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  1. wrestling DVDs from before 2007 are going for a steal at the moment. Picked up the Ric Flair one for about a tenner a while back
  2. The camera returns to ringside.... TC: The following contest is schedualed for one fall. "Venom" hits the speakers and the crowd begins to boo loudly at the former champion. Styles: Here comes “The Master Of Pain” Barry Gower. Heyman: Gower is the number one contender Joey, and tonight he will prove that the match at Zero Tolerance will just be a formality. Gower walks out through the curtain drawing in the crowd reaction. The Master of Pain begins his descent towards the ring, ignoring the audience's booing and jeering as he continues on his journey TC: Weighing in at 285lbs he is The Master of Pain, Barry Gower!! Styles: Gower accompanied by the boss Arron Winter. An impartial observer I’m sure. BG gets to ringside, where he skips from side to side to more booing from the crowd. Heyman: If it wasn’t for the boss Joey, we wouldn’t even be seeing this match tonight. Gower jumps up onto the ring apron, which cause a LOUD pyro to shoot off from the entrance way. Gower steps through the middle ropes as his music fades out. Bodies by The Smashing Pumpkins plays across the arena. The fans erupt as the Triple Crown Champion enters the arena, sledgehammer in hand, and pauses to soak in the atmosphere. He raises the hammer above his head for a few seconds and then drives it down to the floor in the manner of The Thunder God, Thor himself, causing pyro to blast out Styles: The Judge and Barry Gower set to clash at Zero Tolerance, but tonight, its non-title. Heyman: No matter, Gower has it in the bag. The Judge powerwalks down the ramp, title belts glistening like an expensive coat of armour, before arriving at the ring, climbing the steps and entering the ring through the ropes. Styles: And what a match up this will be Paul Heyman: Just a taste of what we are in for at Zero Tolerance.. TC: And his opponent, from Atlanta Georgia, weighing in at 260lbs, he is the TWOStars Triple Crown Champion!!! This is The Judge!!! The crowd cheers as The Judge unbuckles the belts and hands them over to the referee, who promptly calls for the bell. Gower immediately charges at The Judge with a grapple. Styles: And here we go, the two big men locking up here, The Judge gets the better of the grapple twisting the arm of Gower into the hammerlock forcing him back into the ropes. The referee signals for the rope break, and The Judge releases as The Master of Pain goes insane. Styles: Gower not happy, The Judge getting the better of their first exchange Heyman: When you are an athelehte the calibur of The Master of Pain, its easy to forget that some wresters are capable of matching you in the ring. Gower kicks the ropes and paces back and forth, straightening his elbow pad Styles: He needs to calm down and get his head back in the game, because at Zero Tolerance, the Triple Crown will be on the line. The Judge signals to Gower to come on and the request is answered as the former world champ explodes forward grabbing The Judge and clubbing him across the back before scooping him up and slamming him to the mat. Heyman: There you happy now? That’s what he brings to the game, pure power. He could club a man to a bloody pulp and then make that pulp tap out, this is the future Triple Crown Champion Joey. Gower springs to the ropes and leaps up into the air coming down with the kneedrop across the face of The Judge. The Master of Pain lifts his opponent up and whips him to the ropes. Styles: That early set back seemingly behind him Barry Gower steps it up a notch. Judge comes of the ropes and is hoisted up by Gower who drapes him over his shoulders, the crowd buzz with the anticipation of the move. Styles: Look out, look out Burning Hammer attempt, The Judge about to take the ride! Heyman: Nobody kicks out of this one, wait a minute; he isn’t going down like this! Gower goes to drive The Judge down but Commandant escapes and flips over to land on his feet before twisting around and taking Gower over with a Fireman’s carry dropping down to mat simultaneously, wrapping his legs around the exposed right arm of Gower before locking in the submission. Styles: Cross Arm breaker applied by The Judge, the over confidence by the Master of Pain really coming to the forefront here in this match up. Heyman: Oh why?! Because The Judge escaped out