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  1. Got tickets to ROH in Edinburgh first wrestling show ive been to in years im excited!
  2. How would one go about seeing these pictures? I'm asking for a friend honest.
  3. If Randy Orton is in the Wyatt family should he not have atleast tried to grow beard and maybe put on some jeans? He looks ridiculous just wearing his normal drunks.
  4. Has anyone else seen the latest pics doing the rounds on twitter of the Dynamite Kid?
  5. Scottish logic, we are better united!! Except when it comes to England. And I am Scottish.
  6. I subscribe to Austins, Jericho's, JR's and MLW and depending on the guest/topic I give them a listen.
  7. I think Hearts will finish above Aberdeen, or maybe I'm just hoping?
  8. Ric Flairs latest podcast is the best one I have ever heard.
  9. I'm currently watching an old Nitro from April 1998, the match starting is Curt Hennig and Brian Adams with Rick Rude vs The Bulldog and Jim Neidhart it's crazy thinking Neidhart is the only one left alive and the only one to reach fifty.
  10. Hungover, two bottles of the old Buckfast tonic wine never leaves you feeling great the next day!
  11. All the big WWF stars of the late 80's and early 90's just about seem to be gone now Warrior,Savage,Andre now Piper and Hogan is black listed. R.I.P Hot rod
  12. Hogan really needs to stop posting pictures on Facebook/Twitter of him with black fans, it reeks of desperation just lay low for a few days.
  13. Got my flights booked for the away game against Gibraltar in October for the current campaign. Hopefully manage to get to England and Malta away in the next campaign!
  14. NJPW have a working deal with ROH do they not? And they are sending some guys over to compete on the ROH show on the same night are they not? So why are they letting Liger go to NXT on the same night?
  15. According to my sky planner, the one show tonight is going to have "the worlds best Mexican wrestling stars" on it. Anyone know anything about this? Like who's meant to be on it?
  16. Seems like the G man was right (yes I did refer to myself as that) Austin Aries is making an appearance for ROH according to their Twitter page.
  17. Is this 9:30 on Saturday morning for us? Or the Sunday?
  18. That's what you get for producing a boring and lack luster product for years apone years and not creating any real stars with your shit booking.
  19. Was anyone on any wrestling forum back in 2001 when WCW and ECW were about to fold? I mean was it similar to this? So many rumours flying around? A mass exodus of talent? I watched wrestling back then but I was to young to go on forums to feel the buzz around it all.
  20. So I watched my first episode of Impact last night in about a year if not eighteen months, purely because Jarrett has got me intrigued.It was better than what I expected, the Dirty Heels vs the Wolves match and Angle vs Hardy were both good matches (how much do you think Davey Richards regrets leaving ROH?) What the hell was Vader doing in the ring it was embarrassing! Surely they could of got someone else? Infact no I take that back,I would rather see a broken down old Vader match than a Matt boring Morgan match!
  21. What sort of ratings does Wrestle Talk TV get? Is there any info available?
  22. Could you not see Aries going back to ROH? Of that list, he is the only one in my opinion ROH would be interested in.
  23. Why is there not even one title match? I haven't watched TNA for months, but Jarrett being involved has at least got me to sky plus the event.
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