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  1. 1998 WCW... started at Crockett ages ago and am now (literally right now) watching Souled Out 98. Not seen much WCW past 97 so I’m finding this stuff pretty interesting. Having always been a WWF guy I just had no time for WCW by the time I was old enough to go out drinking and partaking in other adult activities. I’ve obviously read the horror stories, but excluding the excruciating disaster of Hogan/Sting there is some really good stuff here, I mean if you compare all of it to the current WWE then it’s ALL award worthy stuff... although I’ve not watched WWE for a few years I still read about it (I know, right?) and I just can’t... Getting back on track, this Sould Out Show is ok... not got to Bret/Flair yet (which is what I’m looking forward too) but the Rick Martel revival.... hot dang! I’ve just seen Nash kill the Big Show! I’ve only ever heard about it but damn. Anyhoo, the Model is great. Dusty Rhodes however... that no good turncoat f**k! Still not quite understood why Hall had Rad Radfod in his corner, however. Flair’s now walking that aisle... shame he doesn’t have the 92 WWF intro music because that’s the only Flair music that counts. Speaking of intro music, Bret Hart’s WCW theme is horrifying. Poor Bret, his life is catastrophic post screw job. I believe the only Bret WCW match I’ve seen is the Benoit one done in tribute to Owen. Bret’s really good here plus he has black wrist tape which is, for some reason, noticeable. Ric Flair is Flair before WCW took his soul and he’s great... “Ahhhh god! Ahhh ouch! Ahhhh my leg!” This is a good match, it’s taking me an age to write this because I keep having to stop to watch it... I wish wrestling was even half as good nowadays *sigh*... A clean finish submission win for the Hitman! Fancy that!? Flair really is the greatest of all time laying down for the only wrestler that’s had more sex than him! It was the right move and I’m hella excited for the Nitro follow up... is there is one. Savage/Luger main event. Man, watching all the 97 Nitro’s has really made me a fan of Flexy Lexy. I know it’s proper weird that I’d get behind a guy that comes out every week and wins matches but I’m lying and it’s not weird... people who win make me care. Also WCW Miss Elizabeth is ridiculously attractive. It’s a real shame what happened to this trio... Luger wins with the Torture rack... wrack... back breaker. I’m horrified that I know the nWo split into two groups and mortified that Sting becomes nWo... and I guess it’s 98 that it happens, but I’m gonna stick with it. It’s taken about 4 years for me to get this far and I’m not giving up!
  2. A few years ago there was uproar because Triple H talked down to his then Wrestlemania opponant, John Cena. It was deemed stupid that Triple H and Cena himself agreed that Cena wasn't a very good wrestler. Skip forward a few years and instead of talking down to his opponant, John Cena is putting them 'over'. Yes, he also praised Randy Orton. Even as a massive Triple H fan, I had to agree that 'burying' your Wrestlemania opponant in promo form isn't the most sensible thing in the world. As it happened, Triple H lost to someone who "isn't a very good wrestler". Far from praising John Cena for putting his opponants 'over' on commmentary, some folks on here are ripping on Triple H for making Cena put him over. I mean, what!? Does Triple H have a double who's backstage feeding Cena lines? No, of course not. Some people are retarded in their hate for Triple H. Orton got just as much praise from Cena, who will look a lot better in victory or defeat from how well he spoke about his Wrestlemania opponants.
  3. Surely Matt Hardy will be back this week. Umaga runs in and MVP gets disqualified, Hardy in for the save, Batista and Hardy vs Umaga and MVP next week. So says my crystal ball, anyway.
  4. It's because they're fools. I don't accept for one second that Edge is undefeated at Wrestlemania. He lost the MITB match in the exact same way that Shawn Michaels lost to Razor Ramon at Wrestlemania 10. Sure, he's never been pinned, but if they're playing that card, then his two TLC victories and his MITB win don't count, as he didn't actually pin anyone. Thus Edge's so-called "streak" isn't as impressive as the WWE would have you believe.
  5. Just to kind of back-up my earlier point, Play.com are knocking out a Samsung Blu-Ray player for £230.
  6. I know it's a bit dorky to go look at his MySpace, but Smacksown! is so shitty, I just needed to see if there was any info on Matt Hardy's return. The above, gives me hope for the future.