the Hammer and is momentarily in control? Styles: Exactly, Gower thinks he should be the next champion ? He better realise that will there is a man in that ring who will do anything to stop that from happeneing. Gower struggles to break free, but the move is locked in tight, The Judge cranks back on the arm as Gower reaches out for the ropes which are within his grasp, but just out of reach. Heyman: Do it Barry, break the damn hold! Styles: The Judge really cranking back on that arm, Gower needs to break the hold. Heyman: I guess he feels he can get out of this using his talent alone. Barry slaps the mat in anger at the pain and the situation he is in before powering over and rolling The Judge onto his shoulders. Styles: Great leverage by the Master of Pain, but the move is still locked on. Heyman: Maybe it is but his shoulders are down! HIS SHOULDERS ARE DOWN REF!!!!! The referee looks from asking Gower to give it up and spots the pinning predicament. ONE TWO The Judge uses the momentum of raising his shoulder to roll through and keep the hold locked on. Styles: No, The Judge rolls back over, turning around to keep Gower grounded, where he is most vulnerable. The new position however allows Gower to use his other arm to target the ribs of The Judge with the point of his elbow. Heyman: Fight, fight out of it Barry, uncrowned champion remember?! Commandant flinches at the blows but holds on. Styles: No, The Judge suffering through those shots, he is going to keep Gower down on the mat as long as possible, the longer he keeps that hold on the less likely he can hit that Burning Hammer! Gower screams and starts to tear at the elbow pad with his teeth, pulling it back to expose his elbow before driving it repeatedly into the ribs of The Judge. Heyman: Now that’s resourceful, that’s getting the job done Joey! Styles: He is determined not to give up, I’ll give him that. Commandant covers up, releasing the hold and rolls backwards and up to a vertical base allowing him to get the jump on the rising Gower, grab the arm and snap down to the mat with the arm breaker. Styles: Gah! The targeting of the arm continues, Commandant back on the offence. Quick as a flash The Judge hops back up and drives his weight across the arm with a leg drop. Gower goes to protect the arm allowing The Judge to grapevine his head and neck with his legs and yank back on the damaged arm, pulling it back at an awkward angle. Styles: The Judge has fleshed out a weak spot on Gower and is going after it like a damn pitbull! Heyman: Is this really fair though Joey? Styles: It’s a damn wrestling match Paul, grow up! Gower smacks the mat with frustration before reaching out and finally grabbing the rope. Styles: And finally, Barry reaches the sactuary of the ropes, but you know that the damage has been done. The referee immediately calls for the break and begins counting to five. The Judge unravels himself and holds up his hands to indicate that he acknowledges the rope break. Styles: This is a mental defeat for Gower, he wanted to slide in here and quickly beat The Judge, but Commandant has really maintained control. Heyman: Excuse me? Excuse me? Any reason to get a dig in! Barry Gower is a former world champion, just because things haven’t gone entirely to plan doesn’t mean you can suddenly go spouting rubbish about him Gower swings his arm gently, testing the damage done as The Judge leans hand on knee, resting before the referee indicates to lock up again. Styles: Anyway, clean break by The Judge we are back to basics again, both men on their feet. Gower and Judge circle, Barry making sure to keep his arm out of reach of The Judge before rushing at him, hooking the waist and taking The Judge over with a belly to belly. Heyman: HAHAHA!! Alright!! Styles: My God where did that come from, Gower nursing his wounds looking to be on the defensive, pops out a HUGE belly to belly suplex, The Judge is rattled, he wasn’t expecting that! Gower swears at the pain the sudden move caused his arm but doesn’t relent at the opening and immediately goes to work Gower applies an inverted facelock on the Judge before then hooking his opponents’ tights and lifts him in the air as so they are upside down,. The Master of Pain then lets Commandant fall forward and across his body, kneeling down so the Judge lands back first across their knee. Styles: Beautiful back breaker bythe number one contender, settling back into this match, goes for the quick