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  1. Boo. No shine is like a story without the first act. To use the template above, you can't tell a story without introducing the characters and the theme. The death of shine in wrestling has been the worst. That's why the Usos are currently the best wrestlers in the world (behind Stephanie) - they get it.
  2. OK people, let's shut up shop, close the ballots, put it all away, because I'm pretty sure at this point we can all agree that Stephanie McMahon is clearly the Wrestler of the Year, and possibly of all time. She was so great today that she forced me out of retirement just to say how great she is. If someone finds me a GIF of her doing the "Ooooooh!" hands at Brie, holla atcha boy.
  3. So, what Punk is ACTUALLY doing in his downtime is cooler than I could have possibly imagined...
  4. So, what Punk is ACTUALLY doing in his downtime is cooler than I could have possibly imagined...
  5. Jun Kasai vs Ryuji Ito - BJPW 20/11/09 I am eternally grateful that you chose a match that I happen to own so I could watch it on DVD at my leisure. All I can remember from the first time is the balcony dive and it being "good for a deathmatch", so we'll see if it holds up at least that much upon second viewing. As almost an aside, one thing that really bothers me about deathmatches is the wrestling moves. No kidding. There's usually a point where it's too early to start bleeding so they toss around some perfunctory rope running, headlocks and suplexes, but the way they do them is so blase and fake-looking that they couldn't be more clearly saying "we're getting the wrestling moves out of the way so we can break stuff", which annoys me. I guess one of the reasons why you're doing deathmatches is because your technical proficiency isn't up to scratch, but still. Speaking of too early, Ito blading off the first posting seemed really unnecessary since they were clearly going to be cutting themselves open on stuff the entire match anyway. Not sure what the point was. I liked the dives, Ito's bleacher dive and especially Kasai's big balcony dive later on. I didn't much like how the very next thing that happened after Ito died from a balcony dive was him trading strikes and going back on offense. In the first half what I liked most was those moments where Kasai, the lovable buffoon, would think running full speed at Ito was a good idea and he'd end up eating the razor blade board or whatever. Apart from that and the dives, nothing much interesting happened until the stretch. The stretch was fun, for the most part just for how insanely into it the crowd was. I also thought Ito turning the board around before Kasai landed the goggle dive was cool as hell. A cactus wrapped in barbed wire is such a great pro wrestling weapon. And like I said, the crowd being so into it gets you into it to a certain extent. I'm glad you mentioned the significance of the match up, because you can see from the reactions that they see it as a big deal. I stand by my initial summation that it was better than the average death match. Much better, in fact. But also, weirdly, I felt like it was a bit tamer than it was supposed to be. Maybe I'm just becoming desensitised. The match was just kind of there for the most part, until the big dive and the cool final stretch. It's not the best deathmatch I've ever seen, but I also didn't hate it. A generous 5/10
  6. Just got to this. I'm glad she mentioned the Beth Summerslam match, reminded me of that whole period where Kelly was the female John Cena and Beth and Nattie were boobing around as monster heels wearing THOSE DRESSES and Beth and Kelly had three great PPV matches in a row. Good times. Wrestling is poorer for not having either of the Blondes (Tiffany) still in da biz.
  7. It's a shame that a) they need a Total Diva to win the belt at Mania and b) Tamina is shit, because really, AJ using Tamina's help to beat all of the other Divas, only for Tamina to knock her off when she finally gets her shot at the title, that would be a really cool payoff. Still, I can't wait for Pirate Naomi: Women's World Champion of the World~!
  8. Anyone else going through old Manias yet? Just me? OK. Regardless, let's talk about the Wrestlemania brother. I'm actually making my way through the Streak matches starting with WM25. I watched the two Taker/Shawns, so of course that means everything is awesome and the best and I love wrestling, but sadly I do have a complaint. F*ck a Matt Striker. Jesus Christ this guy. I still remember Mitch's "worst announcers ever" talking point about Cole/Coach for the main event of WM24, but God damn, Coachman is Jim Ross compared to Striker. It's not even in the same universe. It was almost as if an alien robot had landed on earth and tried to blend in as a wrestling commentator, without having any concept of the English language or basic human conversation. Cole and King would call the match, and then when they needed to take a breath they pressed a button on the Matt Striker A Tron 5000 and he'd go "Bleeergh, bleep bloop, words words words, behooves, more words, bleep bloop." ..and Cole and King would ignore him and carry on. He never actually contributed to any conversation that was actually happening, and whenever he spoke it was irrelevant, incomprehensible bullshit. F*ck this guy for shitting himself all over Shawn Michaels' retirement match. Anyway, the Taker/Shawns were awesome. As was Cena/Dave at WM26, it's one of Dave's best matches and so underrated. So, talk about Mania.
  9. The top half of that WCW champs picture was so cool...and then I scrolled down. Ouch.
  10. Has anyone ever come up with a good answer for that though? Hogan on Arsenio and all that. I mean, what WOULD a good answer be? You either admit it, which you can't, or you're lying, which sounds like bullshit. I don't think I've ever seen anyone navigate it particularly well.
  11. I haven't even noticed. I'd much rather Smackdown opened with a match to be honest.
  12. Think of all the times you've seen dickheads say that rap "isn't even real music". There are dickheads about everything.
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