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  1. New music doesn't really do much for me to be honest, the majority of stuff I listen to now is what I was listening to 10 years ago! Although I will say that George Ezra is one of the recent artists I have actually taken to, such an incredible voice that you wouldn't expect to hear from a kid like that (at least I didn't expect it anyway)
  2. Alan

    Black Panther Movie

    I think that trailer looks pretty epic, Marvel seem to have worked out their formula for success and they are getting better and better as they continue to build this MCU. Black Panther will be another solid addition to the universe if this trailer is anything to go by.
  3. Good? Kam, me thinks you doth understate how fantastic this trailer is! The whole MCU has got me hooked, and a few years ago I got right back in to watching movies at the cinema purely on the basis of these. Thor: The Dark World wasn't the most amazing entry into the MCU, but solid all the same. However Ragnarok, this looks excellent. I can't wait to see how the MCU films this year continue to bring everyone together ready for Infinity War.
  4. I was reading somewhere yesterday (can't remember what article it was that got retweeted onto my twitter timeline) that supposedly Mauro and the WWE have come to a settlement agreement. Both Mauro & JBL released short statements but didn't have much detail. Mauro is still under contract with the fed till August 12th, but he's allowed to do any other work except for pro wrestling between now and that time. It's a shame as Mauro has one of my favourite announcers since he arrived, and the dream team for me was him alongside Graves.
  5. Alan


    I'm in the same boat, although only 4 episodes in. It's tough to keep track of exactly what the situation is at times, but I think episode 3 helped alleviate that to an extent. Still, a very entertaining show and worth sticking with (at the moment at least)
  6. It's disappointing to me really that we're likely getting AJ/Shane at Mania, but given that Mania is the day the "old guard" are the focus, the guys that the rest of the world recognise, I'm also just pleased to have Styles on the show for the second year in a row. On a separate note, one of the best things on Smackdown recently have been the promos from The Miz. Riddled with minor tinges of reality, things that the fans have believed for some time re: Cena and his stroke backstage, such passion coming through too. Ok so the match it looks to be leading to may not set the night on fire, but this week Miz was on fire, and it continued on Talking Smack afterwards too.
  7. Coming Home...........
  8. It's been a fair few years since i came back here to TWO, but after Kam asked me to be involved in the newsletter i felt as though i had to come back and say something. Well done TWO on making 10 years, you was kind to me during my time here, best wishes to the site and the members for the future. The newsletter is superb as it always was back in the day, so keep it up! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TWO!
  9. I'm grateful for the kind words said by you guys, much appreciated. I wont be making a goodbye thread like many others do, so whilst KJ went and done this, i'll make my speech in here. Nothing contraversial like some of my peers though. I first joined TWO in 2002 as a young, gullable wrestling fan. At the time i thought this place was the greatest place on the net. Ok that view has now changed, but with time that'll happen to all of you! I've met some absolutely outstanding people on here, some of which i can happily say have become close friends, some who i havent got on too well with, but thats their loss. I'd like to say thanks firstly to Kam, as without him this site would never have existed in the first place. Also thanks for trusting me with the responsibility of working with KJ as the Other Sports Forum Leader. KJ, what can i say buddy? Your a top bloke, working with you for the last two years has been a great experience and talking to you is always something i enjoy. I'll do my best to catch you on MSN but i know you aint on there much. I wish you and your family well, your a good man KJ, one who has my utmost respect. Popsi, another person who i trust completely. Meeting you was a pleasure, becoming friends with you was something so much better. Yeah we had a snippet of no talking, but i am glad we got round that and i love ya to bits. Your a true friend Lucy. Nicole, now i know she's on/off the forums lately, so whether she'll see this is doubtful. You've been a great pal to me ever since we started talking, and if it wasnt for TWO i would never have had the chance to share so many laughs with you (remember the birthday call last year?). Your a top girl, dont let ANYONE tell you otherwise, you have my respect and my love. I cant rate you highly enough young lady. Chris(2k), your an ace fella, glad to know i may have helped ever so slightly in your NFL love. M1tch (ok you wont get this but heh) your highly respected by me, knowledge is power son, and you got loads to keep you going. Cripp, we dont talk too much, but here and BN your a legend, its been wonderful talking to you when it happens, top man. MLM, i'll see you over at BN thats for sure, but as for TWO i'm off completely. Your a legend in the same league as Cripp and even the rarely seen Pabster, i have got so much respect for you. Pabby, if ya see it your a legend! To those who i've spoken to over the years and not had problems with, thank you all so much. Gringo, TGO, Russ, Colin, Miss T, BRM, Inno, Phizzle, Dickie Hyde, HSM, Kessler, Goldy, Amy, AC1D :lol Brett Banner, Walshy, Fill, Trash, Jayden, and my replacement The Wolverine. Great people the lot of you. To those who hate me, you know who you are, thanks, you've helped me be the cheery guy i am today, and if you do have a problem with me, say it to me, rather than just say that you hate me in a thread when ive never even met you :D I've done some stupid things in my life, joining TWO 4 years ago wasnt one of them, and leaving TWO now is not one of them either. I'll miss some of the people, but i wont miss the site. I'll be here till the World Cup is over as i want to see who wins the League. But after that i'm off. Take care people :thumbsup
  10. Evil Gringo vs Ray Well done to the both of you for getting this far, now you have to see how has the bragging rights over each other by predicting the following parts of the World Cup Final between Italy and France this Sunday! WOLVERINE EDIT - Could both of you send me your predictions via PM instead of posting them in the thread? Thanks. Italy vs France Full Time Score: Half Time Score: 1st Goal Scorer: Time of First Goal:
  11. Citizen Kane vs Omar Days Well done to the both of you for getting this far, now you have to see how has the bragging rights over each other by predicting the following parts of the Third Place Playoff between Germany and Portugal this Saturday! WOLVERINE EDIT - Could both of you send me your predictions via PM instead of posting them in the thread? Thanks. Germany vs Portugal Full Time Score: Half Time Score: 1st Goal Scorer: Time of First Goal:
  12. Well all the tables have now been updated with my final official act as Other Sports Forum Leader. Congratulations to the Gringo and Ray for making the final, and congrats to CK and Omar for making the Third Place playoff. Best of luck to you all!
  13. Thank you kind sir, oh and when i did take a previous dig at dodgy tables being unofficial and wrong, it wasnt you or Wolverine who were the intended recipients. Anyway the tie-breaker is a heartbreaker, as after careful discussion with KJ we decided it was to come down to the scores from the first round. So with that in mind the tables finish as so: Group A 1 Evil Gringo 7 2 Citizen Kane 7 3 Moobs 6 4 Sav 6 Group B 1 Ray 7 2 Omar Days 4 3 TGO 4 4 Jaymzy 2 Ray will take on Gringo in the final, whilst Citizen Kane will fight Omar Days for the 3rd place playoff! Well done one and all!
  14. Mitch and me have had our differences over the years, but over the past year or so we've seen eye to eye and i have all the time in the world for the guy. Draven, M1TCH3LL, fella, your a top bloke, your handy to have on messenger when i have techie questions, and i have a lot of respect for you. I'll keep buggin you on MSN, but for the purpose of this thread, best of luck fella.
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