cover ONE TWO Styles: Shoulder up from The Judge Commandant squirms on the mat the pain obviously shooting up his spine. Gower gives him no time to rest and hoists him back up before roughly shoving him into the corner. Heyman: Only a matter of time now, the next Triple Crown champion is on fire Gower delivers a stiff chop to the chest, which prompts the Judge to attempt to retaliate. Gower traps the arm and drives his knee into the exposed midsection before spinning the recoiling Judge back into the corner so that he is facing out to the crowd. Styles: Barry Gower, one of the few men on the roster who can match The Judge toe to toe with physical strength Gower drops to one knee and drives his shoulder into the back of The Judge, who has nowhere to go but into the turnbuckles. Heyman: Man! All of the power of Barry Gower driven into the back of The Judge, that had to hurt Joey! Barry repositions himself and drives the shoulder once more into the lower back o his opponent. The Judge slumps down and onto the mat. Styles: The Master of Pain clearly focusing in that lower back of The Judge, power playing its role to his advantage. Gower wipes the sweat from out of his eyes and tests his arm before grabbing Commandant by his legs and hooks both feet with his arms. Heyman: What has he got in mind next? Gower falls backwards, pulling The Judge off the mat and shooting them over Gowers body and into the ring ropes or the corner. Barry then bends his knees as the Judge rebounds and falls backwards landing with the small of their back onto his knees. Styles: Gah!!! Both knees driven right into the back of The Judge, Barry Gower returning the favour from earlier. Gower climbs back to his feet and bows to the crowd, an action that has the opposite effect on MSG who are livid with the Master of Pain. Heyman: What charisma, what a natural athlete. Shame these bums cant appreciate his greatness. Styles: I’m not appreciating his time wasting. Barry turns around and is caught by surprise by The Judge who bounds across the ring and crashes into him, taking him down to the mat with a spear. Styles: Spear! Spear!!! He takes him down, breaking him damn near in half. Heyman: No God no!! Commandant rolls back to his feet trying to shake out the cobwebs and signals for the end. Styles: The Judge now signalling that he is going to find Barry Gower Guilty as Charged! Wait a minute here…. Winter suddenly hops up onto the apron, tearing off his jacket as the referee tries to stop him from getting into the ring. Styles: What the hell is the boss doing? Heyman: He is protesting the……erm…..ummm. bad officiating. Styles: Wait!!! Wait!!!! Wait!!! Winter just slipped a pair of bras knucks into the damn ring!! Heyman: I didn’t see anything. Gower slips the brass knucks onto his fist as his climbs back onto his knees. Styles: Hey now wait a second here. Heyman: The Judge telling Winter to get out of the ring, hes none the wiser. The Judge marches over to Winter who drops back down onto the floor. Commandant shakes his head and turns his attention back to Gower. The Master of Pain swings upward and connects to the jaw of the champion with the loaded fist. The Judge staggers momentarily, seemingly in shock from the blow, before collapsing to the mat. Styles: That no good son of a….. Heyman: Easy! Styles: You have got to be kidding me?!! Gower shakes out the cobwebs and rolls The Judge onto his back. Winter yells at the referee to turn around and make the count… Nick Patrick finishes bravely admonishing the boss and turns around to see Gower covering The Judge. Styles: What the hell is this crap?! ONE TWO THREE Styles: Unbelievable. Heyman: The number one contender just pinned the champion. TC: Here is your winner, by pinfall. Barry Gower!!!!!! Winter slides into the ring and raises the arm of the champion. The referee checks on The Judge who is out cold. Gower stands over the fallen champion and stares down at his opponent. Winter snatches the title belts out of the hands of Chimel and starts draping them over the torso of Gower. Styles: Gower may have gotten the win tonight, but he only proved one thing, that he couldn beat The Judge on his own tonight. This means nothing Paul nothing. Heyman: Yeah well if this were to happen at Zero Tolerance, we would have a new champion. And we will have a new champion. Styles: We will see. This isnt over. We shall see. The picture fades out from Gower standing over the Judge holding the world title belt in the air. End of Show
