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  1. I had a crap day, I totally screwed up this year. I had loads of people I wanted to buy for, just friends who needed cheering up, and people who I blatantly fancy the pants off too. My kinda customary overspending last weekend for my birthday though meant that I totally didn't even have enough for stamps to send cards with, let alone cards and presents themselves. I so love spoiling people and I messed up big style this year.
  2. The Ultimate Warrior making some sort of comeback, whether it be like some cute little one night stand, or something like totally more long term gets talked about a lot. Well, take a look at this, you still want to see this guy all oiled up with the pretty little makeup and tassles?



  3. Uh uh honey, it's actually Titus unless TNA have changed it last minute to something worse than what they first came up with.


    But then they had 90 days to come up with a name for Billy Gunn and still kept calling him "formerly known as Billy Gunn in the WWE".

  4. Titus = Ryan Wilson, was in the Redshirt Security in TNA with Kevin Northcutt honey. He's cute, and Green but apparently talented, Titus is supposedly going to be a more gothic dark version of the Ultimate Warrior and he's debuting in the next week or two, should be at the next TV tapings. One of the few things that is actually exciting about TNA right now but I'm sure they'll like totally screw this up. But hey, he's cute and has big muscles so no complaints from me.
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  5. NWATNA Impact Review by Jay Feltzer

    Friday 18th February 2005, New York

    Announcers: Mike Tenay & Don West

    Viewing Figures: 856447

    Attendance: 9377


    The NWA World Title belt remains TNA

    Before the show begins a still frame video package is shown. It shows highlighted pictures from the main event at Against All Odds, playing snippets of Tenay & West's commentary from the match. It shows Haas being disqualified from the match before showing him brutalising Jeff Jarrett at the show's conclusion

    Segment: 76% No complaints from this opening, although to be honest if I'd ended a bit Pay Per View main event in that fashion I'm not sure I'd want to be reminding people about it


    Petey Williams w/Scott d'Amore d. Jerrelle Clark

    Pretty good opener from these two. The crowd weren't much into it but the in ring stuff was really watchable. What you'd expect from these two really. Williams had a good showing at Against All Odds and he looked impressive again here as he hit the Canadian Destroyer to get the win.

    Crowd: 39%

    Match: 71%

    Overall: 55% Nice opening match from two talented X division stars


    The Living Legend has something for Jarrett tonight

    After the match the camera goes backstage to Larry Zbysko's office. Jeff Jarrett is standing face to face with Zbysko. Larry begins to tell Jeff that while he got the job done at Against All Odds he just didn't trust him enough to carry the belt and the future of this organisation anymore. Zbysko told him that a TNA superstar impressed him a lot more at Against All Odds, and that superstar was the Alpha Male Monty Brown. Zbysko went on to insist that Jarrett could not be 100% after the beating he took at the hands of Charlie Haas and having Jeff carrying the belt right now was too risky. Jarrett was furious at first before laughing Zbysko off, insisting that after he beat Monty Brown for the third time tonight he'd be taking the next 30 days off before he defended it again.

    Segment: 70% Well we get to see Jarrett Vs Brown a third time in the space of not very long. The first match between the two they got just right, and the second they should have given Brown the belt. I'm not sure what jobbing a third time will do to his push either really.


    An angry Kash wants a fight

    Kid Kash makes his way out to the ring, as Tenay & West insist that this is unscheduled and they don't know why he's coming out. Kash steps into the ring with an angry look on his face as he stomps back and forth with a microphone in the ring. He begins to rant about how he was destroying everyone at Against All Odds before he got taken out of the match by a fluke. Even then he managed to destroy everyone left in the match. Kash is insistent that nobody in the back can touch him so tonight he's issuing an open challenge to the crowd. Numerous fans in the audience are jokingly muscling up and gesturing to Kash but he seems serious and picks out someone near the front row. He points to a young guy in the front row and tells him to climb the barrier and get into the ring. After pausing the fan pulls himself up over the barrier and cautiously steps through the ropes into the ring. Kash begins, "what's your name punk?", the kid responds, "err, Chris, it's Chris" as he stands face to face with Kash, his skinny body and boy band face looking worried. Kash goes on, "well tonight's your lucky night buddy because the K-I-D is about to make you famous. Now somebody get me a referee and I'm going to kick this punk's ass"

    Segment: 59% Ok, somebody please explain to me what the point of all this is? The crowd didn't seem that interested and it has to be said that this guy facing Kash doesn't look like much of a wrestler to me.


