X who was promptly knocked cold with a huge diving DDT. Blade then grabbed the prone Masters to deliver his finisher "The Blade Runner" but when Masters was hoisted into the air he reversed out of it and delivered a new move from his arsenal, which was a diving Neckbreaker / Elbow drop combo to score the pin. Masters will face the title holder at the next show. IWF Commissioner Eric Scarbro then called the Tag Team Champs, The Avery Brothers to the ring. Shaun "The Storm" and Chris "Youngsta" Avery representing "D-Unit" were joined by ladies Champion and Youngsta's girlfriend Phoenix. The reason for this became apparent as Commissioner Scarbro had brought them down to celebrate Youngsta's 18th Birthday with the crowd, after everyone joined in singing happy birthday to the surprised lad Judge Mental appeared and delivered his own message to the brothers. To chants of "you sold out" the Judge turned heel and offered the champs to join him, when they got physical and the offer was rejected. A angry Judge sentenced them to lose their titles against opponents of his choosing. This turned out to be non other than Karl Harker and Paul Parisio. Harker and Parisio, who had defeated the Avery's twice In Scottish Championship Wrestling had decided to give their team one more try after a very bad falling out, Kenny Morrison owner of SCW had tried to patch things up between the two but with an easy match in the Avery's and the chance to take their titles and a night out with the Judge they could not refuse! After attacking the champs they then laid waste to Phoenix as well, cementing the feelings of the crowd against them. IWF JUNIOR TITLE LIAM "THE PLAYER" ATKINSON vs. PAC vs. "ALL THE TIME" CHRIS PRIME WINNER = THE PLAYER This was the second three way dance of the night, and the crowd were screaming for a Pac win against his long running adversary The Player, where as the previous match had been more power moves and a mixture of technical and brawling moves, this was high flying and technical all the way. With Diving Shooting Star Presses from Pac to the outside and Prime on the inside it looked like Player was about to drop his title, the Aerial assault continued until Player climbed the ropes to Superplex Chris Prime and to even the odds out, Pac then put up a valiant effort but player still took the win and retained his title. After half time IWF champ Assassin took to the ring to and managed to enrage the crowd with his speech, after claiming their was no one to face him and he had the night off he was joined by the Judge. After the Judge reminded him that they used to be tag champs and best friends he asked him to join him, to a surprised audience Assassin refused, the Judge claimed that this was the first and last time that he would be crossed by his former partner and sentenced him to face an opponent of his choosing this being NWA UK Hammerlock Fan Favorite Paul Vault Paul came out to a mixed reaction from the crowd, this was changed to a chorus of cheers when he got on the mike and trashed the Judge, claiming that all he had come for was a shot for Assassins title and to beat the Champ fair and square. When the Judge complained Vault made a move for the Judge who fell flat on his face running from the ring! TAG TEAM MATCH LEE KYLE & HARRY PAYNE Vs. TOO HOT TO HANDLE (BOBBY JACKSON & HOT ED) WINNER = TOO HOT TO HANDLE Kyle and Payne who have been battling back and forward with each other put their differences aside after Lee Kyle gave Payne the chance to impress him by tagging with him. To Hot To Handle who have just fought each other as well were performing back as a team, we were to see who would make the best of this precarious situation, after a fast tag team bout the victors were Too Hot to Handle who shown that their was no dissent in their group, whereas in the losing team Lee Kyle wasted the Younger Harry Payne for losing him the match. I feel this one is far from over! IWF TAG TEAM TITLE THE AVERYS Vs. KARL HARKER & PAUL PARISIO WINNER = THE AVERYS This one was for a matter of pride, the Avery's had been beaten twice by their opponents and were not going to let it happen again especially on their home turf. Harker and Parisio battled the brothers black and blue but found that they were getting as good as they gave. The Ref was getting wise to the cheating of H & P and all hell broke loose double team after double team was performed to a stalemate, when the Ref managed to regain control the Avery's had Harker on the outside and Parisio in, they doubleteamed him with some vicious knee kicks with a double DDT on Parisio to their kneecaps followed by a double superkick. As Youngsta pinned Parisio, Shaun Avery took a diving dropkick to Harker who was trying to make the save and made