  3. posting this on psp. match will be up later
  4. Earlier Today The camera cuts to a interview set where Joey Styles is sat opposite The Judge, both reclining in leather chairs. Joey Styles: The Judge, you have been in TWOStars for nearly four years now, and in that time we have watched the various ups and downs of your career. The Judge: It has been a long road. Styles: But here today, you sit, Triple Crown champion. Judge: Sometimes its difficult to put into words Joey, how it feels to be the champion. I mean, and I don’t want to sound clichéd here, it’s the biggest prize in the game. It’s the ultimate accomplishment. But at the same time, it’s a huge responsibility, you are the standard bearer for the company. My war with Draven Cage wasn’t how I wanted to conduct myself as champion. Styles: Well, I was going to touch on that later but you have brought it up now. Draven Cage, for two months your battles rocked TWOStars to the very core. But the war started long before then. Judge: Absolutely, I mean last year when myself and Cage were dominating the tag team division, there was always that hint of tension. I mean we weren’t the best of friends Joey, we had a common goal, and that goal is what stopped us from settling the score a long time before we actually did. Styles: A lot of people were surprised with your Alliance with Cage. Judge: Myself included. I mean I will hold my hands up now and admit that we crossed the line on a lot of occasions, a line that a spent years enforcing. But I was pissed off about a lot of things in this company. So was Cage, that’s what kept up going. Styles: You mentioned being upset with the company…. Judge: Yeah, and it’s the same problem I’m facing now Joey, only this time I have the title belts. It’s a lack of respect, both in and out of the ring. I suffered a leg injury and several back problems too. I realised that I was getting nowhere fast, and something just snapped. And so I went on a year long rampage with Mr Cage. Styles: So you weren’t too bothered by F.E.R.E forming in your absence? Judge: Suffering that knee injury at Wrestlenova III was the best thing that ever happened to me Joey. Styles: But you still carry the effects of it to this day.. Judge: Yes, but I’d rather be champion with a damaged wheel, than be the thug I was back then. Styles: Fair enough. So as champion, what do you make of the landscape right now? Judge: It’s a good time to be champion Joey, there is always going to be stiff competition out there. I have been keeping my eye on a few select members of the roster who are making themselves heard. Styles: Such as? Judge: Well I’ll make you a deal Joey, I make it past Gower at Zero Tolerance and I’ll let you and them know. Styles: That brings me to my next question, Barry Gower. Judge: ….Barry Gower… Styles: Now you two have met several times in the past, and I have to say… Judge: I know where you are going… Styles: He has gotten the better of you on more than one occasion. Judge: Barry Gower is an enigma Joey, there is a select few in this business, who are just that good, that they could walk into a title match on any occasion and be a cert to pick up the win. Of course Gower has an impressive win/loss record. The man is a monster, a wrestling machine to be legitimately feared in that ring. But he will get no fear from me come July 2nd Styles: You were conspicuous by your absence last week, if I may ask why weren’t you at the arena when the Number One contender was crowned? Judge: When you are champion Joey, everyone looks to you, watches your every move. The littlest thing comes under scrutiny. Do you think I wasn’t watching that match Joey? Come on, Gower knows I’m the champion; he knows that it will be me and him at Zero Tolerance. These last few months have been intense Joey, I’m still scarred from the I Quit match, and in my mind this will be my first proper defence of the title belt, where the championship is what’s being fought over. I have spilled enough of my own blood for the time being. Styles: Any final comments Judge? Judge: Just one, and it’s a special message for Gower and for Gower alone. I ask of you, and I beg you Barry, to bring your absolute best at Zero Tolerance. Because I will be coming at you with everything I got. So after its over, there will be no excuses on either side. The Judge adjusts the title belts on his shoulder as the camera fades out Cut to...