    Chris d. Kid Kash

    As you would expect Kash dominated this one from the start. He backed Chris up into the corner and began to rain rights and lefts into him before ripping off his Girls Aloud t shirt (who?) and putting in some thundering chops to Chris' chest. Kash just contined to beat this kid around the ring brutally, even hitting a big splash off the top. Kash made a cover but as the referee got to 2 Kash pulled Chris' head up to break the count. Kash tossed Chris to the outside before following him out. Kash sent him crashing into the ringpost before ramming him repeatedly into the ring apron. Kash rolled him back in before jawing with some fans on the outside. Chris looked to be in serious trouble and as Kid Kash climbed to the top rope the referee knelt over Chris checking whether he was still conscious. Kash paused on the top rope, again badmouthing the fans nearby before Sonny Siaki came charging out from the back. Kash didn't see him and neither did the referee as he was still tending to Chris in the ring. Siaki climbed up onto the apron and spun Kash around, dropping his head onto the steel ringpost and knocking him out back into the ring. The referee tried to help Chris up to his feet but he was dead weight and his limp body fell down to the mat, but his arm fell across Kash's chest. The referee paused for a moment, unsure of what to do before making the count as Chris beat Kid Kash. Chris rolled stunned out of the ring where he was greeted by Siaki. Kash managed to get up to one knee, still dazed, but pointing furiously at Siaki who by now had Chris hoisted up onto his shoulders like he was the king of the world/

    Crowd: 50%

    Match: 67%

    Overall: 56% Not too bad considering but nothing that great. It told its story well enough I guess, lets just hope this Chris character isn't getting some sort of a push and it was a one off. I'd much rather see Sonny Siaki getting some tv time than this Nick Carter lookalike anyday.


    The Alpha Male thinks it's third time lucky tonight

    After the match the camera goes backstage where Shane Douglas is ready to interview the Alpha Male Monty Brown. Douglas asks him how he can possibly hope to beat Jeff Jarrett tonight when he failed on his previous two attempts. Brown answers, "You know what Shane, Jeff Jarrett has hit me with guitars. Jeff Jarrett has hit me with chairs. Jeff Jarrett has had people come to the ring and beat up the Alpha Male. Well tonight whatever odds are thrown at the Alpha Male he will come out on top. That out there Shane, that is my serenghetti. YOU HEAR THAT JARRETT! My serenghetti, and you've been walking around out there for far too long. Tonight I am the hunter and you can be sure of this Jeff Jarrett, you WILL remember the name Monty Brown. So Jeff, bring your chairs, bring your guitar, bring whatever you've got because in the Serenghetti there is only one thing that rules the land, POOOUUUNNNNNNNCEEEE! Period!!!"

    Segment: 82% Brown has so much natural charisma it's untrue, the sooner he learns to wrestle as well they might just have the next big thing. In the meantime he can continue sounding and looking good and wrestling badly. Still I don't see him winning the title tonight.


    Masked Wonder d. Jeff Hardy

    This one turned out to be a really good match with an excellent finish. The crowd seemed fairly into Hardy, but he's certainly nowhere near as over as he was back in his WWE days. This looked like it was meant to be a fairly standard squash match as Hardy squared off against "Masked Wonder". Hardy took control early on with some fast paced offence. Jeff's actual moves are fine, it's his lack of knowing how to link them together that's the problem. Slowly but surely though this unknown jobber managed to get into the match. Jeff did however manage to hit him with the Twist of Fate before going up to the top rope and setting up for the Swanton. Hardy came off the top but Masked Wonder had rolled out of the way. Hardy bounced back up and spun around straight into a spinebuster. Masked Wonder took a step back before hitting an awesome looking variation of a Standing Shooting Star Press as the referee made the count and gave Masked Wonder the win. As the bell rang Wonder put a few boots into Hardy and rolled him out underneath the bottom rope before stepping up to the top rope and peering out over the crowd. As he did he ripped off his mask to show the world that he was in fact Paul London.

