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  1. Happy Birthday!!! Happy 21st!! You didnt want anyone to forget like eveyone did on mine :( But hope youo have an awsome day/night, I know you'll be out drunk! :hbday

    And a happy bday to others celebrating today too!!

  2. I collect Living Dead Dolls and have been for a few years, I wouldnt say I was a mad collecter, I like to sell and trade them, usually when they become rare but I do love the little dolls, If I see a cute one I'll buy it :) and I collect Lingerie too
  3. I had pink and black hair once :D I dye my hair black and felt like having pink in it, I bleached peices over a few days to strip out the color as much as I could, I got it to a orange/lightbrown color then applied a pink dye, Which is actually a color for dark hair, Its meant to be able to dye dark hair funky colors, But I went with bleaching aswell so I was making sure the pink would cover and it did! Its a dye called "Smart" it comes in different funky colors too!
  4. Age doesnt matter as long as it aint sick like the girl my dads now with or an old school friend of mine whos with a guy in his 60's well..he was.

    But other than that age shouldnt matter.

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