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  1. I'm here to "collect" my Neymar big statement. :D
  2. Great to see Ferrari "back". Seb is an awesome driver and that, mixed with Ferrari's perfect strategy and Mercedes horrible one, gave us something different. Hopefully Vettel and Ferrari can keep this interesting for as long as possible and give Nico and Lewis some more problems. Also kudos to Kimi. Starting from P11, popping a tyre, being last and finishing 4th.
  3. Well, Barcelona gave City an ass whooping. Could've scored 4 or 5 in the first half of the first leg and if it wasn't for Hart being freaking awesome in the 2nd leg, City would've received easily 6 or 7 goals.
  4. :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:
  5. And I remember a lot of people here hating on Rollins when the Shield first started, saying that out of the 3 he was the least likely to succeed after they split and that he sucked on the mic. :lol LONG LIVE KING SETH Also, for loved D-X and the NWO coming out during Stings and Trips match. Little bit of nostalgia is always good.
  6. OFICIAL! Blind is an United player. http://www.ajax.nl/Ajax-Nieuws/Ajax-nieuwsarchief/Ajax-nieuwsartikel/197996/Transfer-Blind-naar-Man-United-afgerond.htm
  7. Costa's last goal was beautiful. I hate him, but Coleman was being a douche and trying to get him booked, then minutes later Coleman scores and own goal and Costa gets in his face. Karma at it's finest. :lol
  8. Of out curiosity, what is your criteria for World Class?
  9. United DO need Di Maria, so I don't understand knocking them down for getting him. Do they also need a lot of other players? Hell yes. But one thing doesn't have to negate the other one. If Van Gaal insist of playing with a 3-5-2, then he needs the pace of Di Maria in order to be his "Robben" in that formation. That's assuming he wants to play DiMa in the middle and not as a wingback of course. They need his PACE and his excellent TECHNIQUE!
  10. YEEEEEEESSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :):):):):):):)
  11. Well, ladies and gentlemen this how things work if you're Real Madrid and control everything basically. Simeone has been suspended 8 games (could've been 12 though if we were going strictly by the rules) for patting the 4th ref in the back of the head (as a joke), critiquing the ref, getting sent off and being on the stands after that. That's not the problem. He should've been suspended, no doubt about. Now, Cristiano Ronaldo punched Godín TWO TIMES IN THE ****ING FACE, only gets a yellow card. No suspension. Sergio Ramos punched Mandzukic in the face during the 1st leg. Only a yellow card. No suspension. Mourinho sticks his finger in Tito's Villanova eye. ONE ****ING GAME SUSPENSION. Pepe going BERSEK against Getafe a few years ago = 10 GAMES
  12. B-e-a-tiful. Messi is back. Two goals and that wasn't the best part. He was running as if it was 2011. He chased the opposing goalkeeper in order to keep the pressure, we lost the ball in the right flank and he sprinted back to get the ball. He was like the energizer bunny. Also, no Neymar, no Suarez, no problem. BEAUTIFUL finish from Munir! We were down to 10 men in the first half thanks to a stupid tackle by Mascherano but we stll managed. Rakitic is a GOD. He's two players in one. He contributes offensively and defensively. 5 tackles, 12 interceptions. Just awesome. Also, Mathieu looked pretty good intercepting every counter attack. All in all we looked damn well.
  13. Ancelotti confirmed today that DiMa is gone. He didn't train with the team and only went to Valdebebas to say goodbye to everyone. Marcelo and Xabi Alonso have posted messaged on Twitter saying goodbye to him.
  14. He did shit in the World Cup on the left wing. But by all means, keep playing him there at Arsenal. :lol
  15. Ronaldo punched Godín TWO times in the face in the 93rd minute and only got a yellow card. Then, this didn't appear in ANY T.V in Spain because the Spanish Federation didn't include that in the video package they sent every T.V channel and the T.V channels couldn't use anything that wasn't in that video package due to T.V rights issues. This was fixed today but **** it, the damage was already done. Cristiano and Madrid basically were not punished for him being a dirty ass player. If this would've been Suarez, Messi or Neymar, it would've been in the front page of Spain's top papers (AS and Marca) but it wasn't. Neither AS nor Marca even had a story covering it. This is how you manipulate something in the XXI century. [video=youtube_share;8pgbDKWbElw]http://youtu.be/8pgbDKWbElw
  16. According to Guillem Balague, Di Maria will be a United player next week for around 60/70 million euros. Will wear #7 and it was Cristiano who convinced him to sign with United. Mendes, his agent, is flying back to Europe to finalize the negotiation.
  17. I don't understand Wenger. If you buy Ozil, who's only good when he plays in the middle behind the central striker, then why the hell do you stick him in the flanks where 1.) He sucks offensively and 2.) he doesn't help AT ALL defensively and doesn't track back to save his life. Coleman blew past him and headed that ball completely alone. Also, Lukaku made Mertesacker look like a little bitch in that run that led to Everton's 2nd goal although Naismith was offside. PER, start hitting them weights, mate. :lol
  18. Btw, don't know who saw the 1st leg between Atletico and Madrid, but Madrid came out with 3 in the midfield: Modric, Alonso and Kroos. Alonso was the only holding midfielder with Modric and Kroos in front of him. Alonso and Kroos can't play together against a team that just sits back and defends like Atletico. Their midfield looked SLOW AS ****. Alonso and Kroos basically are the same type of player. Both of them trying to dictate the pace of the game, slow movement of the ball and that meant that Atletico had all the time in the world to reorganize their defense.
  19. HOLLY SHIT! Who's the one in the left? btw, JESUS CHRIST! A man gets the United crest tatted on his forehead. http://soccerly.com/article/soccerly/mr-manchester-united-tattoos-forehead-with-clubs-crest?utm_source=TW+%40NBCSN&utm_network=twitter&utm_post=2940445&utm_tags
  20. :lol You gotta do what you've gotta do in order to compete against the government and Madrid. It's no coincidence that since the playing field between the two clubs has been "leveled", Barcelona have been more successful. Survivol of the fittest.
  21. LOL, technically you're right, but to me in comes across as if you're saying that Messi somehow got a treatment similar to Captain American where he went from being a scrawny lad to basically Cristiano or Bale. :lol That treatment only made his taller, that's it. And even with that, he's still really, really small.
  22. :lol really, Gringo? Really? *The Miz voice* You make it sound as if we payed his treatment so that he could become a mixture of Bale and Cristiano. Without those injections, Messi (who's really really small right now) would almost legit be a midget. We payed those treatments as an investment and it payed off. Messi can now play as a normal human being, instead of his height being 4 feet instead of the 5'6" that is right now. Jesus. Stop hating on that Hatearade, Gringo. :lol
  23. Boyo, are you serious that you probably signed "the 2nd best" one? Alexis ain't a central striker and that's what you need. And in that central striker role, out of the ones you mentioned were signed this summer: Suarez, Costa and Lewandowski are better than Alexis. Hell, you could argue Lukaku is better than Alexis in that specific role. Morata is garbage though.
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