    Crowd: 65%

    Match: 69%

    Overall: 75 Pretty decent match although you could see London had been asked to tame his usual offence so as not to give it away that it was him until after the match. They didn't really explain why he was there either, although Tenay & West on commentary did say that Theodore Long must have sent him. Paul London being on a TNA show is never a bad thing though.


    America's Most Wanted want the Dudleys

    Scott Hudson is waiting backstage with James Storm and Chris Harris to conduct an interview. Hudson asks them what prompted them to come out at Against All Odds and make the save for Monty Brown as the Dudleys attacked him. Storm answers, "Like you even have ta ask Scott Hudson, wooo it's all about TNA baby and if the Dudley Boys think they can just walk in here and start taking out TNA talent they're wrong". Harris continues, "3 years, 5 World Tag Team Title Reigns. To say TNA is our house is understating the fact. Dudley Boys, we saw what you did this week on Smackdown, so why don't you step back here with those new belts of yours and we'll show you what real tag team champions are made of. Bubba, D-Von, we're sorry about your damn luck!". As they leave Hudson calls them back briefly, "hey Chris, James, you two sure seemed to be having fun with Traci at Against All Odds". Harris turns slightly as they leave, "oh yeah, she's a real fun girl Scott".

    Segment: 67% Hudson does his job really well, it's a shame really they have two interviewers as excellent as they do as they could both do with more airtime. Storm as always just sounded a bit, well, wrong, while Harris lacked the emotion that is usually missing from his interviews. Still it made the point it was supposed to I guess.


    Nash & Hall want in to the 3 Live Kru

    The camera then follows Kevin Nash and Scott Hall who are walking down a corridor. They knock on a door and BG James opens it. All 3 Kru members are inside the room and James steps back as Hall and Nash stand before them. Nash calms them down insisting they don't want any trouble, "look, this is why we're here guys. We wanted to, well, Scott you tell them". Hall proceeds, "yeah see me and Big Kev we, well, we like what you guys got. We thought you might let us in your little pop group, look Kev show em the t shirts". Kevin Nash pulls out three t shirts, each one has a charicature picture of the 3 Live Kru all posing doing the Wolfpac finger handsigns. The t shirts also have 5 Live Kru on the front. Nash continues, "yeah see we thought ya know, maybe we could just change the name there, call you guys the 5 Live Kru and you might let us in your little gang". Nash and Hall cough to stop themselves laughing as Ron Killings steps up to the door, "y'all better get outta here before I feed em to ya. And Scottie don't you think I forgots about you boy, I owe you". Nash and Hall back away taunting that they are scared as Killings shuts the dressing room door.

    Segment: 77% Nash and Hall are always at their best in stuff like this, ie not in the ring, backstage just making fun of someone. Nice to see Killings stepping up as the mouthpiece and getting in their faces. He's easily the talent in the group at this point in his career.