  5. ....The ringside area Some random green lights appear on the entrance ramp as starts to play in the arena. Then, two lightning bolts hit the entrance ramp (At the 13th second on the video) to a LOUD bang. After that, ‘The Messiah’ ASCENDS from the bottom of the entrance ramp ala Brood up to a HUGE chore of boo’s (At the 25th second in the video) from the live crowd. Heyman: Good grief would you listen to these inbred hick? Styles: And what a lovely way to talk about our great fans. Rush is wearing his normal in-ring attire, black trousers with red designs, plus black boots with red designs and on both hands, wrist bands ala HBK in 97’ and black elbow pads. Plus, he is sporting the latest Gucci sun-glasses. Heyman: Hey, its not my fault they don’t appreciate the greatness of this man, Drake Rush. ‘The King of Kings’ just stays at the top of the ramp, absorbing the electric atmosphere and boo’s from the fans. Ten seconds later, ‘The Messiah’ starts to make his way down the ramp, serious as hell, locking his eyes on his opponent. Rush then reaches the ring-side area, still looking at his opponent as he climbs the ring steps and enters the ring. Styles: Well, approval from the crowd or not, The Messiah has got the golden chance tonight. Heyman: That’s right, its been too long but finally The King of Kings goes back on his throne Bodies by The Smashing Pumpkins plays across the arena. The fans erupt as the Triple Crown Champion enters the arena, sledgehammer in hand, and pauses to soak in the atmosphere. He raises the hammer above his head for a few seconds and then drives it down to the floor in the manner of The Thunder God, Thor himself, causing pyro to blast out Styles: and the Judge fresh of that I Quit victory over Draven Cage, could have taken some time off to recuperate but instead decided to compete tonight Heyman: Time off? That’s what being the champion is all about, if Judge didn’t realise that he should have been the one to give up in that I Quit match. The Judge powerwalks down the ramp, title belts glistening like an expensive coat of armour, before arriving at the ring, climbing the steps and entering the ring through the ropes. Styles: The forehead still bandaged as a result of The Bulldozers glaive Heyman: He will carry that scar for a long time Joey. TC: Introducing first, the challenger, from San Juan, Puerto Rico, weighing in at 230lbs, he is The Messiah, Draaaake Rush!!! The crowd boos the introduction of the challenger, something that doesn’t go unnoticed by the Messiah. TC: And his opponent, from Atlanta Georgia, weighing in at 260lbs, he is the reginging and defending TWOStars Triple Crown Champion!!! This is The Judge!!! The crowd cheers as The Judge unbuckles the belts and hands them over to the referee. Styles: Well the brutality from the I Quit match aside, these two have a bloody and brutal history Paul Heyman: Your damn right, who could forget their carnage strewn Hell in a Cell match from last year that put The Messiah on the shelf? The Judge adjusts his gloves and nods in agreement as the referee lays down the rules, Rush stretches and jumps up and down on the spot to hype himself up. The referee signals for the bell to start the match as the two men leave their respective corners. Styles: And another chapter in the Rush/Judge rivalry will be written tonight, Heyman: With the Messiah getting the last laugh I hope. The anticipation suddenly halts when instead of going to the grapple, Rush walks up to The Judge and starts talking trash in his face. Styles: Well it seems that the challenger is making his intentions known Heyman: Rush isn’t afraid to tell anybody what he thinks of them Commandant turns his head slightly as if to say he is no mood for this, and shoves his hand into Drakes face, pie-facing him back. The Messiah bounces slightly off the ropes, but charges at the champion, aiming a clothesline but The Judge ducks und and catches the unsuspecting challenger with a spinebuster, twisting him 180 before planting him to the mat. Styles: Whoah, what a start to this match, with the Double A Spinebuster Heyman: This isn’t how I thought things would start out Joey, not at all! The Judge floats over and hooks the leg as the referee slides into position. Styles: Quick cover, could be over already! Heyman: Kick out! Kick out! ONE TWO Styles: And only the two but that was a dangerous start for Drake Rush, Paul Heyman: Well what do you ant me to say, everybody makes