sure that the mat was slapped three times MAIN EVENT IWF CHAMPIONSHIP ASSASSIN Vs. PAUL VAULT WINNER = ASSASSIN This was one hell of match, the two men were equally suited with both having a powermoves and highflying arsenal of moves at their call, the match went back and forward in each mans favor with Assassin clearly upset that he had to wrestle that night, after they took the match outside the ring and traded moves back and forth, a nasty suplex by vault to assassin on the outside followed by vault reversing an Irish whip sending Assassin into the ring post and knocking him cold, Vault rolled the champ back in the ring and was distracted by a returning Judge Mental. Vault climbed to the top and Hit a MoonSault but was stunned when Assassin recovered and moved away in time. Assassin got up and exposed the turnbuckle ready to smash Vault onto the exposed steel, when the Ref pulled him away Assassin delivered a low blow to Vault followed by a slam and next to the ropes. The judge grabbed Vaults feet and Assassin pinned him, the Ref did not see and counted three and gave the belt to Assassin. At this point the crowd were livid, the Judge rolled in the ring and started to verbally assault Vault until the big man got up and started to push the judge around, backing off like the coward he is the judge pushed Vault into Assassins way who smashed the Judges solid steel briefcase down on the head of Vault. As the two celebrated there reunion over the fallen Vault, Jed Masters ran in and cleaned house of the two and helped up the fallen Vault. After Masters took the mike and challenged Assassin for the next show at St Joseph's, Vault grabbed Assassins Belt and handed it Master who then proceeded to try it for size and left with the belt. A great show of wrestling with a fantastic audience who were well up for watching the matches, we return to the venue on Saturday the 1st of May.
  6. In a correction to last nights attendance, 165 people turned up but only 150 got in! Yes our first show at the hall and we got maximum attendance! The unfortunate few who ( 15 in total including my mate alex, sos mate!) instead recieved free tickets for next months show at the same venue. It was a cracking night and we already expect a full turn out for the next show at St Josephs, hope to see you there! Steffen Peddie
  7. Major news update!!!!! The IWF are running the first show at their new home (St Joseph’s Hall, Gateshead. (Seconds from Gateshead Metro station, behind St Joseph’s church.)) On Saturday 3rd April. Tickets cost £5 (With group reductions) and the show starts at 6.30pm. In shock news IWF Champ Assassin will be facing a new foe in the form of Hammerlocks very own PAUL VAULT. The NWA -UK star is being brought in by Judge Mental to challenge for the IWF heavyweight title. This promises to be a fantastic battle between the two as both men are known for their power moves and high flying style. Independent standouts CARL HARKER and PAUL PARISIO are also being brought in by the Judge to face the IWF Tag Team Champs, THE AVERY BROTHERS. The last time the two teams met Shaun and Youngsta got beaten in Scottish Championship Wrestling. There is nothing worse than an angry Avery and the duo have added some new double team maneuvers to their arsenal to hopefully settle the score! These two main events will head the bill of other matches from the rest of the IWF roster. Their will also be a licensed bar in operation, please provide proof of age if asked. Hope to see you there! Steffen Peddie
  8. The IWF is proud to announce that the "MIDDLEMAN" Lee Butler will be appearing at the next IWF show this Saturday 6th December at Kingston Park Rugby Club, Newcastle Upon Tyne! Lee used to be a fulltime member of the roster when he first started out wrestling under the nickname of TANK and was known for his hard htting style. Now he returns after working for a variety of Promotions and setting up Garage Pro Wrestling and its training school. He will face the masked "Luchadore of Consett" Hot Ed in what promised to be a big return for Lee. Accompanying him will be another member of GPW's roster in the shape of the lovely ROXI who will be taking on PHOENIX and RIO in a three way elimantion match. Also the man many people on the UKFF think is one of the UK's most underated wrestlers ASSASSIN has offered an open challenge to any member of the roster to step up and take a shot of reliving him of his Heavyweight title! The main events features the reformed tag team of CT Renegade and DM Valentine (the artist formerly known as Capt Carnage) taking on tag champs the Avery Brothers in what should be a classic match. Along with the rest of the IWF roster taking part it should be a great night out! Hope to see you there!