    NWATNA X DIvision Championship: AJ Styles d. Elix Skipper

    Having won the 6 man match at Against All Odds Elix Skipper had earnt his shot at the X Division title. While the crowd might not have been that interested the match itself was really good in this one. Styles and Skipper did their best to give it a championship feel starting out slowly exchanging holds. Skipper was the first one to get in any real offence. Styles decided to slide out of the ring and start arguing with a fan at ringside which gave Elix the opportunity to launch himself corkscrewing over the top rope to take him out. Skipper tossed Styles back into the ring and flipped himself over the top rope before following through with a clothesline. He could only get a two count though. Styles mounted some offence of his own blocking an attempt at a powerbomb from the top rope before hitting a dropkick on Skipper as both men stood up on the top turnbuckle. AJ fell back into the ring but Elix crashed sickeningly backwards to the floor. AJ really took control of the match from there havnig a couple of near falls, most notably after hitting the pelee as Skipper ran at him in the ring. AJ went up to the top rope looking to finish things off shortly afterwards and looked set to go for the Spiral Tap. The fans actually began to pop for it, but he turned around shaking his head, and climbing down showing them he wouldn't give them what they wanted. As he turned around though he walked straight into a roundhouse kick from Skipper who picked him straight back up and hit the Overdrive. The referee made the cover, 1.....2......Styles kicked out. Elix got Styles up and this time took him down with a running Lygerbomb but as the referee made the count Christopher Daniels jumped up onto the apron having run out from the back as Elix hit the powerbomb. The referee pulled away to usher him away. Skipper got up, pushed the referee aside and went for another roundhouse kick but Daniels sidestepped it, grabbing Skipper's leg and dropping it over the top rope from the outside sending Skipper bouncing backwards across the ring straight into the path of AJ who grabbed his legs and got him up for the Styles Clash. The referee made the three count and declared Styles the winner. Daniels stepped back into the ring to taunt Skipper with AJ but Chris Sabin charged out from the back in jeans and a shirt to fight them both off. He forced both men back before Skipper got back to his feet charging at Daniels and hitting a clothesline that sent both men over the top rope to the outside. Inside the ring Sabin grabbed AJ and tried to get him up for the Cradle Shock but AJ floated over and down Sabin's back keeping hold of the arm that he had injured at Against All Odds. Styles drove Sabin down to the mat yanking the arm down hard before putting boot after boot into it. TNA Security headed up by Don West made the save as EMT's and officials helped Sabin backstage with his shoulder and arm in bits

    Crowd: 51%

    Match: 78%

    Overall: 67% The crowd weren't too interested in this one but all in all it was a really solid match that helped further storylines between all four men involved. With the addition of Paul London on this show as well the X Division is looking in fine shape right now.


    Every bird needs their flock, quote the Raven, Nevermore!

    Raven came out to the ring after the previous match, he stomped straight into the ring with a microphone and slumped down in the corner. He began to go on about how he was sick and tired of not getting any respect in TNA, and that even after destroying Diamond Dallas Page at Against All Odds he had to sit back and watch Monty Brown get a title shot before him, he had to watch people walk in from the WWE and get title shots. Well not anymore, Raven said that he had to start taking matters into his own hands. He paused as the lights went off. Some eerie music played and two men made their way to the ring, the light lifted slightly, enough for two hooded figure to become visible, stepping through the ropes as Raven told the world that in time of need, a Raven turns to his Flock. As the lights lifted completely the two men pulled down their hoods and the crowd saw that it was Andy Douglas, and Chase Stevens, the Naturals, but their faces were painted with black and purple gothic looking makeup as Raven named them his new Disciples

    Segment: 62% Interesting enough I supposed. The crowd weren't too into it, well they enjoyed Raven it seemed but didn't exactly go crazy when they saw it was the Naturals. And why exactly have the Naturals just become Raven's Disciples? Where was the buildup?


    Jeff Jarrett Vs Monty Brown III, is it Monty's time?

    Before the main event it was back to Mike Tenay & Don West to hype the World Title showdown. Tenay highlighted the three key points going into the match. They talked about Jarrett's two previous wins saying that he must have the mental edge over Brown at this point. They then talked about how Brown was seemingly the Championship Committee's choice for World Champion right now ahead of Jarrett. Then they talked about the Against All Odds factor, both men took sever beatings at that Pay Per View, most notably Jarrett's at the hands of Charlie Haas. Had either man recovered sufficiently to step into a match of this magnitude?

    Segment: 63% It seemed difficult for them to hype this match when we've seen it twice so recently and the second time left us with Brown not looking like a particularly credible challenger.


