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  1. Hi guys. Thanks for everyone’s congrats for winning this season. That NXT Title main event was highly emotional for me, not just because it was a great match, but it helped me win this FWL season. I had a feeling he may win, as his character had to win. Of course I want to thank Kam on another great season and for making watching WWE TV more enjoyable. I look forward to next season! :)
  2. Wow I really did shoot up the leaderboard, thanks to me putting my eggs in the Clash of Champions basket, and no IC Title defence happening.
  3. I agree. Gives the matches extra edge to them. Congrats on the win!
  4. I don't see anyone else ending Asuka reign apart from Ember Moon. They seem to have building towards a title change as Ember has bene built strongly There is a lack of female depth on NXT that, hopefully, the Mae Young Classic will fix. I don't think that Drew will win and I don't see a Bobby Roode callup happening either. They will most likely move onto a triple threat match with Roddy Strong. I think he will probably get involved somehow and cost Drew. My bold prediction is that Aleister Black will end Roode's reign.
  5. I think this FWL is going to be close. A lot of it comes down to NXT Title match and the WWE Title match. It is going down to the wire...
  6. Gutted for them, apparently Dawson will be back in December. I hope Vince doesn't get in the mindset that they are injury prone and so doesn't push them. They are top quality.
  7. The Raw section of Summerslam has me excited. The matches have good storylines behind them. I can't decide who is going to win the WWE Title or the Universal Title matches. Anyone have any ideas?
  8. Absolutely gutted about Eva Marie's departure. It was a HOF career for sure. I don't know how I am going to get over it....I am now over it. She just proves that everything that was said about her was true.
  9. According to Guardiola, Man City are still looking for a centre back, as Mangala is probably going to leave. I am not surprised by this as their defence is weak.
  10. Looks like Ferrari is going to dominate Hungary and so it will be damage limitation for Hamilton and Mercedes this weekend.
  11. I have just started Ghost Recon Wildlands on the PS4. I can't say that I am massive fan at the moment. I don't particularly like the gameplay. Does anyone know if it is worth sticking with?
  12. If that's true - it's typical Vince. Randomly one day, he will decide to do something like when he decided he didn't want to have talent have first names e.g. Neville and Cesaro. Whereas, the previous day he wasn't bothered by it.
  13. Can't say I am looking forward to it. Usually, I look for potential match quality when looking at the card. I can only see two - the US Title and the SD Tag Titles that can deliver. The rest of the card is up in the air as far as match quality goes.
  14. Chelsea have announced the signing of Tiemoue Bakayoko from French champions Monaco for an undisclosed fee. It an interesting signing, I wonder how long it will take him to adapt to the Premier League?
  15. I can't believe that WWE have dropped Talking Smack as a weekly show and will now be only on after a Smackdown PPV. I really enjoyed it as it complemented Smackdown shows. Even Renee can't understand why they did it according to her tweet last night.- she responded to a tweet sayng "Really disappointed about Talking Smack. We tried to make the show great. Guess I'll go back to welcoming my guest at this time." Baffling!
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