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  1. [video=youtube;nG1gRK5b_v0] These are gonna be huge soon. Got backing from Radio 1, supported Arctic Monkeys live and are putting out some belters. The album is going to end up being quite good and, if enough people jump on the wagon early, we have our next Biffy Clyro (not so much musically but just a band who take off out of nowhere).
  2. From everything I've read for about two months now, Evra knows he is winding down and is happy to start grooming the next person into the role.
  3. Not a transfer, but Patrice Evra has signed a one year extension with United. Great news. He's a leader of men for us. Top interviews, always passionate, hated by rival fans and never shy of trolling them. Furthermore, if the Luke Shaw transfer is as nailed on as claimed, I could think of worse mentors for him to have. Fair play to him for sticking around to help the process along. At one point, he was the best LB in the league. Hopefully he can pass some wisdom along to Shaw.
  4. My new jam dropped a video yesterday. On point! [video=youtube;JvMXVHVr72A]
  5. Van Gaal in, Giggs (as a player) out. A news worthy day for United and indeed for the Premier League. No matter what anyone thinks of his personal life and the last few seasons of being largely a bit player, Giggsy is probably the player most representative of the Premier League. Not only has he won tonnes of trophies but he was, for many years, a pin up for girls (as a hot young kid) and guys (as this local lad done good). More over, he was a damn good player. He isn't the best player ever in the Premier League, but he is the best Premier League player of all time, simply because of who he was, what he did, what he won and how important he was to the club and to the league. Godspeed, Giggsy... [video=youtube;DFg_jpnlycE]
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