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  1. Apparently this had more priority in the GMTV news this morning over Mo Mowlems death. Says it all really.... :roll
  2. I thought it was fairly enjoyable, although not a patch on the first two films, which I expected, so I wasn't really dissapointed.
  3. I've seen Wedding Crashers and Madagascar, both very good, worth seeing.
  4. Latest for me is about 3.30pm, I couldn't believe it when I woke up and checked the time, as I thought it was only about 10am-ish! :eek
  5. I'm not surprised if it is a bad list, as there were only 125 albums chosen by Channel 4 to vote out of, so its obviously gonna be a biased list.
  6. What is happening tommorow that is so bad like?
  7. Peter

    Show us yer...

  8. I'm studying Psychology, IT and Business at GCSE level which are okay, I hate Psychology though :(
  9. LOL the 7@7 was great, it would be nice to see it return again! :) I can't believe its been that long already since we done it! :eek
  10. The last bus I got was the 21A this morning to Birtley for school. I unfortuneatly have to get buses most days due to school :(
  11. I quite like it. It is scary to see just how out of control some of the kids on it are though, although the parents on last weeks show were nowhere near strict enough, so I'm not surprised their kids are like they are.
  12. Peter


    I love the new single, and I've downloaded most of the album and its brilliant, will definitely be buying it next week. :)
  13. I did thank you very much! But when the download finished, it came up something along the lines of Windows Media Player not supporting the file.
  14. Didn't load up for me for some reason :?
  15. Champion of Champions show was the best out of this years series I thought, glad to see Team 2005, but I think Team 2003 would of just snatched the win if they hadn't cocked up passing the baton in the relay.
  16. Well I'm sorry if it does sound bad but I'm not going to sit here and act as if the forums are in a good state because frankly I don't think they are, General Chat in particular is full of crap, there shouldn't be a page full of new threads everyday, especially considering most of them are full of pointless, un-necessary posts.
  17. I agree totally that the forums were a lot more exciting and enjoyable back in 2002/2003, with better members, posts and threads. Its a shame to see how things have went downhill so much, but nevermind, thats life sadly.
  18. It hasn't been that good really, with the winners being obvious all the way through, and Philip/Kirsty are that far ahead in their leaderboards that it is impossible for anyone else to win tonight, even if they score maximum points in both events.
  19. Peter


    I've got it, and I think its quite good, most of the tracks are quite similar to the first single, but theres a couple of heavier, more energetic tracks among them which are great. On the whole though, I'm guessing you wouldn't be too keen on it if you didn't like Tumble and Fall.
  20. Peter

    Bye Bye Winter!

    Yeah I like that, find it very relaxing :) Nice to see the sunnier days though, although I prefer Winter, the warmer weather is nice for a change.
  21. I have quite a varied taste in music, as I'll happily give anything listen, whether its Pop, Rock, R&B or Indie or whatever, I'm not fussed.
  22. I love the single, and I've also downloaded Superman/Doorman, which are both great, so I'll pick up the album soon I think. :)
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