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  1. Well we know the answer now but like what was said before, the last time Tito went into the ring with an older man or someone quite old for the sport, he got spanked during the fight.
  2. I have to agree Fury, I am very pissed off :evil . The way Tito explained the fight after was funny though, Tito didn't want the fight after looking at the weigh in and the way Ken started the fight.
  3. Whats wrong with that, he is great at what he does, so it doesn't matter does it?
  4. The fake Kane is back £2 Tazz is used £1 Vince Opens the show £2
  5. Only a few of those matches can only be agreed by a majority of fans, I don't really want to see JBL vs. Dibiase, maybe Dibiase in his prime, and Boogeyman vs. Papa Shango is ridiculously stupid, but only because I dislike the Boogeyman and his talentless ways in the ring.
  6. Because in a way they are as they will be selling to different products and both believe in different ways of wrestling, they are the same company now but they are generally seen as two different things when it comes down to this. Also, it was Ineedfriends who was the first one to separate the companies by saying that it will be a step down for Benoit to be in ECW.
  7. "We are the new bWO and we are taking over"
  8. Firstly, most pure athletes have said it in shoot interviews but haven't made it into something serious because they do want to stay, I still believe that is a reason why Chris Jericho left the WWE. Secondly, Kurt Angle has not left for the reduced scheudle at all... Thirdly, Benoit could have great matches with the SAT, Kid Kash, CM Punk, RVD, obviously Angle who I can't believe you missed out, CW Anderson and can also have good matches with people such as Sabu, Danny Doring, basically nearly all the ECW Roster.
  9. I believe for Benoit and Malenko it will be a step up, maybe not for their career but for their love of wrestling. Thye have boith said how they dislike the WWE because it takes the fun and love out of wrestling, the same as people such as Billy Kidman have said, so I believe ECW where they do keep the love of wrestling alive will be the right place for them if they want that, if they want their careers to be a highlight and they just want the money then they should stay put.
  10. There isn't that long left until ECW re-launches, and we have heard word that Rhino would be interested if everything was right, we have heard however that Raven strongly dislikes the idea, but we haven't heard from the Dudleys or even people like Jerry Lynn. Do you think any of the TNA stars will leave for tyhe new ECW product, and if you think some will what ones do you think will? I would of thought some would of gone but i personally think it's a bit late now unless they introduce them later. I believe Rhino will eventually, and I can see Jerry Lynn going also. Maybe even Simon Diamond as he could be used well in ECW with WWE still having Swinger in the DSW. There is also talk of New Jack and people such as Angel and Devito going, and also they could include bringing in Christian York now that Joey Matthews doesn't have a tag team partner on Smackdown? Your thoughts?
  11. They won't use the Hardcore Title if they have the ECW brand. I can actually see Mick Foley and Edge having a match sometime soon to crown the real hardcore champion, then I can actually see Mick Foley winning and going to ECW and making that the ECW Title, him being the champion and maybe feuding with Tommy Dreamer or something like that. I can also see RVD not winning at ONS and then in ECW feuding with the SAT with maybe a tag team partner like Kid Kash for a while, I just think they will use the SAT well in that sense.
  12. I can see Kurt Angle vs. CW Anderson matches, which will be great and not involve weapon shots most of the time.
  13. Well I am not suprised that it was the Freakin Deacon. I am not trying to sound all bigheaded by that but wasn't it around November time last year that the Freakin Deacon was supposed to come onto Raw and start a feud with Kane, they have been working on this for a while and it could be done in the way that freakin deacon knew him from the past and has come back for revenge.
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