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  1. Christ! Kam just showed me this! Cant believe you still remember me! Thanks :D Theres birthday pics on my myspace if any of you wanna see http://www.myspace.com/ilovebaggabum
  2. Chyna

    Happy birthday

    Happy Birthday guys!
  3. oooh i have missed this place, good to see you all move on abit
  4. Seeing someone right now, since December wont say who, Most of you will probs run off to gossip who anyway :)
  5. J'lo - Miami Glow!!! Bought it the other day and its gorgeous!!! i also love Britney Spears' perfume too. I have so many Gucci's and Dolce's ect anyway
  6. I deleted my account therefore the pictures was deleted too
  7. Chyna


    Make up first, Incase when Im applying my makeup any dust or powder of makeup falls on my top.
  8. Hope you get better soon hon! we miss you, and have a good birthday for the weekend
  9. Hope you had a great bday :D and nice pics! :wub
  10. Happy Birthday!!! Happy 21st!! You didnt want anyone to forget like eveyone did on mine :( But hope youo have an awsome day/night, I know you'll be out drunk! :hbday And a happy bday to others celebrating today too!!
  11. I thought after everything that happend last year was bad and this year would be better no mater what, I was so wrong so I've had an awfull year so far.
  12. Amazing how times gone so quick, It'll be the wedding anniversary soon :)
  13. God, things people buy these days, I reckon you could make your own!
  14. I collect Living Dead Dolls and have been for a few years, I wouldnt say I was a mad collecter, I like to sell and trade them, usually when they become rare but I do love the little dolls, If I see a cute one I'll buy it :) and I collect Lingerie too
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