mistakes! Rush, dazed from the move starts to fight back as both men start to rise, aiming shots at the midsection of the champion. The Judge recoils but holds Rush in place to deliver a knee strike that rocks the challenger, who stumbles into the corner. Styles: And The Judge putting a stop to Rush’s attempts at recovering Heyman: A blow to the head like that will slow anyone down/ The Judge sizes up his opponent before delivering several heavy strikes to the head of the challenger, each one with devastating force. The Messiah covers up but The Judge is unrelentless, delivering rapid fire shots to the midsection. Styles: The Triple Crown champion is on fire! Reigning down shot after shot, looking to break the challenger. Heyman: The referee needs to do something about the closed fists! Commandant grabs the arm of the challenger and whips him to the opposite corner, Rush crashing into the buckles with an ugly clang, before coming back out into the path of The Judge who ducks under, taking him over with the back body drop. Styles: And a HUGE back body drop sends Drake up and over, what impact on the lower back. Heyman: Just an early set back. The Judge adjusts his arm pad, feeling confident with the momentum of the match and goes to pick up the challenger once more. Rush is still fighting and rises to his knees delivering a forearm to the stomach that doubles over The Judge. The Messiah holds the champion in places as he gets up, all the while connecting with right hands, before stepping back against the ropes and charging forward with a clothesline, taking the champion off his feet. Styles: Credit to The Messiah, fighting back into it, connecting with the clothesline there. Heyman: You never ever should count that man out Joey. Drake takes a moment to collect himself before putting the boots to The Judge, stomping him in the head and upper torso. Styles: And the challenger now, looking to wear down his opponent. Heyman: Rule number 1, kick a man when he is down. Styles: Of course…. Commandant starts to push himself back up, swatting away the strikes of Rush but The Messiah bounds towards the ropes and drops down low, delivering a lightning fast drop kick to the face of the champion. Styles:Oh, The Judge may be missing some teeth as a result of that one Heyman: Not much harm there, he’s hardly the poster boy, now Drake on the other hand…. Styles: Can I interrupt your daydreaming to call the match? The Judge remains on his knees, unable to fall backward, allowing Rush to grab onto his head and fall forward, planting him with the DDT. The Messiah rolls him over and hooks the leg. Styles: Sequence of moves from The Messiah, goes for his first cover. Heyman: Will this be enough? ONE TWO Styles: No, not enough, the shoulder of The Judge up in time. Heyman: Plenty more where that came from Joey. The Messiah straightens his hair as his plans his next move, while watching The Judge rise to his feet and braces himself, looking to time his next move just right. Styles: You can almost see the wheels turning in the head of the challenger Heyman: He is always two steps ahead. Commandant climbs back to one knee and looks to rise to a vertical base, Drake bounds of the ropes once more and looks to go for a Shining Wizard, but The Judge stands up fully at the last second and clutches Rush swinging him back and over with the release Belly to Belly suplex, unfortunately for the challenger they are close to the ropes, and Rush sails over the top rope, crashing down onto the floor. Styles: Not on this occasion! The Judge telegraphing Rush! Heyman: Dammit he sent him all the way to the floor Joey. The Judge isn’t interested in a count out and immediately gives chase, sliding under the bottom rope and out onto the floor. Styles: The Judge wasting no time, he knows that was a turning point Heyman: Oh yeah, like throwing a guy out of the ring takes a lot of skill?! Rush clutches his back in pain but The Judge shows no mercy grabbing the hair and looking to take the challenger back into the ring. Drake puts the brakes on and delivers an elbow to the mid section before grabbing the head of The Judge and slamming it onto the announce table. Commandant reacts violently swinging wildly as he retreats back to the ringside area. Styles: Man, Rush slamming the head of The Judge onto the table, and the champion really felt that one Heyman: He really responded to that one Joey… The camera zooms in to see why, as the blood starts