    NWA World Championship: Monty Brown d. Jeff Jarrett

    The crowd gave both Jarrett and Brown really loud receptions in this one. Apparently not everyone is so disappointed at seeing Brown Vs Jarrett III. The action was slow paced to begin with as expected as both men exchanged shoulder blocks, Brown getting the upperhand. Monty continued to use his power game as he took Jarrett to the outside and dominated him with forearms and punches before sending him charging into the barrier at ringside. Brown looked to be intensely going about his business as he rolled Jarrett back into the ring. Jarrett caught Brown coming in with shoulders to his mid section before suplexing him from the apron back inside. Jarrett made his first cover of the match but Brown kicked out easily. Jarrett began to sneak in some offence working over the Alpha Male with numerous rest holds, trying to wear him down. Brown fought back briefly hitting the overhead fallaway suplex but after Brown missed an elbowdrop Jarrett went straight for the figure four leglock and locked it on. Brown fought desperately writhing back and forth in pain before eventually managing to turn it over and applying pressure to Jarrett's legs. Jeff reached for the ropes to make the break. As both men got to their feet Brown charged at Jarrett in the corner but he pulled the referee in front of him as Brown crashed into him squashing the referee who went through the ropes to the outside. Brown sent Jarrett across the ring and caught him in a big press slam but as he lifted Jarrett above his head the Champion thumbed him in the eye forcing Brown to drop him down. Jarrett slid out of the ring and grabbed the guitar as Brown staggered blindly backwards holding his eyes. As Jarrett got back into the ring the Alpha Male charged across the ring and off the ropes looking for the Pounce but he ran straight into a Jarrett guitar shot. Jarrett made the cover as the referee was crawling back into the ring, 1.....2.......Brown kicked out at the last possible moment. Jarrett seemed furious putting boots into Brown and pounding on him but the Alpha Male was getting to his feet. Jarret continued to pound on him but Brown shoved him off, sending Jarrett across the ring. As Jarrett came back towards him Brown kicked him in the mid section doubling him over before picking him up and driving him down with the Alphabomb. Monty made the cover, 1......2......Jarrett rolled a shoulder out at the last minute. Brown went over to the corner and waited for Jarrett to get to his feet. Jarrett staggered slowly to his feet looking almost out as he got up. Brown charged across the ring ferociously exploding off the ropes and hitting the Pounce as Jarrett was sent crashing into the corner. Monty Brown dragged him back towards the centre of the ring and made the cover as the referee counted, 1......2........3. Brown was the winner. The crowd went wild as the referee went to raised the Alpha Male's hand. Brown shook him off and climbed to the top rope peering out into the crowd and thumping his chest. The referee handed him the World title belt as he held it in his hands staring down at it, unable to take his eyes off of it. Jarrett had been ushered backstage as Brown's attention was turned back to the ramp. Charlie Haas, the three Dudley Boys and Paul London made their way out from backstage. Brown stepped back into the centre of the ring ushering them onto him. Haas told Brown that he could have a piece of him, if he put that belt on the line. Tenay & West on announce were pleading for Brown not to accept the challenge but hthe heroic Alpha Male told Haas to get into the ring and feel the Pouuuunnnncceeeee, Period!




    NWA World Championship: Charlie Haas d. Monty Brown

    Haas stepped into the ring and immediately took over on Brown forcing him back with punches and kicks. As London and the Dudleys stood on one side of the ring up on the ramp, America's Most Wanted and all the Team Canada members including Scott d'Amore made their way out onto the ramp at the other side ready to fight them off if need be. Haas threw everything at Brown hitting him with blow after blow until Brown began no selling the punches in the corner. Brown threw his head back, thumping his chest as Haas backed away. Brown charged out of the corner and levelled him with a clothesline. Brown charged at him again but this time Haas caught him with an overhead belly to belly as he charged in. Haas then took a page out of Jeff Jarrett's playbook and locked on the figure four leglock. Brown again began to roll around in pain, desperately trying to find the ropes. Haas leaned back applying as much pressure as he could. Brown's shoulders were down, 1.....2.....he rolled it out. Brown inched closer and closer and finally got to the bottom rope. Haas backed Brown up into the corner again this time sitting him up on the top rope before climbing up to the second rope. Haas went for a superplex but Brown blocked it shoving Haas off and down to the mat. Brown looked tired and running out of gas as he stepped down waiting for Haas to get back to his feet. Brown charged off the ropes before running back at Haas but Charlie sidestepped and wrapped his hands around Brown's waist to avoid the Pounce, taking him over with a bridge German Suplex as the referee counted, 1......2........3. Charlie Haas had won the NWA World Title. Haas grabbed the belt and made his way running up the ramp towards London and the Dudleys as AMW tended to Brown, and Team Canada went backstage in disgust at what they'd just seen at the show's conclusion.

