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  1. Sorry guys. My gran passed away couple of days ago. Spent last 4-5 days in hospital. I will get a grip soon and be back reviewing and posting my picks.
  2. Happy returns Maxx. Have a nice one.
  3. Horrendous movie of EPIC proportions.
  4. Happy Birthday Hannah. Have a blast.
  5. 15:00 Norwich City 1 v. 2 Southampton 15:00 Queens Park Rangers 2 v. 1 Sunderland 15:00 Reading 1 v. 2 Aston Villa 15:00 West Bromwich Albion 1 v. 2 Swansea City 15:00 Birmingham City 1 v. 2 Derby County 15:00 Bolton Wanderers 1 v. 0 Brighton and Hove Albion 15:00 Bristol City 1 v. 0 Middlesbrough 15:00 Crystal Palace 2 v. 0 Leeds United 15:00 Huddersfield Town 1 v. 1 Charlton Athletic 15:00 Leicester City 1 v. 2 Sheffield Wednesday
  6. Looks like Australia's A team is touring India.
  7. We got robbed over both the legs, f*cking disgraceful refereeing. Varane shouldn't be playing in the second leg at all as he should have been sent off in the first leg with us having a free kick from a promising position. Then, our RED. I mean rule book and all is fine, but being on the field, referring a match of this magnitude, one has to be a little pragmatic about the way he approaches the game. Award cards on its merits, but don't f*cking do it just because you have been taught to when you know that it REALISTICALLY DOESN'T warrant a red. F*cking tool ruined it for us and robbed us of a deserving last 8 berth. Haters having a laugh at us, go on then, laugh yourself to death over your teams inability to even qualify for the CL, let alone compete in it. :lol
  8. Guy had a flair though. BUT good riddance.
  9. You entertained us man. RIP.
  10. If this poor decision costs us the match then imma let SHL lose on the ref's ass. In other news, Dortmund are annihilating Shakhtar. Edit: F*ck that.
  11. I despise City, but I wouldnt call City a joke of a club seeing as how they stuck it up ours last season and the joke was on us.The influx of money in PL is making it more competetive and thrilling where teams are being assembled to take on us. Sometimes it goes right and then some goes tits up. But Chelsea are in no way a joke seeing as they won it a couple of times already and can be real title contenders once Jose returns.
  12. Cabin Fever wouldn't even feature in Top 50 grossiest films ever, let alone being on top. :lol
  13. How can a team go around bossing Reading one day to being torn to shreds by Liverpool the next week? Oh wait, it was Reading !!
  14. Haunting in Connecticut 2: Maxx was so right. Horrible movie. Cabin Fever: Cerina Vincent.Wow.
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