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  1. good points well made I remember being intrested and invested with some of Trish and Lita's feuds in early 2000's AJ Kaitlyn feud has had tv time and is slightly investable. Hopefully they don't just give up on it and give the time to Khali joining Brodus Clay and Tensai to face 3MB Woman's Wrestling has struggled to keep up with the the Male Wrestlers but I hope they invest in them more.
  2. I'm not alone when I say AJ v Katilyn match at payback was one of the best womans match in a good while It was paced and was relavent. they had a good story to work on and they had 10-15 mins for the match. I just got read a great article about the match and it raised a good point about the commentary Jerry and Cole sounded like pervy old men and it showed these two wrestlers no respect. I will not call them Diva's, they are wrestlers, for most of them in the article they suggested an idea that the female wrestlers will stick up against Jerry for being sexist. I dunno if they really want to go down that route But would it be a bad idea to have one of the older female wrestlers join the commentary team Don't make a big deal about it but just have one. for NXT or Main Event to begin with and see if it works. what do you think can be done to help shape women wrestling in WWE today
  3. a thought passed through my head, now i can't tell if its a good idea or not 6 man tag, Orton heel turn during rock v cena, orton comes out to RKO rock, Cena and Orton form a modern day 2 man power trip I know it would never happen, but when Austin and HHH did it, it was pretty awesome too bad there is not enough top faces to have orton cena both heels
  4. that makes sense, as a covert racist I need to have Bruce Almighty and Deep Impact
  5. Jericho (1999-2001) & Shawn Michaels (1994-1995) Dolph Ziggler & Shelton Benjamin Punk & Bryan
  6. that sucks, thought I was better than that. I'll return my DVD's that has Morgan Freeman in it.
  7. Oh yeah, that was, that was something
  8. Does it make me racist that I actually thought that was Kofi until a minute into the video?
  9. Just read some of Kofi Kingston's interview about his recent losing streak, possible main event run and the possibility of him turning heel. He said he has no plans to turn heel but like The Rock, when he started, if the crowd wants him to go heel he would. So you think Kofi Kingston could play heel? His energy and moves are not really that of a heel and he never seems to stop smiling. When The Rock turned he had the Nation of Domination as a story line to move forward as a heel. Unless Kofi turned on a big name like Cena or Orton will the fans really react to a heel change? Will Kofi get a credible story line to move him forward as a top heel? I would like to see a change in his character as he has become jobber for top stars and maybe a heel turn would benefit his career, however I don't think he could play heel. Maybe I am just seeing one side of Kofi and he could do a great heel run but I just don't see him being a threat to any of the big face's on the roster. He could do the coward heel who cheats to win against people, but we have seen that heel done to death for the last few years. Any thoughts?
  10. Why is The Undertaker vs. C.M. Punk occurring at the biggest event of the year at WrestleMania 29 next month? Punk has earned Undertaker's respect, which is a major endorsement in the WWE locker room. The late Paul Bearer (Bill Moody) captured Taker's respect for Punk in an interview on the PWTorch Livecast in August 2012. "C.M. Punk is a class act, and he's got it," Bearer exclusively told PWTorch editor Wade Keller. "I didn't meet Punk until I went back for that six-month run (2010-2011). I had watched him on television, of course, but I had never met him in-person before. "I'll never forget myself, Undertaker, Big Show, and a couple of other guys standing over in the corner just shooting the breeze. C.M. Punk came walking by and Taker says, 'Percy, have you ever met Punk?' I said, 'No, I havent.' Taker called him over there and he's very, very respectful to our business and to me for having never met me before. "Taker introduced me to him and Taker's exact words to me were: 'Punk - he's one of us.' That was how I was introduced to C.M. Punk by The Undertaker. For him to say that about a talent, that just means everything in the world. And to say, 'He's one of us,' that just meant something to that little group that was there." CM Punk, instead of insulting Paul Bearer's memory with tastless jokes could use this to say that Paul prefers Punk over the Undertaker, That Paul said taker is finished and Punk is the new Phenom I rather that then have punk insult him less than a week after his death
  11. At the moment I love Antonio Cesearo(spelt wrong) His music his attitude, gimmick and in-ring style Shame he is being jobbed to Ryback and Orton I love Daniel Bryan, especially in his ROH days. Samao Joe in his ROH days too. (TNA should Push him or release him) Macho Man was my favorite growing up and I hope Punk stays at this level till he doesn't want to do it anymore
  12. Raddest awesome cool dudes *AKA teenage mutant ninja turle list of wrestlers Dude Love Razor Ramon Lita Jeff Hardy Rob Van Dam Macho Man Mr Perfect DX* bit of a cheat Edge Marty Jannetty
  13. i couldn't vote rikishi yet. he had some above average matches in the early 2000's and was part of the headshrinkers. Nostlgic memories of thinking they were the most dominating tag team at the time I went with Road dogg. aside from new age outlaws he never impressed me imo
  14. I see your point but its was almost 4 months in a row with various title matches all ending in the same way. Punk had help. It furthered the Shield & Paul Heyman storyline well and it all made sense in the great scheme of things. But I like a heel champion not to be winning every title match but interference Look at Mark Henry Title run last year. Or big shows this year. Clean victories (of sort) And even going back further the heels didn't always cheat to win. They just were better. I guess it works that Punk cheats and calls himself the best in the world. But you want someone who is could be an actual threat to go against the face contender, not some wuss who will cheat in every match
  15. I'd like to see Punk take a break for a few months, maybe 6 or something. Then return as a surprise at the rumble and win it. It will put Punk back strong after losing the title to the Rock and not holding title for over a year Headline Wrestlemania against Cena or Brock Lesnar maybe
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