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  1. The games are free for the month that they are in the PS+ window, but so long as you have an active subscription, the games remain playable. One big change since this was last updated is that the PS3 and Vita is no longer supported, so there is only two PS4 games (and sometimes a VR title) each month. That being said, there is always a batch of games that have PS+ discounts applied (which change periodically), and sales will now and again have double-discounts (i.e. the actual sales discount, with a PS+ price cut on top). It is well worth the money, especially when you can download a game you would likely never buy, and realise it's pretty damn great.
  2. Haven't been around for a while, so thought I'd pop in and see what was said about the Rumble. Give over, man. Meltzer's opinions are just that, but to say he doesn't have any credible inside knowledge is as asinine a statement as has been said on this forum... and I was here for the Jayfunk era. If the male Rumble had went on last, it wouldn't have mattered if the crowd were burnt out by the end of it as there would have been nothing following it. Wrestling is littered with teams that disliked each other and then either grew to like each other and teamed or were forced to team up, got their shit together and became credible duos. As for the show itself, here's my opinions on the matches. CW 6-Man Obviously booked at relatively short notice, but it was a nice (if nothing special) match to kick things off proper and entertain the few fans who came into the building early. The Revival v The Good Brothers Much better than their waste of time at RAW 25 (I prefer to go with anything that happened in the Manhattan Center was non-canon), this was a good tag-match. Both are capable of much better, but as this in the middle of a pre-show, no need to blow your load totally. I did love the leg work from the old-shoolers and that it played perfectly into the finish. Roode v Mojo I like Mojo, his promos leading up to the match with Ryder were next level, but this was a waste of Roode and of Rawley. The open-challenge aspect needs to be dropped as every US Champ since Cena has done it, but it has only worked with Big Match John because of who he is and that he faced a litany of guys overall. This match meant nothing in the grand scheme of things and will be one of those "Oh yeah, I forgot they fought then" bouts you have jarred back into your memory when the two guys meet in a better setting. AJ v Canadian Friends The start of this with the quick tags was fun, while these three are always good to watch. The wrestling isn't the problem here, it's the authority-figure storyline backdropping it that sucks. And with the pin being made on the illegal man, it's only going to continue. They cannot have the title on anyone but Styles come 'Mania. If they tease us now with him v Nakamura, only to switch the title to someone else, I think I'll cry. Usos v American Beta The first fall was fantastic and while I liked the nature of the second fall coming due to Shelton's hubris, I did felt cheated because I'd have loved them to have gone another 10-15mins (akin to the best-of-three between Revival and DIY). Men's Royal Rumble This was fantastic. Perfectly placed surprise entrants, pretty much everyone got something to do in the match. Corbin got to destroy people on the way out, people got to hit Slater on the way in, Sheamus got dumped by Slater (yeah), Almas and Cole got a big pop in this house, though nothing topped the surprise pop for Mysterio. The final six being three old versus three new was relayed well, as was the Cena / Reigns against Balor / Nakamura for the final four. Big spots leading to Reigns charging into a Kinshasa was the perfect end to one of the best Rumble matches. Jordan / Rollins v The Bar An angle more than a match, it was OK, but struggled after the emotional high of the previous match. This should, hopefully, be the end of the former champs as a tag-team, but I look forward to seeing JJ as the entitled (and oblivious) daddy's-boy heel. Monster v Machine v Beast This was a lot of fun. Strowman clattering Brock with a stiff knee, followed by Lesnar rattling Braun with a legit full-force punch to the head, set the tone. Not much wrestling, but we got what we needed; big men hurling each other around, tables being broken and Kane eating the pin. Women's Royal Rumble First off, Stephanie was great on commentary. Sure, she wasn't calling the action as such, but she did a great job of putting over the match and everyone in it. Plus it was refreshing to have her and both champions out there and it not be a factor in the match at any point. The right person won (I too was disappointed that Kharma wasn't in there, though if they are building Nia, it wouldn't make sense to have a more evolved version of that same character appear in the same match), the surprises were nice, though I felt there were too many Legends and spots could have been given to more NXT roster members. That being said, Vikki's appearance put a smile on my face and Ronda Rousey appearing at the end could be a legit game-changer if booked and promoted properly. Overall, the Rumble and Takeover were two great nights of wrestling. MANIA SEASON!!!!
  3. Armageddon... and I'm not even joking. "THAT IS MY FATHER UP THERE" and "That man's not a salesman. That's your daddy" get me every time. More traditionally, Sweet November.
  4. Neville is still around (i.e. under contract), so he might come back, though more likely into the main-show mid-card.
  5. It was still sports-entertainment, with flamboyant characters and the like. The term itself may not have been coined at this point (Vince hadn't taken over from his dad), but the wrestling had started to move away from the pure-shooter-style of wrestling (40min matches with 30mins of headlocks, etc).
  6. The finisher works when done properly. These two didn't lift Mojo high enough or drop him hard enough, but if they can get better at it, then the move is great for them. Here are the Backseat Boyz hitting their version. If BB hit it with this much impact (and with their size), it'll look deadly. Jump to 3:46.
  7. It's a catch-22. The division doesn't have as much credibility as it should (though it's getting there), so when someone is put on the show, the perception is that it's a demotion or not enough of a promotion for those coming in from NXT. But the other side of that coin is to get the credibility we (as smarks) crave, you need to put established talents in the division. Neville did a great job and Enzo is keeping the fire burning, so the more "names" that go in the better.
  8. It was sports-entertainment back then too.
  9. Remakes are almost as old as the movie business itself. Case in point; The Great Train Robbery, considered the first "proper" movie was released in 1903 and was essentially remade in 1904 as The Bold Bank Robbery. As I've said many, many times (including the article Kam kindly mentioned), remakes are not automatically bad movies in the same way original films are not automatically good. A great film is a great film and a terrible film is a terrible film, regardless of whether it has been made before or not. Also, if we had no remakes, there would be no Heat, no Bourne Identity with Matt Damon, no Man on Fire with Denzel Washington, no Cronenberg version of The Fly, no Heston version of Ben Hur. Really, you could go on and on with listing remakes that are on a par or better than the originals, while there are even more that are just good-to-great films in their own right. The Wizard of Oz you're talking about is a remake. There was a live-action version in 1925 and an animated version in 1933 before Garland's film in 1939.
  10. That's the thing though; it's his sandbox and his toys, so he can do what he likes with them in that regard.
  11. If it outright contradicts what is happening on the show (or in future episodes for said characters), accidentally (on purpose) mentions a spoiler or has the talent openly dissing their booking, etc, then Vince will rightly feel it's going to be a problem. If the show was done in the vein of Bring It to the Table (i.e. non-kayfabe), then that would be different, but it's meant to be an extension of Smackdown Live, so I can see his point. That doesn't mean I'm for the show being cancelled as it was always good value. Perhaps moving it back to being directly after Smackdown and instructing the talent to stray from anything that could be construed as kayfabe-breaking. That or having it aired on a different day and used as a partial-kayfabe interview / recap show.
  12. From reports, it was a snap decision by Vince McMahon because he didn't like that it was genuinely unscripted, meaning the talent were speaking for themselves in their own words (he was concerned it would affect the scripted shows should a TS comment contradict something).
  13. To flip that around, I doubt any of the sponsors would risk being tarnished as anti-LGBT by commenting / acting negatively towards such a storyline.
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