to flow from the bandaged area of the Judges forehead. Styles: And now we see why, that massive cut on the head of The Judge, which required stitches to close, has been opened up. Heyman: This has got to be in the favour of Drake…. The eyes of Rush practically light up at the sight of this and he wastes no time in targeting the area, pulling back the arm of The Judge so he can deliver a right hand to the opened wound. Styles: And look at that, Rush like targeting a bull’s-eye looking to draw more blood. Heyman: It’s the smart thing to do Joey! Commandant pushes Rush back and retreats around to the other side o the ring, desperately wiping the blood from his eyes. The Messiah re-enters the ring to break the referees count before charging across the ring and leaping out over the top rope, twisting in mid air and crashing into the champion. Styles: My God! A corkscrew press, Drake Rush has come alive, spurred on by the blood loss of the champion. Heyman: Regardless The Messiah would still be in control. Rush pulls himself back up and immediately gets in the face of a front row fan, flipping his cap off his head. Styles: Oh now come on! Heyman: Ha ha, throw the idiot out! The Messiah laughs at the fans inability to do anything about it and instead grabs the head and neck of The Judge and rolls him under the bottom rope. Styles: Well that’s a perfect example of why Drake Rush is such a ….. Heyman: Easy! Commandant is losing a lot of blood as he rises to his feet once more. Styles: And that cut has been well and truly opened up thanks to the efforts of the challenger. Heyman: The Messiah is on the right track to victory! Rush steps up onto the apron and goes to step through the ropes but is caught out by The Judge who clubs the back of the challenger and drags him through the ropes to the centre of the ring, hooking the head as he brings him in. Styles: The Judge now, fighting back! Heyman: Gah, just die already! The champion goes for a vertical suplex but Rush easily counters and takes The Judge over with a suplex of his own. Rush nips up much to the chagrin of the crowd who are unhappy with the turn of events. Styles: This capacity crowd, stunned by what they are witnessing. Heyman: Yeah, not fun watching their hero getting beat down by a superior athlete. A stream of blood still flowing onto the mat, The Judge rises once more but turns around straight into the path of Rush who springboards off the ropes and twists in mid air to deliver a side kick that catches him right in the face. Styles: Impressive agility on the part of the challenger. Heyman: The best is yet to come, that’s just the tip of the iceberg/ The Messiah mounts on top of his fallen opponent and lays closed fist punches, opening the wound up even more. Rush then rolls The Judge over and slaps on a headlock, the blood starting to seep down onto the arm of the challenger. Styles: Drake Rush in full control and not looking to give it up. Heyman: The man is focused, and determined to win the title tonight Joey. The Messiah breaks the hold and drives the point of his elbow into the cut, trying to open it up as much as possible. Styles: The game plan of the challenger doesn’t need much of an explanation. Heyman: The Judge knew coming into this match that the scars from the I Quit match would be vulnerable. Rush leads The Judge over to the corner and slams his head into the turnbuckle pad repeatedly. Styles: This crowd again showing their disapproval of the ring tactics of the challenger. Heyman: Pfft, what would they know about ring tactics? The Messiah lets The Judge drop to the canvas as he turns back to the turnbuckle pad and tries to remove the cover. The referee protests but Rush shrugs it off and succeeds in removing the cover, exposing the steel buckle. Styles: Oh now come on, there’s no need for this shortcut taking! Heyman: There’s every need! The title is on the line Joey! The crowd boos this as Drake turns back to The Judge who suddenly springs forwards and catches Rush with a superkick, The Messiah falls back, the back of his head and neck colliding with the exposed steel. The referee checks on both men before starting the count. 