    Crowd: 79%

    Match: 66%

    Overall: 81% The crowd was red hot throughout these two matches. I'll bet my house that they did this to get the belt off Jarrett. Apparently he refused to drop it to Haas at Against All Odds so I'm sure they've had him drop it to Brown tonight, who in turn dropped it to Haas because of it. I'm not sure where this leaves Jarrett, although I don't see as it's done Brown any harm. While the crowd were really into what went on I still think they perhaps lacked the knowledge of the impact that a WWE superstar winning the NWA World Title will have but it's got to be great for the storyline.


    Overall Show: 69%

  6. Jarrett could defend the NWA World Title on Impact


    Credit: Wrestlinginthemiddler, Jay Feltzer....


    The card for this Friday's NWATNA Impact looks to be quite an interesting one. Since the involvement with the WWE TNA has switched to doing Impact live, while XPlosion remained pre taped and aired from Universal Studios. With XPlosion now gone and Impact having a longer and better timeslot it's expected that TNA will be looking to really push the show hard, especially as this week's show is in New York, a very pro WWE audience.


    As it stand they are expected to go with Petey Williams Vs Jerrelle Clark, and AJ Styles Vs Elix Skipper for the X Division title. In addition Jeff Hardy and Kid Kash are both expected to be wrestling, however not against each other. The TNA creative team still seem unsure who they will be wrestling. The big news from the show though will be some sort of NWA World Title defence for Jeff Jarrett. Again the opponent appears to be as yet undecided.


    Following the rumours running around that TNA actually wanted to put the belt on Charlie Haas at Against All Odds, a move blocked by Jarrett who flat out refused to do the job, it will be interesting to see what happens there.

  7. The Invasion angle gets mentioned on Smackdown


    Credit: Wrestlinginthemiddler, Jay Feltzer....


    For the first time since it began the WWE gave airtime to the angle they are working with TNA right now, on Smackdown. Early in the show Charlie Haas was shown talking to Theodore Long about what happened at Against All Odds and they even showed a brief video clip from the main event.


    Later on in the show General Manager Long also called Paul London into his office and said that he had something for him to do "this Friday night" which would apparently suggest another reference to the angle.


    Elsewhere on the show the Dudley Boys team of D-Von and Bubba Ray won the WWE Tag Team Titles overcoming Rey Mysterio & Rob Van Dam. Whether this was also done to enhance the TNA, WWE storyline further is as yet unclear but it certainly looks a possibility at this point.

  8. Massive NWATNA timeslot news, but XPlosion is no more


    Credit: Wrestlinginthemiddler, Jay Feltzer....


    It is common knowledge that the NWATNA have been pushing with FSN to get an improved timeslot. Well they've finally been given it but it has come at a price. With TNA desperate for a more mainstream primetime slot, and their recent association with the WWE boosting their mainsteram appeal a deal has been struck with FSN.


    As of this Friday Impact will air at 8pm and has been extended to a 90 minute show. This is about the best possible deal that TNA could have hoped for at this stage. However the Fox network weren't keen to increase the amount of TNA they were showing at this stage so with immediate effect XPlosion has been taken off the air.


    All in all this sounds like a decent enough deal for TNA as Impact is their flagship show and the one they have to use to get people tuning into the monthly PPV's.