  7. I can't possibly understand how DMC feels different on the 360. It's the same game on both consoles except you use a different joypad - oh, and it's a tenner more expensive on the PS3. Big name games like DMC and GTA cost millions to make, publish and promote and it's simply not cost effective to limit your audience to one console - ecspecially when the PS3 isn't in as many homes as the PS2 was. In house games do kind of contradict what I'm saying, but in house games are in the minority. EA and Activision will publish 3 times as many games than Sony and Microsoft. The obvious exception to the rule are Nintendo - but because they have Mario, Zelda, Pokemon and the amazingly successful Brain Training, there's little risk in producing something offbeat like Nintendogs (which has also paid off) and other interesting titles. Adding to the fact that nobody does Nintendo like Nintendo and the (compared to) cheap cost's in developing for the Wii and DS and that 90% of Nintendo games make a profit, it's easy to see how Nintendo can keep churning out games. Anyhoo, like I've probably posted in this thread a few times, my opinion is still the same. The PS3 lacks quality games that appeal to me. It does of course have some great games, but most of them are on the 360 aswell - a lot of them 3 months before they're on the PS3. In honesty, if I could get hold of one, I'd take it. It is a good piece of kit and knowing that I'd be sent games to review - for free - means I wouldn't have to worry about buying games for it. But as of right now, I have more personally appealng things to spend my money on to even consider spashing out on a PS3.
  8. Yeah, you can download them on the 360 in HD. I only assume they're on Sky Movies HD - but if all three films have been made for HD, it's pretty likely they are. None of them really appeal to me and the fact that I won't have HD for 2 weeks (:D) means I haven't actually checked. EDIT: It is a good point on the Blu-Ray, but now it's been decided that Blu-Ray will be the only format, I'm sure the shelves will be filled with them by Christmas - at affordable prices.
  9. I assume the meeting held to decide on what the Europeon bundles should be, went a little something like this... Sony #1: How about one which comes with 3 films that you can watch on Sky and even download on to the Xbox. Sony #2: Good idea. Sony #1: And for a second bundle Sony #2 (interupting): Woah there fella! A second bundle? Sony #1: Yeah, I believe many Europeon customers aren't quite decided on the whole; Should I get a PS3 or not deal? Sony #2: Well, I guess you're right. Sony #1: Thanks man. Right, how's about a brand new Playstation 3 - with a 40gb HDD and a Gran Turismo 5 demo that will also be availible for download at the fraction of the cost of a proper game - ALL.....for €300! Sony #2: Hot Dog!!!
  10. I write reviews for wonderwallweb.com, I should have Beautiful Katamari up no later than Thursday evening. We're also one of the first websites in the world to have a LOST review.
  11. I got sent a review copy today and thus far, it's problematic. I'm not overly keen - it's not horrible - just not great either. Still, I'll give it some more time over the next couple of days. Who knows, the annoying goon than keeps interupting the gameplay may vanish, hopefully because of death and the game may reach above average....hopefully - for my sake, at least.
  12. I think a lot of you have got it wrong. I don't believe this 'exersise' will fail. Wrestlemania will probably do around $40-$45 million, will get loads of publicity and will be an excellent show. Hell, even if it doesn't - I really couldn't give a toss how much they're paying Mayweather. I do know he's a bigger star than Paul London, DH Smith, Snitsky, Big Daddy V, Mark Henry, Great Khali, Shelton Benjamin, Charlie Hass, Cody Rhodes, Deuce and Domino and countless others. If WWE do end up needing to recoup $20 million - then for christ sake - fire this lot of losers.
  13. Mega Hyper you may have stopped the show but I have a remote control with a big play button and have started it again Birthday.
  14. Mega Hyper Double Damn D on Duty Brucie Bonus ddddddddddddddppppppppppppppdave Birthday.
  15. But that's stupid. If Matt Hardy returns as a surprise entrant in the elimination chamber match, then why would he demand a match with MVP for the US title? If Hardy's in the Chamber - he'll win....really easily and then he'll go on to win the World title at Wrestlemania.
  16. Stupid Randy Orton spoiling my Wrestlemania main event.
  17. I'm going to start one of those internet rumours; Matt Hardy will return on this Fridays Smackdown! Oh BABY!
  18. I'm 3rd in the world on The Club - albeit, on one leaderboard using the 'reckless' option. I'm also ranked 6th on another. I'm awesome. The Club is awesome......if your a high score junkie. Oh......a cheap plug seems to have materialised in my post http://wonderwallweb.com/article-287-The-Club.html
  19. For anyone wanting a PAL version of Fire Pro, import it from Australia. They also use PAL and of course everything will be in English.
  20. Mega Hyper I once saw a big mountain but decided not to climb it Birthday.
  21. Man, Santino is going to go nuts when he sees this.
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