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  1. I guess I missed it the past few weeks. It's a pretty terrible angle though. I know they're trying to say that it's making him more and more upset, but it honestly makes me care about him less every time it happens.
  2. I was also going to say Kane for one choice. It does kind of make sense since Kane is "resurrected" and all. Although I think he'll be busy I also think having him and Punk feud could be a good match. Have Punk saying how he's the best in the world and there's only one way to prove that, and that's by breaking the streak. Play that angle and build it up. End it with Punk losing but Taker raising his hand after the match. That does however make sense, and this is WWE so I say...Miz
  3. Brotus Clay. They teased giving him a match on and off for a while, and now they don't even mention him anymore. Not that I see that as a big waste or anything, but there's never any mention of him anymore.
  4. Orton makes the stipulation for the match tables at the TLC ppv? Wow, shine on you crazy diamond.
  5. For starters put together some sort of coherent booking. Then basically like everyone said above. Bring the X division to the forefront, and if you want to focus on the Knockouts get ones that can work and work well. Then bring your heavyweight title to the point where it is the be all end all of your company. Finally I'm alright with the tv title or just ONE secondary title (IC, US, TV, whatever) and make sure it means something. DO like they did in ECW when RVD had it for like a year and show that while it's not the WHC it's pretty close and those holding it are on their way to bigger things. After that, just make sure the booking is solid and slowly let the business build itself.
  6. Agreed. If not this could be an absolute DISASTER! Hopefully good taste will be used on this.
  7. I agree. When Taker goes out it should be with him getting the top billing. The only thing I wish is that they would have him around more than just the WM build and match, but I know with his injuries and that it makes it kind of hard.
  8. I would say a big part of the problem is the booking. I don't mind having the personal story lines in there, but what ever happened to "I want your belt and I'm taking it?" It seems like anymore its "I hate you so we're going to fight and you just happen to be holding a title belt so maybe I'll take that if I can too." One other thing with WWE is that I think they are shying away from making characters....as much as they were during the attitude era. You had people like Undertaker, Kane, Mankind, etc back then and now it seems more like they're trying to be more conservative with the characters they write if that makes sense. There's no real creativity there. It's more like generic big/almost as big guy. Finally is the booking. As you guys have said before, it seems like they set guys up and get scared right when they're about to break and smash them. That or they rush guys into something they're not ready for, and are surprised when it doesn't work so the assumption is they guy isn't talented enough and his push is abandoned. While I do concede the talent may not be on the same Austin/Hogan level I still think a number of guys on the current roster could get over. They just have to get a solid and uninterrupted push.
  9. I think Raven deserves a nod in here. While the matches weren't always main event, he was good week in and week out.
  10. Yeah, that Punk Ziggler match was amazing! Great all around. They're doing the same thing with Clay they did with the Cole challenge. Quite honestly I could care less about it, but I don't even recall them acknowledging him other than the promo. No mention of how he was supposed to debut was there?
  11. I'll agree. Everything has to be about twitter now. Who cares? As to the show I liked Punk. The show was pretty meh on the whole though. The Rock's return was okay at best. The Foley this is your life thing was painful. It was alright, but it really the regular RAW with an extra hour of mediocrity tacked on.
  12. Why is there no video posted on this with Show doing the Spinaroonie?
  13. Yeah, but traditionally the people that are more apt to watch wrestling are the ones that he hates. Not the white collar corporate titans of industry. Seems odd that he's hating the people that support him.
  14. I think it might be an assumption that people think wrestling is "stupid" or something along those lines. Maybe he thinks there's a negative perception. There is also the whole Vince being Insane thing...
  15. She has that snaggle tooth though. Her mouth has bad day written all over it.
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