1 2 3 4 5 Styles: Both men starting to stir, that really backfired on the challenger. Heyman: Oh…….shut up. Styles: Good one. Rush checks the back of his head for blood and is relieved to see none, as meanwhile The Judge pulls himself back up using the ropes. Styles: This match will continue it seems. Heyman: Drake aint letting this chance slip by. Rush and Judge turn to face each other and immediately go on the attack. Drake aims a right hand at the head of The Judge who blocks it and connects with one of his own. Undeterred Drake goes for another strike but The Judge ducks under and catches the arm of the challenger, taking him down with an STO. Styles: The Judge now back on the offence! Heyman: Dammit, come on Drake don’t let it go now! Commandant grabs Rush by the arms and whips him towards the turnbuckle. The Messiah crashes viciously against the turnbuckles as The Judge goes to follow up Heyman: Boot to the face! Styles: Drake just planted the sole of his foot right in Judge’s face, the effect from that impact is clear. Commandant staggers a few feet back thanks to the kick and holds his face with his hands. The Messiah uses this opportunity to his advantage, grabs Judge’s neck and smacks his face on top of the exposed turnbuckle. The challenger doesn’t stop his attack and starts to lay rights and lefts on the woozy Judge. Styles: The Messiah with a burst of energy and a flurry of offence. Heyman: I can feel it Joey, new champion. Rush finalizes his attack, grabs The Judge and puts him on top of the third rope and then climbs on the second to lay more punches to the temple of the champion. Heyman: Here we go! The Messiah starts to position the Judge for a Super-plex, Commandant, blood stained and weary seems in little shape to resist. Rush hooks the head and goes for the super plex attempt. Styles: Drake looking to take him over, but The Judge holding on! Heyman: Wait a minute! Commandant suddenly lands a right punch to the left kidney of Drake that breaks the hold. Styles: The Judge now fighting back, both men perched on the turnbuckle Rush automatically bends over thanks to the heavy punch. The Judge without any kind of hesitation gets up to a fully vertical base on the top rope and puts Drake’s head between his legs Heyman: No, wait just a minute no! Styles: He’s going for it!!!! The triple crown champion lifts the challenger so that Drake is on top of his shoulders. .The Judge steps off the top rope and heaves Rush across the ring with a the release powerbomb. Styles: Ultimate Judgement!!!!! Heyman: No, please no!!! The Judge shakes the cobwebs out and scrambles like a madman to get the cover. ‘ ONE TWO THREE Styles: Three! The referee counts three! Heyman: Aww dammit! TC: Here is your winner and still TWOStars Triple Crown Champion, The Judge!!! Commandant rises to his knees and accepts the title belts from the referee, before wiping the blood from eyes. The Judge pulls himself up and salutes the crowd as the music blares out Styles: He did it, The Judge retains, it was a close battle and a valiant effort by Drake Rush, but The Judge is still your Triple Crown Champion, Good night and we will see you next week!
  6. Yeah Im fine, thanks guys. Its just additional hassle and financial strain, both of which i dont need right now. Just putting the commentary and intros to the match now.
  7. sorry guys was in a car accident yesterday, and my head was all over the place before that. I will get it done tonight though.
  8. yeah the quantity of these has risen sharply for me in the last few days. Even the music club address got one :lol
  9. my ps2 broke the week after the 12 month warrenty ran out. Was very annoyed.
  10. Yeah this will be definately around the 70 bracket.
  11. Dutt turning on Lethal is hardly a swerve.
  12. Yep :lol After Snake Eater I trust Hideo to delvier the goods.
  13. I shall plant my flag in the main event's peak
  14. I have it pre-booked, but it will probably be gathering dust for the next few months :lol
  15. WCW Halloween Havoc for me, not to mention Spring Stampede. In fact all of WCW's ones from 97-98 were really well done
  16. Never cried at a film. Cried at tv episodes, music, even games. Never films oddly.
  17. Jim Cornette rules, TNA should give him a live mic every week and have him shoot on the roster in his boss role. That would liven things up.
  18. Hmmm, me too. I really should get it checked out.
  19. Im actually nervous before i take this quiz! If I dont do well I will be very unhappy!!\ Damn, cant do it from here, have to wait until I get home.
  20. But....the camera work is great! And dont get me started on that king amongst men, Keith in the truck, with his phenomenal replays. :lol
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