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  1. It's a good job I watch wrestling between the rumble and mania so I got to see this. And the bit about Cena I take full credit for - [YOUTUBE]tErXMLVHF8E[/YOUTUBE]
  2. Well I'm still off until the 5th of October. Not employed so I haven't been doing much (which is why I decided to pay a visit to TWO again). Went to Spain for the Benicassim festival, had all my stuff nicked, came home, went to the Sonisphere festival and have done nothing much of interest since.
  3. The best fitting pair of jeans I have came from Primark - length and waist are just right. All other jeans are just a little bit too long and end up getting frayed and they're a bit too big round the waist so it's belt or round my arse (almost as bad a look as skinny jeans). My newest pair cost about £90 and have a 28" waist. They didn't have them in a 30 and were too nice to not have, it just means I can't put much in the pockets :).
  4. I missed this place. The colour scheme still sucks though :)
  5. Kurt Angle won an Olympic gold medal with a broken FREAKIN neck. It's not a definate career ender. Although as said, Meltzer reported earlier on that Hardy's neck is fine, it was an elbow infection.
  6. He's informing people about a wrestler... and considering he's a wrestling journalist, that fits his job description. More importantly Glamorella + Manscaping > Everything ever.
  7. Pop group songs are cheesy, not that gay. I shamelessly listen to Whiteney Houston's "I wanna dance with somebody." That is gay.
  8. http://www.freewrestlinggames.com Actually, I think I'm getting this free as well, but unlike Mitch, I'm excited about it.
  9. IRONY~! Pretty much all the suggestions here are stupid.
  10. Just got up (:D) and it doesn't look bad out there.
  11. I like the idea of having the wedding private and having the reception on TV.
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