  9. Could be an interesting gimmick for an e-fed, as long as people realise that's all it is, and not a knock on chavs as people.
    An amusing characature and an offensive stereotype aint the same thing honey, people need to recognise
  10. Say what you want about chavs, but moshers/goths etc are social rejects/losers/geeks/wannabes/not accpeted etc etc
    This thread wasn't here to bash you honey, nor was it here to start a debate about chavs vs goths. The stereotypical chav that Saracen is going to potray, isn't what you are? Is it? I'd have thought you were just being yourself hun, as opposed to fitting to some stereotype?
  11. I just think they're like totally icky and have no style whatsoever. I mean, tracksuits? Burberry? Caps? Big bits of Gold? Ewww, perlease, no way honey. And as I've just been reminded (I'm blonde, so forgive me) the sort of chav posse's I see round our area are always getting into fights. Random acts of violence on people that don't deserve are just so not cool.
  12. See like, I totally used to have weird eyes and stuff. I mean, they'd be getting all tired and flakey and everything and it was just so icky. But then I found this gorgeous fabulous Botanics Ultimate Lift Eye Gel. It's so part of my daily facial routine now, well one of my facial routine's *oops*. But seriously, it's just fabulous and totally perks up those tired lazy eyes at times when a girl so need them. Get yourself into Boots girlfriend and pick it up, it's only like £4 or something and it's such a Godsend darling.
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  13. Yeah see from seeing a fight from each of them, and admittedly I've only seen each of the three fight once Liddell and Couture impressed me more than Ortiz did. Couture dominated darling Vitor in a way that Tito struggled to, and Liddell just looked plain devastating against Vernon White.


    The only concern I'd have with Liddell Vs Ortiz is that Ortiz is getting far too under his skin far too easily. The way Liddell stormed into the octagon at the end of the show at even the slightest mention of his name made me a little bit worried that come fight time he'd be too keen to hurt Ortiz, rather than calmly plotting his destruction but we'll see, when, and if, the fight ever happens. I know who I'll be cheering for if it does but I have a horrid vision of that ugly smug grin of Ortiz's being there at the end of the fight as a beaten Liddell sits on the mat hunched up and defeated. I so like totally hope that doesn't happen.

  14. Whys Orton even on the card at all?

    I seriously question WWE these days after seeing en episode of RAW and a PPV and It made me glad, glad I dont watch on a regular basis, because the entire shows are just bland these days.


    Thank the lord for Edge

    Why's Orton on the card honey? Because he has a stack load of talent and potential.
  15. "The Best of Taz in ECW"


    Taz Vs Shane Douglas - Guilty as Charged 1999

    Dean Malenko & Too Cold Scorpio Vs Eddie Guerrero & the Tazmaniac - Heatwave 1995

    Taz Vs Bam Bam Bigelow - Heatwave 1998

    Taz Vs Sabu - Barely Legal 1997

    Public Enemy Vs Benoit & Malenko Vs Tazmaniac & Rick Steiner - Three Way Dance 1995

    Taz Vs Johnny Smith - Ultimate Jeopardy 1996


    Special Bonus match in full - Taz Vs Paul Varelans

    Special Clipped Highlighst bonus - Taz Vs Rob Van Dam - For the TV title but I can't remember the show

  16. Really if your being honest thats not true is it
    Yes it is, read what I said. In every game I've seen where the two have played opposite each other in the past three years Keane has looked slow and lethargic and out of his depth. Every game I've seen.
  17. "The Best of the Ultimate Warrior"


    Ultimate Warrior Vs Hulk Hogan WMVI

    Ultimate Warrior Vs Randy Savage WMVII

    Ultimate Warrior, Shawn Michaels, Marty Jannetty & Jim Neidhart Vs Andre the Giant, Arn Anderson, Bobby Heenan & Haku Survivor Series 89

    Ultimate Warrior Vs Rick Rude SummerSlam 90

    Ultimate Warrior Vs HHH (You just have to put this one on as much as possible, Warrior squashing people rules, especially when it's Trippers)

    Ultimate Warrior & the Undertaker Vs Papa Shango & the Berzerker


    I'd also fill it with lots of buildup and promos etc to the matches listed there and as a special bonus I'd have a Jim Hellwig shoot interview which would no doubt be highly entertaining

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