  9. Here are the quick results for the IWF show at the Victoria club at Consett Junior academy dark match 1) Max Heat beat The Deckham Radgy 2) Assassin bested Hot Ed in a no DQ match under hardcore rules to qualify for a shot at the IWF title later in the show. 3) Howard Cohash beat Chris Prime in a hard fought battle. 4) Weapon X beat Jimmy Blade in a grudge match 5) The Averys picked up the win over the team of Liam "The Player" Atkinson and "The crash test luchadore" Essa Loco 6) CT Renegade took the win over Harry Payne and Lee Kyle in a triple threat elimanation match for the number one contendership for the North East title. 7) Assassin beat Captain Carnage to pick up the IWF title belt for a second time. After the match a furious Captain Carnage was interviewed by Lee Kyle and Shaun Avery in the ring, Carnage went beserk ripping off his costume and binning it, and told the audience to forget him being fan freindly as he was now known as DM Valentine and they could stick their support! He then with the help of Lee Kyle, Courtney Synn and CT Renegade attacked and beat down Shaun Avery and most of the fan favourite wrestlers untill Hot Ed cleared the Ring. There was then a rumble where the winner would be able to decide who their opponent would be and what type of match stipulations they wanted at the next IWF show At Kingston Park Newcastle on December 6th. This was a very fast paced rumble, the finish saw the 2 Avery brothers and CT Renegade and DM Valentine all go over the top rope together and all hit the floor at the same time! After much deliberation Commisoner Eric Scarbro and Judge Mental decided that the 4 would face off for the Tag Team titles at the next show. With approximatley 127 paying guests the show was a great succsess leading to the IWF being asked to return in the near future.


    Well actually Carl it wasnt me! You see to be quite honest you put 2 and 2 together and got 5, as i read you replys to whoever "Glen" is i started to get that usual feeling. Do they mean me? Well Carl as you well know, i always say what i feel, i do not hide behind false names, im registered on here as judge mental which is why i came on here using that name. To be quite honest i really dont have that much to do with the IWF at the moment. In fact i hardly have for about ooooh a year and a half. But if you want to drag me into an argument go ahead. To be honest with you i realised you were jumping to conclusions that it was me commenting on your shows. Well if i did i would ring you or come to see you or Gary personally. Thats what i do, talk face to face where i can, it cuts down on people hearing things secondhand. Ive got absoloutley nothing to say about WZW. If i did you would have seen or heard from me. As you put in your email from the last time we spoke, you hope to get on with things. Well great, do so! I am. If i had a problem with WZW would i not have asked Gary to remove the link to my site off the WZW site? You know life is far to short, im 31 today and living life to the full and enjoying myself, maybe you should. Bottom line if i had something to say i would say it in person. Anyhoo if you want to apologise you can do so, apart from being the decent thing to do, it would prove that you are getting on with your life! To Iceman, i met you and was totally straight with you, thats who i am and what i do, i would not insult somebody else as i have always admitted my own failings on a regular basis. So please do not take offence it was not i who wrote those comments. Well im off for a break so hope your show goes well, Gary if you wish to confirm this is me you know my number. See you in the funny pages! peace out The Everlovin Steffen "JUDGE MENTAL Peddie


    and who exactly do you think it is? hmmmmm?
  12. the IWF have been doing shows up and down the North East for the last couple of years, our website is down at the moment and is be restructured. we offer training in Sunderland, Gateshead, & Newcastle Upon Tyne. for more info e mail me for info at http://www.judgemental.info also look out for a IWf show in the Durham area in the next three months are so. We have visited on the past and are coming back soon! Cheers!
  13. drop me a line at http://www.judgemental.info or give me a buzz on the number is sent you. Eric does not come onto the net anymore, but i occasionally do! Cheers Steff AKA da Judge:-)
  14. Nope i will be going and taking part in the IWF Christmas Show at The Neon Social Club in South Shields, instead of a fake "stars in there eyes" tribute show i will be watching some of the future of the uk wrestling scene putting on a humdinger of a yuletide show! (see TWO calendar for more info):-) :-) :-)
  15. As a fat wrestler who wears spandex i am insulted by what you have written, would you prefer that us larger lads wear just shorts? People in houses with big glass windows should not throw insults!:xyx
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